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  • Those headphones that let you listen
    1, ear headphones recommended

    Fortunately, after playing the machine, the timbre is also liked and the sound insulation effect is quite good. The bad thing is to change the smallest earbuds... but it still slides out of my ears and slides out to wear more for a while.

    2, headset recommended

    The favorite Ashkenazi headphones sound relatively accurate, excellent resolution, suitable for classical symphony, Japanese headphones high-frequency extension is good, the sound is more smooth, listen to the pop music is most suitable, the US Department of voice warm and full, low frequency to force, metal Rock is awesome. Austria's vocals are sweet, with low frequencies and light music are the most suitable.

    3, ear-hook headset recommended

    The most distinctive feature is its retractable adjustable ear hooks. The daily use feels like the hooks are loosely damped and occasionally slips. On the workmanship, a hexagonal screw was used to connect the earhook to the transfer position. Due to the use of some metal materials, the overall texture of the headset is excellent. However, the wire used is very fine and requires extra care in daily use. Try to avoid pulling the wire.

    beats earphones The quality of the sound is really nothing to say, especially in the interpretation of the female voice, exhalation, tooth sound, sigh can be well restored, listening to a long time there is a high cold and thorough feeling, very plain.

    In terms of low frequencies: The low volume is very low, and it is very crisp and not heavy. After the dense drums are heard, it feels more like rain drops.

    Overall: Excellent in beats headphones female voice, delicate and moist. On the other hand, if you are inclined to listen to remix, rock, and symphony friends, the A8 is not a good choice. Finally, it is worth mentioning that it is a fragile headset. After a while, the rubber in the white portion of the earphones is slightly peeled off, and the overall milky color is also beats by dre yellowish and needs frequent cleaning.

    Ear hook is very strong, and can adjust the size, ran for 40 minutes, the ear will not suffer from pain; the best experience is its sound insulation effect, noise level rod, running in the community garden, square dance aunt's music sound completely Isolation is the sound beats earbuds quality of the end, partial bass, no worse than the headphones that Apple brings

    2018-04-26 19:05:45
  • The earliest line of headphones for you to recommend 6 latest headphones
    beats by dre In order to live hard work and courage to climb, this is also what we often have. Usually everyone wears headphones, the volume is turned up to maximum and they release themselves. We must not allow this effort to drag our bodies. The body is also the capital of the revolution. So a pair of headphones for heavy metal rock is also very important things, not only have good sound quality, a good sound field, but also to a certain extent beats earbuds reduce the noise of headphones, so that their ears will not be more harm.

    It is a hybrid diaphragm headset that can be used with Hi-Res high-resolution audio sources to output lossless sound and allow you to listen to real music. The design of neodymium magnet drive unit provides a high density of magnetic flux to achieve a clearer, deeper sound.

    The tornado tube built into the earphone has a spiral bass line on the back of the drive unit, which generates audio in a natural way. With a clever design, it effectively solves the in-ear headphones to reproduce strong and deep bass. Adopt XX series design concept, aluminum rotary and diamond cutting design.

    The headset adopts a 4-button remote control design. Users can control the music playing, adjust the volume, switch tracks, answer incoming calls, and adjust the noise and other functions through the buttons. A compact wire control can achieve many functions of the operation, and in actual operation. In the middle, the touch of a remote control button is also very comfortable.

    When you are wearing the headset, press and hold the multifunction button for 2 seconds to turn it on (short press once to turn it off). In actual use, when this function is turned on, the external sound will become clearer instantly, and the built-in radio microphone will automatically collect ambient sounds and compensate the signal to enhance the ambient sound so that the user can easily hear each other's speech. Take off your headphones and talk to each other easily.

    The headphone power adopts "6+6" design, and can support up to 12 hours of music playback. When the headset is not in use, the headset can beats by dr dre be recharged by being retracted into the box. The right earphone is the main earphone, which can control the track change. It adopts Bluetooth 4.1 and the connection is more stable.

    This is a bluetooth headset, of course, also equipped with 3.5mm headphone jack, to facilitate cable listening songs, the interface part is actually on the right side, above the USB charging hole, 3.5mm headphone jack and Bluetooth switch, there is an indicator. Here to complement the Marshall MAJOR II Bluetooth pairing connection, the conventional Bluetooth headset can be directly paired after opening the switch, Marshall's a little trouble, open the bluetooth switch flash white, five times before pressing the key to open the blue light, then It can be paired.

