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Beats By Dre Black Friday Cyber Monday 2018 Deals & Sales | Headphones, Earphones & Speakers

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  • Out of the street must-have headphones, keep returning high
    Enjoy the beautiful music is an outdated way of entertainment, but wearing a headset to enjoy the music, you can highlight the pursuit of good sound quality attitude and dedication. As we all know, although the headset seems relatively bulky, but no damage to the ear so much ear plugs, the sound field performance will be better than the earplugs. So if conditions permit, or choose headphones to listen to music is better.

    Will be domineering attracted to him, like a silent giant waiting, one day, he will wait until the pursuit of music users to appreciate. Earmuffs shell with metal mesh, the shell is made of plastic material. The earmuffs are relatively large in size and can easily wrap around the entire ear, making the wearer feel quite comfortable. Adopted the bilateral line into the line design, replacement of wire for the fans to provide some convenience.

    As the most well-known model of high-end dynamic headphones, the sound style has its exquisite side, the details of the sense of hearing beats by dre sale more emphasis on density or sound full, the sound is solid, mature and steady.

    In contrast to the awkwardness of Bluetooth devices that can not transmit high resolution audio to the current widespread adoption of SBC technology, LDAC is able to deliver up to three times the amount of data transmitted over SBC technology to 990 kilobits per second, meaning that audio More information, the sound quality will be relatively better. Of course, LDAC technology also needs equipment support to achieve it.

    beats by dre wireless Earmuffs designed touch panel, the user can touch the finger to achieve music playback, pause, switch and other functions in the street sliding finger touch

    Control, inadvertent tricks can envy others.

    Is a noise reduction Bluetooth headset, its appearance is full of fashion sense of youth. Although only cheap beats headphones a thousand-level headphones, but FIILDiva who is full of fascinating technology, which I do not know the noise-canceling headphones, also has a patented MAF intelligent noise-canceling technology. Users can experience the fun of "Environmental Mixer" by dialing the MAF button on their earmuffs. In addition FIILDiva earmuffs panel also added an innovative gesture touch function, allowing users to close their eyes can also be more easily touch various functions: play pause, volume adjustment, etc., easy to touch complete.

    2018-01-17 18:00:24
  • Listening to music more power fever headphones recommended
    cheap beats In-ear, Bluetooth wireless, stylish appearance, extraordinary sound quality, which has become an essential requirement for sports Bluetooth headset, coupled with perfect stability and waterproof sweat-proof, this is a very professional sports equipment.

    Many people will choose to look more stylish design, more sense of science and technology sports headphones, especially when running at night, headphone cable with the rhythm of running along with the music twinkling, this is a new sport feeling!

    Games, gaming headphones when necessary

    Play games, play have to be refreshing! For gamers, a good performance gaming headset can experience beats by dre sale immersive impact, and for competitive players, a performance gaming headset can also help enhance the combat effectiveness, so how to play the game less Got a special headset!

    A head-mounted gaming headset is one of the necessary weapons for game lovers! Cool appearance, superior sound quality, noise-canceling microphones, coupled with the perfect sense of wear, is absolutely ideal and coexistence of the gaming headset.

    Headphones are not just self-use music devices, but also gift giving artisans. Especially for young men and women, sending a headset not only represents romance, but it also represents some moral meanings. For example, sending a girl can be shown as "care about you" To send boys can be represented as "obedient", of course, a deeper meaning, we must have their own experience.

    Of course, you can choose in-ear headphones, high-quality headphones can make your boyfriend enjoy the charm of music, but also in the call, you can also hear your voice more clearly, talk to you.

    Gives his girlfriend the biggest feature is the United States, the United States, the United States! Not particularly sensitive to digital girls, the sound quality of the headset is not much requirement, as long as the medium can meet her request, of course, the most important thing is your mind.

    In fact, girls with headphones is very temperament, when beats earbuds the headphones are wrapped in headphones sponge, music around in the side, the kind of feeling really unusual.

    Of course, a high-value in-ear headphones are also very popular with girls, metal cutting and quoting the design of the Orb, beats by dre sale so that this headset is very attractive in appearance.

    2018-01-15 17:59:02
  • Digital lovers New Year's recommendation, the cost of these products are high
    beats headphones cheap If you are planning to pick a sports bluetooth headset, I believe it will be a very suitable choice. Today, many people like to wear headphones to listen to songs when they are in fitness. Among them, there is no cable-bound Bluetooth headset that is deeply loved by everyone. Using a very stylish personality design, and provides a variety of red, black, green and blue fashion color, both the value and quality.

