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  • Headphones dirty get out of hand? Teach you how to clean beats by dre on sale up

    When beats solo the phone becomes our daily life, the headset is also getting closer to our lives. However, the various brands of headphones although the shape is not the same, but mostly white. Although the headphones look beautiful, but the actual use of the process, always inevitably dirty, although not affect the use, but it seems still quite the diaphragm should be. If your headset, especially the headset line, there is a little dirty place, there are some difficult to clean up, you can take this method. Put the eraser head clean (remember to be sure to get clean, or the more rub the more dirty), and then place the dirty place, with a relatively small effort, rub beats by dre on sale back and forth several times. In this way, you find that stains are eliminated. But this method, should not use the power of large, after all, the headset line is still very fragile things. In addition, if the whole headphones are dirty, this method is not appropriate.

    This method can be seen from the title, it is simple, that is, wipes several times with wipes headphones This method is suitable for relatively shallow but relatively large area of ??dirty marks, such as long-term use of natural traces, although more symmetrical, relatively beats by dre on sale shallow, But does affect the beauty. However, because the wipes containing cleaning agents are generally oxidized, so this method should not use too much, easy to oxidize the headset yellow. Sometimes the headset with a long time, it will be yellow, this situation is particularly common in the white headphones. This is mainly due to the usual use of non-attention, resulting in sweat, cleaning agents and other types of mildly corrosive liquid contact plastic cladding, it corrosion and oxidation. At this time we have to use every day toothpaste will debut. It and a little water with a small towel dip along the headset line back and forth a few times, the basic ability to restore the original headphones. Note that the clean finished with a small wet towel and then rub two times, the action should be light!

    I remember a child, the bully card can not play the tide, alcohol rub a few like. At that time, I knew that alcohol can be used in electronic equipment. Alcohol rubbed mesh head naturally not to mention, clean up the dirt, clean up the oil, incidentally disinfection, really can not be better.

    2017-04-27 20:20:02
  • Invented headphones do not want to listen to songs? After reading this you understand headphones!

    From the stupid and heavy beats by dre sale hand-held headphones, to today's free wireless headset, a hundred years, headphones have experienced what changes? Today came to talk about the past life of the headphones. At the end of the nineteenth century, telecom operators invented the world's earliest headphones, but not for you to listen to songs, mostly for communications, military fields. Each time with the heavy equipment should be carried on the shoulders, do not know for a long time will not have frozen shoulder ... ... later, thanks to the development of cable technology, people no longer satisfied to go to the opera house song In 1937, in Berlin, Germany, a research and development of small speakers in the company, Eugene Baya inadvertently found that if the vinyl player connected to a small speaker, so that the The speaker directly to the ear output, it can be more perfect music effects. Mr. Beyer put this set of equipment can be worn on the head, anytime, anywhere to call the device beats headphones named power phone, which is the true sense of the originator headset, so far this design is not out of date.

    Headphones developed to now, cheap beats has become the necessities of life for everyone. Whether in the corner of the coffee shop, or the park on the runway, the hustle and bustle of the subway ... ... our demand for headphones, has long been simply not so simple songs, with the arrival of the mobile phone era, headset Personalized demand has become a part that can not be ignored. Sound quality, wireless headset is facing a major problem. Currently on the market of wireless headset, basically based on Bluetooth technology for wireless transmission. Bluetooth transmission is the advantage of convenient, almost all smart phones are Bluetooth transmission, but the drawback is that Bluetooth devices can not mp3, AAC and other audio directly decoded, so when playing audio files need to go through these three steps: first The audio file is decoded into the original audio signal and then sent to the encoder to form the final stream into the Bluetooth protocol stack for transmission

    As beats by dre cheap a result of two transcoding, so the encoder code rate is higher, the music will be better sound quality. As a result of two transcoding, so the encoder code rate is higher, the music will be better sound quality.

    Over the past 100 years, the definition of headphones has produced tremendous changes, from the initial military communications equipment, to the home of the song artifacts, and now, music has infiltrated all aspects of our lives, and headphones as the most convenient media to feel the music , Its meaning has long been more than "listening to music" the word, the philosophy behind the headset, in fact, is to express a non-binding life fun.

    2017-04-26 20:31:18
  • Identification of sound quality beats by dre sale of mobile phone headset

    Life, we have a cell phone, and can not be separated from the phone, we can use mobile phones to contact friends, relatives, mobile phone has a kind of accessories, each of us have, and every young people must supplies, that is, mobile phone headset, headset Many types of people now use mobile phone headset, then how to identify the phone headset sound quality? 1, the same beats by dre cheap time to listen to; different time to judge the sound there will be some differences, so to ensure that the time is the same listening. 2, the same audio carrier; this is the cheap beats by dr dre basis for comparison, MP3, MP4 and other quality itself is uneven, different players will certainly affect the effect of music, contrast to the premise of course to be established on the same basis. 3, the same music tracks; the same track is necessary, different music, different styles of the headphones show the characteristics of the course is also very different. 4, the same sound source settings; music volume and related settings to be consistent, otherwise it will interfere with the quality of the judge.

