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  • Where to find the goddess wearing headphones?

    Walking in the warm campus, facing you to the legendary department of the goddess of the department, as if in the cold winter blowing slowly spring. The wind lifted the goddess hair, Hey, the goddess with a pair of headphones why shining? Goddesses are using the headphones, not only sound quality is good, the value cheap beats by dr dre is high and high! Protect the ears at the same time, where the design of the headset also possession of their own careful machine, let beats by dre sale it stand out in the ordinary headphones, like the ears of the stars sparkling! Romantic city light luxury wind, shining self light. Crystal, pure and thorough, it is transparent to write the elegant and quiet temperament, originally belong to the mysterious pink women, meaning sweet, gentle and innocent, CNC diamond cutting metal headset body, delicate and delicate women show the delicate. Shake your hearing to enjoy, pure sound, music friends. With lovely to describe the color, fashion simple, generous and elegant. The contrast of the color makes you easily become the focus of the eye. People keep in mind the sound and style, unique shape favored, big quality, consistent

    Can protect your ear headphones, Meng Meng appearance, plastic cheap beats headphones material, safe without paint, non-toxic harmless skin care low sensitivity, safe control volume protection hearing, strict ergonomic design better fit the ear, after the EU test The material standards, health and environmental protection. Good music, good color, good sound field, color good mood. Surface material for high-quality beats headphones cheap rubber material, simple shape appearance, light body, candy solid color fresh style, so that music everywhere, lead the portable headset fashion. Crystal clear sound, outstanding and detailed resolution, comfortable ears. People remember the sound and style, excellent sound quality, accurate and clear. Centrifugal shaft technology according to the shape of the ear and the design, so that ear ear angle just right, not easy to fall off. Female special edition, wire with wheat, exercise can also be. Cool appearance, soft sound quality, beautiful color people put it down. Restore pure tone, clear sound quality, and now the scene like feelings. Activate each note, wake your sleeping ears, lossless transmission of pure sound quality, comparable to a hundred dollars headphones. User-friendly, simple operation, easy to use. High-fidelity microphone, and a clear dialogue with the world. Private custom, comfortable wearing experience, paste auricle, high fiber durable material, pull is constantly good headphones.

    Small and exquisite, clear voice, four fresh colors, shining young charm. Light body, colorful four-color, so that eyes focus on the ear, elegant layer of technology, based on the primer is bright color layer, creating a whole transparent metallic luster. Compact body, light supremacy, oblique ear, sound insulation, ear no burden. The sound of the sky is so good that it is comfortable. "Sandwich" diaphragm metal composite technology, a key to answer, interference small, low distortion, particularly clear call quality. High-quality front plus plus loss of music plus full pot open, it is equal to the amount of 515 beautiful feeling! Comfortable fit ear canal, easy to wear removal, easy to cut off the noise, but also to prevent the ear in the ears of the resonance and affect the sense of hearing.

    2017-05-25 20:16:33
  • Headset Selection Guide Not all headphones are right for you

    Many people think that the headset to buy, as long as the purchase of popular subwoofer can now, listen to music more feel. In fact, this view is wrong. Because we have different needs of the headset, some people are listening to rock and roll, some people are used to watch TV, there are people who are used to listen to piano, according to different needs to buy different headphones. How to choose the most important is to listen to the headphones, but not every product is suitable for beats by dre cheap you, not necessarily sell the best, you sound is the most comfortable. Many users feel good sound quality, does not mean that the headset is right for you.

    Buy headphones, be sure to beats by dre studio clear their own requirements. Everyone's listening style will be more or less different, some people like to listen to pop songs, trips can be clean and balanced; some people like rock and roll, the requirements of the low frequency more. Each headset style is different, the following Xiaobian for everyone to introduce six dry goods.

    Frequency response

    This parameter is one of the very important indicators to evaluate the quality of headphones. This parameter is mainly to see the overall sense of balance, such as the sound from the light or too dark, high school low frequency energy distribution evenly, the natural fusion between the band, no abrupt and burr. This is better.

    2, sensitivity and impedance

    Sensitivity and impedance are to be seen together, simply to judge, that is, the higher the sensitivity, the greater the sound, and the smaller the impedance, the more easy to be driven headphones.

    3, whether to listen to

    Good headphones, because the sound is very real and natural, beats by dre cheap like our daily life to hear the voice of nature, people are not prone to fatigue. If the audition in the process, can hear the distortion, high frequency boring, harsh sound, ears will be tired.

    4, the resolution is good

    Headset on the sound to restore the details of the ability, is the resolution. Good headphones, can hear a lot of details of things, such as subtle friction sound, often make you have an immersive feeling.

    5, the scene is good

    A good sense of the headset, will make you feel that they are listening to live, musical instruments and voices from different directions pass, a strong sense of the scene. If you always feel wearing their own headphones, that the sound is sent from the headset, then the headset on the general like.

    6, headset material and shape

    Headset material and shape will also affect the headset sound quality. In general, the plastic shell headphones than the metal shell headphones much cheaper, but if the headset shell is made of all-metal cutting, the price is quite high.

    Headset purchase guide for the initial start burning, less detours, when the headset can be purchased when appropriate to consider the above several headset selection guide, not all headphones are good and beats solo easy to understand, excellent material and high value, so more From reality, buy really suitable for their own headphones!

    2017-05-24 20:20:30
  • Do you need a few headphones in the end?

