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Beats By Dre 2017 Deals & Sales | Headphones, Earphones & Speakers

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If you only want to use the headphone to cancel external noise, ANC only mode automatically increases the level of noise cancellation, for a quieter world.

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Completely redesigned, Powerbeats 2 Wireless revolutionizes the workout experience.

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Pair the Beats Pill to your phone, laptop or any other Bluetooth-enabled device to change tracks and adjust the volume from up to 30 feet away.

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New Products For October


  • Headphones accompanied by the charm of music
    Play one of the happy headphones, that is just touching a headset, always for those Seiko to create the process, the design of the intentions of the move. Materials can also be described as nothing, its metal, leather, plastic, wood, alloy, bio-diaphragm. The five elements of the gold and wood fire and water soil, can be shaped are used up. Coupled with the modern technology processing uncompromising attention to each headset beats by dre studio is a work of art, to convey the sound of wonderful toys.

    So when you see their love machine, from the material to the feel, from the color to the texture, touched and touched, the feeling to feel, you can feel their saliva gurgling down, no less than gourmet watching food, financial fans see To the gold, satyr to see the big beauty, coveted is not exaggerated ah!

    With the headset, of course, beats by dre wireless the music of the companionship, it can make music closer to us. And have a pair of headphones than to have a speaker to come more easily, but also more beats by dre approachable. It can be said that with the headset, to music lovers in time and space to provide a great convenience.

    Although the times will change, but we pursue the ideal of freedom and happiness will not change, the music is able to support your dream. When you listen to music, you will forget your own heavy imperfect flesh, forget the grievances of anxiety and pain, this is the music to bring you the infinite power.

    General girl phone male heavy bass

    beats solo Quality can guarantee that the United States Emmy 50 stars recommended, audio-visual beauty, support Apple Andrews dual system, six colors can choose to wear comfortable, reduce the leakage of sound, bass headphones, special temperament feel, taste people move up , Activity price.

    Ear style music headphones

    Dual - sound unit fever earphone sports hanging ear.

    Headset headset

    Power gaming special headphones, ear depth of up to 2.6cm, give you just the sound quality experience and more effective noise isolation.

    2017-10-17 19:06:47
  • Out of street refueling machine, the value beats by dre sale does beats headphones on cheap beats headphones sale not lose the headphones
    As a personality has the pursuit beats headphones of Sao years, we can not tolerate the rotten street is the most intolerable operation. There are personality and connotation of the headset brand a few, the following two values both the value and sound quality, but also beats by dre on sale relatively small public headset beats by dr dre brand, so you easily become a unique cheap beats fireworks in the crowd.

    Through the excellent performance and unique design, headset products express a strong, free and unruly attitude towards life. The pursuit of sound quality, fashion, quality, design to achieve the ultimate, is now leading the global youth culture pioneer brand.

    Product design is extremely innovative, unique Skullcandy, given to each product unique personality, won the many young consumer groups to follow, love and recognition, can be said that the tide brand in the model.

    Skeleton This kind of ear-type high-value representative, based on the ear canal from the perspective of research and development of the centrifugal shaft design, creating a seamless natural comfort, as well as stunning sound quality. Unique oval-shaped sound hole, and the ear canal close beats by dre together, easy to fall off. TPE anti-wrap headphone cable, flat cable design, beats by dre wireless not easy to cheap beats by dr dre winding damage, storage also has a range of children.

    Skeleton This simple design, the main strong low-frequency and high-frequency headset, leaning towards the trend of the young shape, clean and transparent transparent side cover, while yet stylish, for boys and girls, are very suitable. Continuation of the Skullcandy brand extreme sports gene, wear and durable, is the positioning of beats by dre cheap beats headphones cheap young fashion crowd of high-quality headphones.

    Choose a professional handmade craftsmen to carefully beats solo craft each headset, and from the best listening experience, to create the most outstanding performance and quality of headphones, is committed to giving users a perfect hearing feast.

    Matte and polished Seiko to create the appearance of the headphones, metal details is to highlight the fashion taste. 10 minutes fast charge, full state of up to 24 cheap beats by dre hours of playback life, really can make music everywhere. No sense of wearing a design, even if the movement is not easy to fall.

    beats by dr dre This series has beats earphones beats by dre studio four colors, corresponding to different styles, high-quality flat headphone cable, anti-winding at the same time convenient storage, built-in microphone beats earbuds with noise elimination function, hustle and bustle environment still enjoy the good music.

    2017-10-15 18:53:55
  • Shocking entry-level earphones!
    beats headphones Ear earphone

    Ear-type headphones, impedance 16锟斤拷, sensitivity 110dbmw, N52 high-strength magnets, give you shock sound quality.

    Wooden bread in ear style earphone

    Small and exquisite design, clear and bright moving sound quality, strong bass, emphasizing the bass response classic pass Man melody, interpretation of fashion and simple style.

    R8 headphones

    Headset design particularly praise, look good, wearing comfortable, and the ear is very fit, sound quality awesome, cost-effective, very recommend people who want to start to buy.

    Subwoofer headphones HiFi music stereo wood bread

    In-ear headphones, red headphones line eye-catching, full of value, sound quality quite satisfactory, low frequency slightly less meaning, but for the entry of fans is enough to use.


    The perfect blend of hearing and vision, selected aviation aluminum, 3D integrated molding, 8mm beats by dr dre high fidelity drive unit, 20 mW output power, 16 ohm impedance, very immersive pure sound.

    Balance moving iron ear earphones

    High resolution, shock sound quality, full-frequency iron moving unit, showing a solid bass, shock sound experience.

    Ear-type wire weight bass cheap beats by dre headphones

    Aluminum alloy is a bracketing headset, creating stunning sound quality, rich sound detail resolution, high frequency ductility, and thick medium frequency density performance for headset sound quality to bring leaps and bounds.

    2017-10-10 19:03:44
  • Headphones headphones, for you all have
    Subwoofer headphones

    Double moving circle unit, quad-core energy, HIFI artifact, fever sound quality, YINJW S1 double moving circle HIFI music DIY mobile phone headset. Black is a color that is more suitable for both men and women.

    Moving ear earphones

    beats by dre wireless Excellent analysis, warm voice, bass surging, transient response, strong and not boring. zs3 is warm sound style, vocal appreciation, sound field wide. Now a lot of headphones have become such a new type of shape.

    Heavy bass earbuds with wheat

    Upgrade section bright black, sound quality cavity wire, a comprehensive upgrade, metal ear headphones, into the subwoofer era, the pursuit beats headphones cheap of tough bass. Loss of sound quality burning machine, boil a good sound, high sensitivity, no current, clear sound, intelligent compatibility, smooth transmission, bimetallic fit design. But still have a lot of girls prefer red.

    Electric earphones

    Noise reduction greatly improved, comfortable configuration slow recovery elastic sponge, ear gaming, gaming headset, memory ear cotton, 1.5 m cable.

    Subwoofer headphones

    Smart wire control, cheap beats headphones mobile beats headphones on sale phone computer compatible, shock heavy bass, small monster appearance patent, unique design, fashion tide goods.

    2017-10-08 18:55:28
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