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  • Why is the price gap so big?

    Why the price gap between headphones can be so big? There are a few dollars to spread the goods there are tens of thousands of a pair of top headphones, the price gap than the computer phone to be big, right? So what is the difference between the price gap where, which part of the cost to be higher?

    In addition, I would like to ask about the difference between senior headphones and ordinary headphones The cost of the mold, the cost of the design, the addition of the brand, as well as tuning the manpower and material resources, beats by dre sale these are the biggest factors to make the headset price gap. In fact, the cost of raw materials for a headset is not very high in the cost of raw materials will not be astronomical. But a headset is not your team will be able to get together, because the headset is a sophisticated thing, you may change the size of the catheter will make a little change in the sound of the headset, so how to cheap beats by dre design, for a headset It makes sense. To get a good headset, in fact, is a test of the ability of a company. For example, design shape and internal structure, tuning, frequency, these are the need for a company's long-term technical accumulation can do a good job. Some of the headphones why sell so expensive, in fact, in the final analysis is the value of its brand and technology accounted for a large part of the price. There are also some static headphones, this headset is not only high manufacturing costs and the process is too difficult to sell expensive is also a matter of course. Another reason is the headset this industry premium beats headphones phenomenon is very serious, in fact, many big headphones priced more or less there will be one or two thousand premium level. Which further opened the headset price gap, so the price of the headset is very serious polarization

    2017-06-22 20:42:23
  • Teach you how to wear ear earphones correctly

    In-ear style earphone can eliminate external noise interference, sound quality is full and clear, light and easy to carry. But often heard people complain that the headset is too small, bass part of beats by dre on sale the lack of often fall out. In fact, this is not the headset problem, but most people do not know how to correctly use this headset, the following for everyone to support several strokes for reference. In-ear headphones and non-ear headphones look like, but use different methods. Non-in-ear headphones are hung between the ear and the external auditory canal, while the ear headphones need to be inserted into the ear canal, like a bottle of stoppers, completely closed ear canal. If there is no plug, then the sound will be affected, especially the low frequency sound, and you will hear a lot of noise.

    Wearing an ear headphones does not simply insert it into the ear canal and requires a suitable method. First of all, the ear sleeve into the ear, a little push into the point, hand to fully expand the earmuffs, closed ear canal. Wearing the left ear earphones, with the right cheap beats by dr dre hand to seize the left ear beats by dre sale earlobe, drooping earlobe to widen the ear canal; then, with the index finger gently push the earcups further into the ear canal, in the sealed place to stop; finally, The ear canal return to the original, ear headphones will be worn. The same is true of the right ear.

    In-ear headphones play the sound is very large, you need to adjust the volume smaller, so the texture of the bass better. At the same time, because the sound better, users easily immersed in their own world.

    To get the best seal you need to beats by dre find the best earmuffs. Most of the ear-style earphones have different sizes and sizes of earmuffs, such as rubber sleeves and foam sets. First try the medium number of rubber sets, followed by trumpet, and finally use large ear sets. Small rubber sleeves sometimes give you a more comfortable sense of sealing. If the rubber sleeve is not enough, then choose the bubble set it.

    2017-06-21 20:35:09
  • Top game clan recommended worthwhile gaming headphones

    Most of the game players for computer hardware are relatively high, and the purchase of peripheral products are often only focus on equipped with a professional keyboard and mouse, but in the beats by dre wireless game headset this ring beats solo discount. In fact, it is easy to form a barrel effect. Good game effect, the sound effect is a very important part of the amount of the game experience has a crucial impact. So the game headset can not be the short board of the whole system. For the game to create the headset with the general listening to music is different headphones, first in the required sound quality has a certain difference. Game headphones require good bass and precise sound field positioning, can bring people excellent gaming experience; and listen to music headset products are completely different, they need a good tri-band performance, while the interpretation of the music requirements, with the same The effect of the game experience is completely different. So that friends can find their own game equipment, at home, better enjoy the fun of the game, we have this time for friends to collect several reasonable prices, strong voice, can be more intuitive to enhance the level of the game game Headset products, so that friends at home to enjoy the fun of the game better. Specifically for the game player to create a professional gaming headset, headset fashion modeling cool, the details of exquisite workmanship; large bag ear synthetic leather ear cover, wear soft and comfortable, and can effectively block the background interference noise, so that players better Immersed in the game.