    In order to allow users to have a more comfortable wearing experience, using only a lightweight 14-gram design, users feel almost exercise when the weight of the headset, and is also very portable. Also supports IPX4 waterproof sweat level, to ensure that the headset will not be sweat and rain erosion.

    Equipped with CSR Bluetooth chip in terms of performance, advanced Bluetooth 4.1 technology and aptX codec technology are provided to ensure that the user can have a sufficiently good audio experience when listening to music and talking. And the design of the antenna to the remote control, a substantial reduction of the electromagnetic radiation on the brain, is very applicable to health-conscious people.

    As we continue to increase the number of digital devices in hand, many people hope that you can start a Bluetooth mouse to achieve better control of digital devices, this time millet wireless Bluetooth mouse has become a very suitable choice. The mouse supports Bluetooth and 2.4G beats headphones on sale beats by dre on sale wireless network connection in two ways, not only can be used on the PC, but also with tablet PCs, smart TVs and other digital devices connected together, allowing users to get more comfortable and convenient control Experience.

    Users only need to press the switch button at the bottom of the mouse can be freely switch between the two devices. Coupled with this mouse with a MacBook consistent anodizing process design, whether it is the value of the color or experience are very good.

    If you are an outdoor sports enthusiast, then when purchasing the New Year may wish to start a portable Bluetooth speaker. This speaker uses a compact compact body design, portability is very good, beats by dre sale you can easily incorporated into a variety of backpacks. In order to meet the needs of outdoor enthusiasts, this speaker supports IPX5 waterproof rating, even in the drifting outdoor environment will not be affected.

    It is worth mentioning that with the help of EXTRA BASS technology, portable Bluetooth speakers can provide extremely good high-quality sound experience, and also supports two speakers connected at the same time, to achieve a high-quality stereo sound quality experience.

    2018-01-11 18:06:27
  • Headphones, dynamic listening artifact
    As technology continues to evolve, more beats solo and more headsets appear on the market, not only in-ear headphones, but also Bluetooth headsets and headphones, which have different shapes and different functions. Of course, in these three small still favorite headphones, and because it is the biggest characteristic of wearing comfort.

    beats by dre cheap The headset is neither as compact as a Bluetooth headset nor as hard as an in-ear headset. Wearing headphones on both can highlight our high quality, but also can have a strong, shocking sound quality; the most critical is suitable for different occasions, whether it is used during normal use or as a anchor, it is good s Choice.

    Wireless headset, dynamic rhythm from N45 strong neodymium iron boron drive 40mm dynamic coil unit, power surging, full of passion. After the independence of sound-guided reflection of the sound chamber processing, so vigorous and powerful bass, full strength, large-size unit of the sense of bombing most vividly.

    Round shape design makes the earmuffs fit well with the pinna, with soft and comfortable ear pads, comfortable fit ear, even if worn for a long time will not cause pressure; elegant design, fresh colors, so that The overall look more personalized atmosphere.

    Pluggable Bluetooth headset, beats headphones cheap Bluetooth 4.1 chip, stable Bluetooth chip, no delay, no noise, signal stability, enough power, compatibility! Fully compatible with Apple / Android system comes with Bluetooth phone! Built-in high-definition microphone, clear and loud sound, intelligent noise reduction.

    Head-mounted subwoofer headset, this can be the design, after folding equivalent to the size of a glasses case, you can easily into the bag, very convenient storage; comfortable PU earmuffs, earmuffs selected high-quality protein skin, internal Fill soft, rubber inert sponge, very comfortable.

    Elegant appearance, with simple and smooth lines, the overall look is very personal, very stylish; Through the whole wrap earmuffs design, 40MM NdFeB drive unit to create three-dimensional surround sound, shocking low frequency.

    See it at first glance has been attracted by the passionate colors, the classic headset shape, with a passionate color, the overall look very dynamic, it is personality; ergonomic package ear Design, earmuffs ellipse at a vertical angle of 15 锟斤拷 tilt, mild human ear contour.

    Well, on the headset, Xiaoshang first briefed here today, after we read it is not also feel that they are very texture? Very domineering it? Xiao Shang want to see all of them want to bring them home yet.

    2018-01-09 17:55:18
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  • Give yourself a world of enjoyment of music: Several popular headphones recommended
  • Give yourself a world of enjoyment of music: Several popular headphones recommended
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