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  • How to look at evaluation? How to burn machine? Edit talk headphones

    Why headphones need to burn it? What is burning machine? How pot so well? Here to come to the answer one by one. From the unit construction principle, the speaker is a transducer device, the electrical energy into kinetic energy, and then through the diaphragm vibration, to produce sound. Just the factory headset products, the diaphragm are new, not enough relaxation, so the new headset sound will be some tight, not natural enough. The so-called burning machine, refers to the new headset in the just after the purchase, through a specific volume and specific playback, so that the earphone diaphragm as soon as possible to achieve the normal use of the state, for a point of view is to beats headphones cheap accelerate the aging of the diaphragm. The benefits of burning machine is as soon as possible to achieve the normal use of headphones level, help headset maintenance, to avoid the new headset up with a large volume of sound damage. Of course, there are also burning machine this great risk, there are many users because of the wrong way to burn machine, making the headset diaphragm damage. Through understanding, beats by dr dre a lot of friends for burning machine has a wrong understanding, that is, the headset burn machine as a "computer overclocking", that burn machine after the headphones will be issued beyond the sound of the product itself. This understanding is not correct, burning machine can only be accelerated to achieve the normal use of headphones only. In view of the principle of burning machine, the author's proposal is, do not deliberately burn machine, naturally listen to it, in order to maintain the life of the headset, headphones just bought when you do not use too much volume to listen to bass or full of treble music The If you insist on burning machine, I recommend the use of headphones audition disc to carry out, because the audition discs selected tracks across beats headphones cheap the band is beats by dre on sale more broad, suitable for burning machine use. Burn machine when the first time not more than 40% of the volume, burning machine for some time to let the headset to take a break, then increase the volume and then burn machine. Do not use up to use a large volume to burn machine.

    Headphones and headphones compared to the sound field is more broad, and earplugs compared with headphones, sound details better. Most of the ordinary consumers or choose to mix with their own Walkman, so the choice of earplugs products is better, easy to carry. Portable headphones recently a high degree of concern recently, I also recommend, especially to support the folding design of portable headphones, portable and can be used with Walkman, usually in the office with the computer and other audio sources.

    2017-08-15 20:21:58
  • Detailed description of the professional audio equipment noise four reasons

    As we beats by dre studio all know, whether in large-scale conference activities or in the daily life KTV rooms singing, will encounter the sound system noise problems, "squeaky" noise is very uncomfortable listening to people. So, we can not help but ask, why the sound equipment noise? Here we will tell you about the sound of audio equipment in the noise of the four reasons.

    1, electromagnetic radiation caused by the noise

    Electromagnetic radiation caused by the noise environment of the stray electromagnetic radiation interference, such as mobile phones, walkie - talkie and other communications equipment, high - frequency electromagnetic radiation interference, and so on. In beats by dre cheap order to make the guests comfortable singing this noise solution is to ask our employees to provide services for the guests when euphemistically reminded guests not to their own communications equipment close to our audio equipment.

    2, the beats headphones cheap noise generated by the ground loop

    In the sound system, the system must be required to have a good grounding, grounding resistance requirements of less beats by dre than 4 ohms. Otherwise, the lighting charge system in the equipment due to a variety of radiation and electromagnetic induction generated by the induced charge will not be able to flow into the earth, resulting in noise voltage superimposed in the audio signal.

    3, the power generated by the interference noise

    When our audio equipment is a problem, we are generally in the sound engineering design is not up to standard. If you want to avoid this phenomenon. We in the lighting audio leasing engineering design as far as possible in our private rooms in the power lines separately designed.

    4, the sound generated inside the audio equipment

    If we KTV to buy audio equipment quality is not good, this is the cause of some. So we buy lighting audio rental equipment when you need to pay attention to the audio equipment has an indicator - signal to noise ratio. Everyone in the purchase of the time need to pay attention to view this information.

    2017-08-14 20:26:28
  • The role of wire has three

    Commonly used wire roughly three: signal lines, speaker lines and power lines. The power cord is not covered by this article.

    Signal line and the role of the speaker line is:

    1. transmit the signal

    2. Impedance transformation

    3. cheap beats by dre tone modification

    First, the transmission signal

    The difference between the signal line and the speaker line is that the signal line transmits a weak electrical signal whose amplitude measurement unit is usually the voltage, with an average amplitude of several hundred millivolts to several volts, while the speaker line transmits the power of the amplifier to the speaker Signal, usually with the voltage is also used to express its power signal.

    If the signal line and speaker line transmission is a common electrical signal, then use ordinary wire to meet the requirements, and measure its pointer with the voltage and current is enough. Signal line speaker line transmission of the band signal its frequency width is generally 20Hz-20kHz. This contains two meanings:

    First, the frequency range is wide, requiring the wire to the various frequency signals are "equal", do not depress some of the signal and raise some of the signal, not to produce the original no newborn signal - that is due to two or more different Frequency modulation mixes new redundant signals

    Second, musical instruments (such as pianos) are even a single note, because it contains a wide frequency signal, not a single frequency signal, but a band, the actual music ensemble (such as symphony band) signal "group" is a wider Of the band, that is, music spectrum, can not produce phase shift and frequency distortion. The so-called phase shift, refers to the existence of the wire due to the sense of resistance and capacitive resistance, so that different frequency of music signals through the wire transmission, some frequency or frequency band produced a phase advance or lag. (In the case of a medium and a beats by dre studio bass) is a bass that is too fast and a different instrument is difficult to distinguish between the frequency and the composition of the music component. Component or the amplitude of some of the original frequency components to produce a transmission line that substantially faithfully transmits the original music signal.