    Headphones using magic magnetic research and development of the black technology beats headphones cheap "carbon fiber hyphae" diaphragm material, and on this basis, the use of the "double diaphragm" drive unit, one stroke to overcome the cheap beats trips is difficult to balance the common problem, making headphones show sound quality Leap, wear very comfortable. Designed to do in the sound, vibration experience, wear experience, the appearance of aesthetics and so have a higher match and balance. Ears surface with high-gloss process, and the first beam and wire materials are very solid. And this headset volume adjustment is designed on the left side of the earmuffs, adjust more convenient. The microphone with a hidden design, when not in use can be recovered from the microphone, and headphones into one.

    2017-06-20 20:31:23
  • New era "Walkman" and headset how to match the professional HIFI Fan?

    The classic Walkman era is already in the past, but the habit of walking around the music is widely popular, people or with a mobile phone or with a dedicated HIFI player, with a favorite on their own headset products, took to the streets, , Not disturbed to enjoy a song and music. For mobile phone users to listen to music, select some low-end earbuds products, relatively generally easy to drive; and for the quality of the more like the pursuit of HIFI players like players, you have to pay special attention to the next issue, focus on the player Of the thrust, headphones, impedance and sensitivity, especially high-end headphones and player products, the best choice before doing online homework, some products tend to be popular, some biased in the classical, some low-frequency full and powerful, some high-frequency Beautiful smooth, according to their own listening preferences to choose the right equipment is the best! High-resolution non-destructive noise reduction music player, the overall sound warm, warm and comfortable, not blindly pursue the analysis of the trend, but the pursuit of listening pleasure, thrust medium, very suitable for popular class a lot of 80 after the Walkman enthusiasts, Favorite earbuds is not now all-in-one ear, but flat head plug, a variety of flat head plug is the age of the "main theme", if the Sony player itself is a nostalgia, it may be matched with the same Nostalgic flat head plug, compared to the ear plug, with a larger unit, a more open sound field, and a long time to listen to the ear beats by dre more protective than hearing! Large caliber moving coil unit, itself has a very high quality, coupled with Shun Shi unique air flow tuning technology, showing a more transparent, true reduction effect, the high frequency of the extension and low frequency dive are Very in place, the performance of the human voice is more prominent, fever-class "Ocean Heart" wire, so that the transmission quality of the beats headphones cheap signal with the best protection!

    Ear style in the design of a larger change in the design, the sound principle, the choice of moving iron + moving two voice unit, which beats by dre on sale is nowadays popular "ring iron", the advantage lies in the two sound unit, can be very good Complementarity, the other three different styles of replaceable filter is very unique, allowing users to their own bass enhancement, reference level, treble to enhance the three different tuning options, can change the line design is N40 A bright spot for users to replace the balance upgrade line to connect with a balanced output of the HIFI player! On the player and the headset with the fact that the circle of enthusiasts is still quite a thing to pay attention to, whether the player's thrust is enough to drive the player's style and headset style match, etc., which is probably the details of the ratio From the fashion show with the theory of clothing even more complex, but for ordinary users, you can not consider so much, because today's headset manufacturers generally do more easily push the headset, but do not use the entry-level portable player Or mobile phones, to force a large headset like, especially the high-end headphones, rare mobile phone can be pushed well, if you have to, it is recommended that the player and headset to add a headphone amplifier will be better, Or is a typical storms.

    2017-06-19 20:29:25
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