    The above is what the headset sound quality and headset sound quality identification methods, I believe that friends have a certain understanding, we buy mobile phone headset, we must through the above method to identify headphones sound quality, so as to buy a satisfactory headset

    2017-04-25 20:31:38
  • What is the effect of what kind of noise reduction headset technology

    Just a few years time, noise reduction headset advertising on the overwhelming, even the crowds cheap beats by dre of sites are also packed with beats by dre on sale noise reduction headset ads, it seems that you do not buy a noise reduction headset on the friends of the circle of friends. But really like the ad said, the noise reduction headphones is so the effect of magic? Quick look at acoustics experts how to say! 1. Noise reduction headphones how to achieve noise reduction?

    You may feel that the noise reduction headset is not so mysterious, its role is to reduce the noise outside the headphones as much as possible into our ears. This simple, we common professionals wearing envy of the big earmuffs, which do not play this role Well! But it seems wrong, we see beats by dre sale the ads on the noise reduction headphones is not the case.

    In fact, the noise reduction headset is divided into active noise reduction and passive noise reduction two, in other words is concerned, noise reduction headphones are divided into active noise reduction and passive noise reduction two, where the " Source "understood as a power supply just fine. Obviously large earcaps should belong to the passive noise reduction headphones, and domestic advertising main publicity, in fact, is the active noise reduction headphones.

    Active noise reduction headphones is how to produce noise reduction effect? ??In fact, not complicated, first through the microphone on the headset, the environment to collect low-band noise, and then through the built-in calculator to quickly generate a replay with the sound at the same time play , So that it can produce the environmental noise to offset the magic effect.

    Active noise reduction headphones generally have what technology?

    Technology is too much, this is also a cross-disciplinary field. Active noise reduction headphones still follow the classification of traditional audio, there are analog and digital points, the current or modal mixed majority, so the traditional sound technology must be needed. In addition, the core of active noise reduction headset is a complex algorithm, according to its structural design is generally divided into feedforward and feedback, the specific algorithm details here is no longer explained, each algorithm also have their own advantages and disadvantages, At present the commonly used or feedforward and feedback fusion algorithm.

    2. Active noise reduction technology needs to adapt the application scenario

    From the above analysis, active noise reduction headphones can really play a good noise reduction effect, but this world is not perfect technology, active noise reduction technology must also have limitations and shortcomings.

    In fact, active noise reduction technology can offset the noise is very limited, only limited to some low-frequency steady-state noise, which is a number of active noise reduction headphones are stressed beats by dre cheap the reasons for the application of the aircraft, because the noise on the aircraft is really special , The most suitable characteristics of active noise reduction technology. But if replaced by subway, bus and other scenes, in fact, the noise reduction effect will not be so significant on the plane, and for the general life of the scene of the natural noise reduction headphones almost no effect.

    Therefore, if it is not often travel by business travelers, but just want to hear high-quality music, select the active noise reduction headphones is not appropriate.

    Once again stressed that the active noise reduction headset is the need to adapt to the application of the scene, not advertising as any scene is magical effect, in fact, it simply can not offset most of the noise in the life scene. If it is not long-term travel by plane business users, the purchase really need to be careful.

    Also stressed that the active noise reduction technology simply reduce the number of decibels do not make much sense, especially in China are generally marked a peak point noise reduction decibel, more importantly, depends on noise reduction bandwidth and average noise reduction the amount.

    Does the active noise reduction headphones affect the sound quality of music playback?

    If you open the active noise reduction mode will inevitably affect the sound quality, which may not say bad, because some people really like some kind of rendering sound, and active noise reduction headphones to do the rendering of the sound may make you feel comfortable, but If you want to listen to high-quality music, do not open this model, and if you are a music enthusiast, it is recommended that you choose vice HiFi's headphones.

    3. How to buy noise reduction headphones?

    You should go to experience the store to try the results, if you are the first time to buy more do not recommend you direct online shopping, and first find out the actual results and then the order is not late; Finally, if you decide to buy, still have to look at the parameters, Such as noise reduction range, the average noise reduction and so on. Also pay attention to some virtual parameters, active noise reduction technology, after all, is still a complex technology, the algorithm and hardware requirements are high, if it is particularly cheap to be careful.

    And then add that, but also pay attention to the battery, after all, always charging is not a way, another sale is also very important, do not forget, active noise reduction headphones which also more speakers, if not bad but will increase the noise even Whistle, and a long time the hardware is easy to aging, seriously affect the performance, not a stable after-sales protection is really not work

    2017-04-24 20:45:59
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