    This question is also used to ask, the answer is very simple Well, the rich words, of course, the more the better. But cheap beats by dr dre not everyone is very rich, headphones this thing or should be restrained. We all know that a lot of time out of the hifi headphones for higher pursuit and inner curiosity, always can not help but want to buy headphones, for this situation, you should be more practical from the headset to consider the problem. More than a headset of a song tool, the purpose of different headphones should be so that you can listen to music in different environments, quiet places to listen and noisy places to listen to, then you need to consider the most is the noise problem. Sound insulation is also an important indicator of the characteristics of the headset. For those headphones designed specifically for sound insulation, it is possible to isolate or reduce external noise in decibels. There is no soundproof headphones (open headphones) will be all the sound of the outside are passed into the ear, with the opposite, excellent ear-type headphones can be isolated from the outside world 25 to 30 dB noise. In this case, why not only select the soundproof performance of the closed headphones (or ear)? Why is the best listening to the headset is not necessarily closed? This is because the closed headphones if the closed design is not doing well, Will lead to cavity resonance, low frequency loss (and sometimes too low frequency part too much) and a series of more serious problems. On the other hand, the closed headphones may also cause the sound field to shrink. Thus, while the closed headset solves the problem of sound insulation, it is followed by a series of closed-end acoustic problems.

    The easiest solution is to buy at least two pairs of headphones - a beats by dre cheap soundproof performance is better used in public or noisy environments, and the other open headset is used in a quieter environment. As for the noise reduction headset and the soundproof headset which is better this problem, I personally prefer the soundproof headset because it is not like a noise-canceling headset that relies on battery-powered, and I think it is compared to just just a noise wave Offset the noise itself (this is the work of noise reduction headphones), the direct use of noise-proof design to block the noise into the ear is undoubtedly a more simple and effective way. If I can only have three pairs of headphones, then in a sound of a good headset and an open headset, my third deputy headphones will choose a "between the two" headset, it can Isolate part of the noise, but not completely closed. I will use it in situations where you need to hear the outside world, for example, if you miss the plane beats headphones on sale because you have not heard the change of the gate, then it is really bad. You may find that in the various types of headphones I recommend no mention of any name. This is intentional. Because the final decisive factor (or the most important factor) in picking any headset is whether it really fits you. If you choose an inappropriate headphones, not only can not play its true level, after a long time may also cause discomfort after wearing. I used to have a lot of years with the sound of the United States and the United States ER-4, that is my favorite closed ear headphones, but because the ear is too deep, many people can not accept it to wear. However, for me, it is because of this wear it has better sound insulation, custom headphones in front of it also beats the wind. Therefore, the headset is good and bad is different, small four is a typical example.

    In this way, the answer to the question is obvious - 3 pairs of headphones is enough to cope with various occasions. As for those who bought 30 kinds of cheap beats ear-style, open-ended headphones, is not out of the routine card ... reason, 3 pairs of headphones is enough - but must be three different types, open, half Open and closed headphones are essential.

    2017-05-23 20:39:55
  • You do not have such a non-listening song first with headphones

    Enough in the car to listen to songs without headphones embarrassment? It quickly into a cost-effective headphones it, it can take you in addition beats headphones cheap to the mountain water, there are spring snow. When we experience this world carefully, all the hustle and bustle will be attributed to the dust, enjoy the real hearing feast, in addition to pay attention to quality, the appearance is also very important. After all, who do not want to experience a delightful live concert. Headphones are compatible with a variety of devices, and the appearance of simple texture is excellent. Headset side of the design of small and exquisite sound hole, give you 360 degrees beats by dre on sale without dead angle surround sound. High and low can play a good performance, only to give you immersive feeling. Headset wire subwoofer ear style; mature technology to excellence to every detail, only to show you a fine headphones. But also suitable for wearing in the exercise, for this use of imported materials, IPL, can effectively prevent the sweat into the headset, in a sense it is waterproof it. Ergonomic design, very durable Oh.

    Headset wins in the style of special, almost the influx of people must ah. It uses HI-FI composite diaphragm, enough to match the 100-level sound quality, cheap beats by dr dre it is a high cost model. Also has a strong transient response to protect the ears from any stimulation Oh. In addition to the high-end atmosphere of the packaging, but also has the quality of manufacturers. It has all the simple characteristics of the metal design of the headset shell, is the perfect combination of art and industrial manufacturing technology.

    If you want to highlight the personality, then choose this bird shape headphones always wrong. It is not only to bring you to appreciate the musical charm of beats earbuds the artifact, but also the way to enhance personal temperament. Good diaphragm with excellent playback, clarity just right. Some enthusiasts will definitely like this crisp bass, midrange effect is very good, listen to clear and sweet and transparent voice, the details of the performance of the song in place. Treble details of the performance of the notes is very strong sense of listening to people can be excited. Quietly enjoy their own for some time, the outside world has nothing to do with you. Just like this one ear can be done. It appears, the adoption of countless enthusiasts and industry experts in the proposal, can be described as excellence, the atmosphere is self-evident. With a wire and voice control function of a headset, bass more richer, treble surging super clear. But also effectively isolate external noise interference, whether it is talking or listening to music, it is your good companion. Fight color design fashion appearance, at first glance let people Dayton good impression. Combined with high-density engineering transparent ABS plus rubber paint processing feel, in the details of the highlight of luxury quality. More variety of colors can choose, absolutely let you put it down.

    2017-05-22 20:35:26
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