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  • Headset maintenance had to know something

    Now a lot of people for the pursuit of high quality has become a trend, which now has a significant improvement in people's living standards have a very close relationship, and many people in the purchase of high-quality headset products, will always encounter This is the same as the problem, this is the headset to protect my headset partners to introduce the guidance and constructive articles, if friends in the use and maintenance of headphones have any questions, may wish to come to this article to find Maybe you can see the problems encountered by friends. General a headset after the hand a lot of people know that the headset should be opened, but after the pot opened, although you can enjoy the beautiful sound quality of the headset, but for the daily maintenance of such a headset friends know how much? Here we are for friends to explain and explain a headset in the daily maintenance of the need to pay attention and easy to be ignored, so that friends can better protect their own headphones.

    Although the current headset products in the workmanship has the spirit of excellence, but really can not resist the daily careless friends, whether it is headset wire, plug, or folding and important part of the unit need to carefully care of friends, so talent Let partners favorite headphones longer life, so that partners can be more time to listen to the wonderful music.

    The plug can be said to be our daily life among the most easily overlooked place, because many people do not know the headset plug actually has a lot of knowledge in the inside, the headset plug not only play the role of connection, and plug the surface also Coated with a layer of metal, a lot of expensive headphones will choose gold to plating their own plug, so play a very good role in reducing the impedance.

    1. friends in their daily lives, beats by dre on sale the neglect of the plug may soon cause damage to the plug, like a number of plugs may wear off the plug surface of the coating, this time may be on the headset sound quality caused irreparable damage The So friends should try to reduce the number of plug plug, to better protect the plug on the coating.

    2. friends in the daily use of headphones do not know when it is not encountered a single head of the headphones out of the problem, it is likely because friends get the plug when the pull wire by hand and the release of solder joints has caused. In fact, the headset wire and plug part of the connection although there is a layer of rubber to be fixed, but it is still very fragile, friends in the plug when the plug must pay attention to hand holding the plug and then plug, to avoid this Happening.

    3. Plug should try to avoid contact with too wet or in the case of large temperature difference between the use of the above small knowledge there is an introduction, this situation will accelerate the oxidation of the plug, if the plug in the fast plug, then may cause Poor contact with the plug, so that the service life of the plug greatly reduced.

    Part of the maintenance and use of headphones should be the time to note that the most important part of the headset unit may be its diaphragm, the vibration of the unit can be said that the headset in addition to the weakest place outside the wire, the part of the maintenance is also Friends are one of the most easily overlooked places.

    Just after the headset to buy headphones unit strength is very rigid, when the vibration is also larger, but after the pot opened this situation will be eased, but before the headset burn open for the protection and maintenance of the diaphragm we should what to do?

    1. When you get a new headset, friends try not to use a larger volume to impact the diaphragm, the correct approach is to use a smaller volume first for the headset to do a warm, with a smaller volume and more soothing Music first simply burn the headphones, can play the diaphragm to achieve the best working results of the effect.

    2. part of the headphones because of the more vulnerable, so like DIY friends in the absence of absolute grasp of the case or do not open the headset, and can be installed ok, not a few hundred dollars or even thousands of dollars can be installed The water drift!

    3. Headset head unit larger, remove the earmuffs clean up the time must pay attention to protect the fragile unit, try not to touch the unit by hand, because even if there is no damage to the unit, will leave on the unit Perspiration and so on affect the sound quality

    2017-03-28 23:34:41
  • Some basic knowledge about burning headphones

    Burn the necessary knowledge: the new headset can not immediately at full capacity, do not put the volume to the maximum, otherwise it will easily damage the headset. The hearing is not good, you want beats headphones cheap to know the correct way to burn headphones?

    1, Shujin - use the normal listening intensity one-third of the volume drive headphones 12 hours to 24 hours;

    2, active - use the normal listening intensity of two-thirds of the volume drive headphones for 12 hours;

    3, martial arts - the use of normal listening intensity to drive headphones 72 hours;

    4, beat - use the normal listening intensity of three quarters of the volume drive headphones 24 hours;

    5, debut - into the normal use of the stage;

    6, when the normal use of the volume is not too large at the highest volume of 2/2 on it;

    7, sleep when trying not to wear headphones, so as not to affect the hearing;

    8, the above is some praise the idea of ??praise, we can according to their own needs to praise themselves.