    2018-04-24 19:05:32
  • These headphones belong to the influx of people equipment.
    Having a companionship with music is an ideal condition that many people like. Bringing a pair of headphones when you go out on the street also becomes a way that many people are used to. Sao red headphones are especially suitable for young people who are pursuing fashion personality. Such a color match is the most dazzling and most pleasing in many colors. Which Saohong headphones are suitable for streetwear, you may wish to use the following.

    Talking about beats by dr dre personality, not talking about sound quality

    Although sound quality is important for headphones, for young people, fashion personality is more important. Beats as the representative brand of fashion headphones, there are also a variety of red headphones naturally, such as the following two.

    beats by dre cheap The use of bold fashion style and streamlined design, and then match the explosion to the red color, can be called a necessary weapon. And this appearance is still full of showy, cost performance is also good, as for the sound quality I will not make more evaluation, after all, most of the buy headphones are directed at its value,

    Is not it!

    A head-worn wireless noise canceling headphone with five different color matching options, many of them are considered suitable for girls only, but this is not the case. If you say that you are casual enough and it is a publicity person, then boys can actually wear it. You can definitely wear a watchful eye to explode on the street.

    Since it is in-ear headphones, the relative WH-H900N headphones are a little low-key. Compact body design, weighing only 5g, very comfortable to wear, especially suitable for commuter listening, daily carry will also appear more convenient.

    In the audio industry is a fast fashion brand, to create a noise reduction effect has been sealed on the altar for a long time, although the appearance is not too fashionable but small yet exquisite, but the voice sound performance is excellent.

    Is a Bluetooth sports headset, but also joined the heart rate monitoring function, real-time monitoring of heart rate changes during running. The hot red injection makes it more energetic, the body design fits closely, has excellent waterproof performance, can deal with sweat and moisture during exercise, and this headset also uses a durable weatherproof design, even on rainy days It can beats by dre sale also be used normally.

    Looked at so many headphones, each one is very individual, then you see them in the small partner, which red headphones which is your favorite object? May wish to choose a start it.

    2018-04-22 19:00:45
  • The four headsets have good sound quality and the key pricing is close to the people
    In this fast-paced and somewhat impetuous society, there is always a little time for relaxation, and most people choose to listen to their favorite music to release their own pressure. Therefore, the headset is necessary, and the type of headset is particularly large, so most people do not know how to choose headphones, today I will be ready to introduce to you a few good sound good shape headphones. Use AKG's exclusive 3D-Axis2 folding design for easy carrying. The earphone cable is detachable on one side and is also 99% oxygen-free copper. The plug is gold-plated and comes with a 3.5/6.3MM adapter. With a microphone in particular, it can be used with Iphone and has playback control keys. In short, this is a fine workmanship, exchangeable line design, comfortable to wear, high cost performance headphones.

    cheap beats headphones Being an entry-level monitor is generally good. Whether it is for daily home use or outdoor use is a good choice. The sound field is wide and the characteristics of the treble clear voice are real. At the same time, the corrugated steel beam is very good. The stomata shows the characteristics of ventilation, and the workmanship is still very fine. The Panasonic RP-HTX7 is a sturdy, lightweight, closed-end headset.

    You can adjust the length of your beats headphones on sale own line, you can also expand and contract to create your own style, at the same time, the use of a foldable design and streak processing, making the hand feel better. The entire headset uses engineering plastics as the material, and inside the headband uses metal as the skeleton to ensure the toughness of the headband. Even if beats headphones on sale the headband is stretched to nearly 180 degrees, it can be easily restored. In short, it is a very practical headset.

    The design of the headset is very dynamic, with a double color matching, it looks more eye-catching personality. The overall headphone is made of lightweight materials, and it is comfortable to wear because of its small pressure on the head. The soft leather earmuffs also ensure good sound insulation performance, and bring a quiet listening environment for use outside. Therefore, Whether it is from the appearance or sound quality is very suitable for the choice of young people.

    If you have a choice of phobia and you really need to buy a headset, don't be fooled by this collection, maybe it will help you.

    2018-04-18 19:02:05
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