    Second, the impedance transformation

    Those who know how to know electronic technology know that any audio device has its input / output impedance indicators. In order to facilitate the connection between the audio equipment, it is more important to avoid the mutual influence of the individual equipment. In general, CD players and other power sources and power amplifiers are always designed as high input impedance (several thousand ohms to several megabytes). Low output impedance CD players are easily connected to any high input impedance of the amplifier, without the need to consider the impedance matching problem. In other words, CD players and other audio and power amplifier between the pre-amplifier and the power amplifier between the adapter does not exist what the impedance matching problem, and only the sound term "match", "match" between them Only the impedance conversion is the connection between the two machines and the impedance from low to high conversion must be connected to the cable - audio cable to complete. Because each device not only its output input impedance is not the same, the respective output input reactance (inductance and capacity) are not the same. They are connected between the different wire, the music signal transmission effect is different, people from the horn to hear the sound effects are different. It should also be noted that for the speaker line, there is also a problem of impedance transformation. This is because, although the output impedance of the amplifier is the same (such as 4 ohms, 6 ohms, 8 ohms), in fact, this "impedance matching" refers only to a certain frequency (such as 1KHz) impedance, When the frequency of the amplifier output music is different, the speaker shows the resistance is also different, the actual operation of the amplifier and sound relative to beats by dr dre the different frequencies simply can not have impedance matching, the two still have to rely on the speaker line to carry out Impedance transformation. And this impedance "transform" with the music play in minutes and seconds are carried out. It can be further seen that the impedance conversion performance and the effect of the different cable wires are different, so the sound effect beats by dre sale is not the same.

    Third, sound modification

    The third function of the wire is the modification of the music function. That is, the correct use of different wire, you can the same music software (such as a CD disc) for different tone modification, get such as "bright", "dim", "metal taste", "wood taste", " "," Sound field wide "," scratch "," plain "and so on the modified reviews or style reviews.

    2017-08-13 20:24:11
  • Four points to help you determine the sound quality of the speaker

    Although any loudspeaker has its strengths and weaknesses, especially in a limited budget, how to choose a pair of premium speakers is a major knowledge, because you want to eat less grass in the case of it to become fat and It is really painstakingly, but no matter what price and level of the speaker, there is a certain reference standard or direction. First, test the quality of low frequency

    Poor speakers produced by the low frequency can be deafening, but completely the kind of bloated and loose, lack of sense of layering and strong sense. Good low frequency should be clean and bright, structured, not dragging the water with the ghosts do not like, even if the various low-frequency instruments such as drums, bass guitar and piano bass, can easily distinguish. So do not easily be beats headphones cheap low-frequency sense of the amount of deceived, low-quality low-frequency sound as a natural sound comfortable. Some advertised heavy weight of the sound of the two books of the bookshelf AV speakers, many buyers will think it is value, because we will be called the weight of the horn, whether the speaker is more and more value, in fact, this argument has right (MDF or HDF) is thick, the thickness of the board is not easy to produce resonance; the more loudspeakers, the greater the magnets of the bass monomer, the bass is so deep The But the average estimate, the general 38 cm high shelf weight of the speaker, in six or seven kilograms should be even heavy, and if more than this weight, even as high as three or forty kilograms, its weight may be a gimmick, beats by dre studio The overall quality of the help is not big.

    Second, test the frequency of the human voice

    Vocal is the most common voice, the merits and demerits are not difficult to detect, pay attention to whether there is unusual voice of the human voice, or was the feeling of Minzui sound. Some of the speakers "box sound" will also greatly interfere with the frequency, so that the band voices blurred. IF sound is more severe than other frequency phonograms, because most of the audible sound frequency, or the frequency of the music, is concentrated in the mid-range, which is almost for all types of music, The obstacles.

    Third, test the flexibility of high frequency

    Poor high-frequency is screaming, hear the headache, and extreme cases of the violin or soprano sound into a sharp noise brake. Similarly, the high-frequency sound of different instruments produce different texture, good high-frequency sound is able to distinguish out. And then the merits of a high frequency can even make people from two different years, different wood played by different phonological. The most easy to master is a good high-frequency sound is not daunting, the pores erect, it will not be more and more tired, and should be tough and flexible elastic, smooth and level, high To the highest point can still be easily heard but will not produce sound (of course not to sound cheap beats by dr dre the singer's recording for reference).

    Fourth, test high volume and sound field knot

    Some speakers are stable at low volume, but beats earbuds they are distorted when the volume is raised to a certain level, or "shoot", and there are various non-recorded music signals (of course, with a 12-point volume for a safe test standard). Specifically, if the orchestra is one of the favorite music types, you must pass this off. Meet the standard speaker to a certain extent, the sound out of the box, creating a clear sound field and knot, showing the location of different instruments and texture. There is sufficient to disperse so that it can meet the existing listening space, mute and tail should be clearly heard, and in the case of large volume and "big burst" without distortion, vocals and musical instruments will not be entangled. High-quality playback can show a rich sense of music and air and notes of the spring force, like the clouds to see the same as the blue sky, showing the entire meticulous and orderly audio and video. And more directly in the long listen will not make people tired.

    2017-08-11 19:59:16
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