    Note: just start with some soft music, at a lower volume so that the headphones first soothing 10-30 hours, and then use ordinary music (except rock, dance) in the medium volume state burn 100-200 hours. In the process of burning: First, can not work for too long, because the voice coil work for a long time will be hot, they might burn a voice coil! It is best to stop for two hours and then continue. Second, the volume must not be too big, or violently pull the diaphragm, will cause the voice coil loose, diaphragm deformation and even tear, etc.

    2017-03-28 23:30:30
  • Sleep well, ask the phone to know

    Recently, researchers have been working on a way to easily track sleep apnea, which is achieved by headphones and smartphones with a microphone in a bedside cabinet, which tracks your insomnia. The study was led by Stevens Institute of Technology and Florida State University. In a six-month study, the researchers recorded the breathing sounds of the six subjects by earbuds, including cable.

    Even if the earplugs are placed on the bedside bench, they can also use the microphone of the headset to monitor the breathing of the subjects. The accuracy of this method is similar to that of a chest-belt respiration monitor, and it can be done on the collar of the subject.

    Ying Ying Chen, an associate professor at the Stevens Institute of Technology, said the researchers were preparing to develop a sleep apnea surveillance next year. This APP will make people more convenient and spend less money to achieve accurate monitoring of sleep quality, without smart bracelet and other devices.

    Do not need to wear equipment on sleep?

    Even if the market size of wearable equipment continues to grow, enthusiasts are constantly increasing, and in fact wearing wear is uncomfortable and the data is not accurate. Chen also hopes that this project will help patients with sleep apnea. In fact, such patients need to wear a variety of sensors, and sleep when the need for professional medical staff custody. Chen believes that this traditional way is not conducive to treatment. Researchers tested the sensitivity of the microphone on the earbuds to record the respiratory rate, improved the function of the earplugs, such as increasing the mono and stereo effects, while separating the ambient noise such as snoring and coughing, The microphone can accurately capture the sound of sleep breathing. When the microphone on the headset is placed in a pillow or in close proximity, its measurement is the most accurate. However, the study also shows that this earplug in the bedside cabinet can also play a very good effect. Of course, this headset project is good, but the key question is, in a room, how does it identify more than one person's breathing frequency? Or do some people like to sleep with pets? The above problems may be resolved, because now a lot of smart phones in order to noise, there will be several sound module. If the phone can develop into no headset, directly through the phone in the sound module to record the sound of breathing, that is cheap beats by dre excellent.

    2017-03-27 23:31:44
  • Single crystal copper headset wire of the secret

    Careful enthusiasts friends may find that the current headset wire market in addition to oxygen-free copper (OFC), there is another common wire, that is, single crystal copper.

    So what kind of wire is a monocrystalline copper? It and OFC what is the relationship?

    In fact, single crystal copper beats headphones cheap refers to the use of OCC forging manufacturing OFC products, that is to use a more advanced metallurgical technology of oxygen-free copper, the OCC full name for Ohno Continuous Casting, which is by the Japanese University of Technology Ono (Ohno ) Made by the "high temperature hot casting mode continuous casting method" made by the conductor technology, because the casting process through a special heat treatment, so you can get a single crystal conductor, each crystal can extend more than a few hundred meters in the practical application The length of the crystal grain only one, and there is no so-called "grain interface" exists in the signal transmission, without passing between the grain and grain between the "grain boundary", the signal easier to penetrate and conduct, so the loss Very low, called a very perfect wire.

    Now use this technology to produce the longest crystal is 125m, so when we use a few meters of headset line can be seen as the internal only one copper crystal, natural sound performance is more perfect.

    Now understand that if the wire is marked on the OCC products, it shows that the production of single crystal technology, compared to the ordinary OFC products is more on a grade, in contrast to the performance of the sound, single crystal copper sound more Transparent, pure, more richer, not only has a solid material at the end of the copper material, but also has a silver material delicate and elegant, can be said to have both advantages of the culmination of both.

    Monocrystalline copper abbreviation for the OCC OFC, a separate OCC logo refers to the use of single crystal manufacturing technology, because the processing of silver materials can also use OCC technology, please be sure to look at the selection, single crystal silver wire products, but astronomical The

    2017-03-27 23:28:52
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