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  • Common causes of damage to headphones and maintenance methods

    After buying a pair of headphones, we often do is to immediately unpack the beginning to use. But a regrettable fact is that many of my friends are always very casual when using headphones, so that beats by dre studio in the absence of time, the headset is damaged for various reasons. To be honest, it is a pity that if you can understand the cause of the damage, you can effectively avoid it, greatly extending the life of the headset. This time, on their own practical experience, for you to introduce the common causes of damage to headphones and maintenance methods.

    1, gently, to avoid the physical impact

    Headset manufacturers to introduce unexpectedly violent impact or a long time the physical impact will cause damage to the headset, many people think beats headphones that headphones as long as the sound, no bad, it is not true. A substantial physical impact will damage the headset, causing the shell or internal wiring desoldering or even broken, but a long time rude treatment of headphones, headphones will also cause damage. Physical impact is likely to cause a variety of damage, whether it is in the ear, ear-type, or ordinary ordinary earplugs, may be due to long physical shock caused by the unit shift, and headphones or earplugs internal unit is a small amount Glue or the characteristics of the cavity groove design will be stuck in the unit, although a small amount of physical impact can cope, but long-term rude treatment of headphones, or very easy to cause problems.

    2, earplugs or headphones within the cavity of the unit will be due to physical collision and displacement

    Headphone unit shift, to a certain extent, affect the sound of the knot and positioning, experienced enthusiasts can be identified by comparison, for enthusiasts, the value of this pair of headphones will be greatly reduced. And for the average user, it will not want to see such a thing happen, to avoid such tragedy, "gently" is a small series to give you friends of the four words mantra.

    3, pay attention to maintenance of connectors

    In order to ensure a better transmission signal, many headphones are used gold-plated plug. This is enough to see the manufacturers for all the details are very important. In general, the plug is divided into straight and L-type plug, 3.5mm, 6.5mm and other different specifications. In general, the more prone to problems for the following reasons.

    Often plug the plug, or make the plug surface oxidation, wear or get dirt. These circumstances will undoubtedly lead to a direct decline in signal transmission quality, under normal circumstances, Xiaobian suggested if possible, do not often plug the plug, in addition, before inserting the earphone port, it is best to use a soft velvet wipe the plug and then insert The

    4, do not always plug the plug, keep the plug clean

    Another problem often occurs at the end of the plug, and we will find that this part is particularly vulnerable to the connection of the wire. Often break, or even cause disruption makes the headset side without sound. In view of this problem, Xiaobian personal advice is: first, try to buy L-type plug headphones, from beats by dre the design point of view, L-type plug is not easy to cause such problems, the second, usually use the headset should be careful, Avoid bending the plug at the wiring.

    5, to avoid water, to avoid moisture

    Water can be said to be the enemy of headphones (earplugs). What's left for a bubble of water? Moon shadow can be said that basically no value. In other words, water, especially a lot of water for the headset blow is devastating. Many people in the rain when wearing earplugs, the result because there is no umbrella or rain too much reason, so that headphones into the water, so that the direct result is the headset to see Marx early.

    6, rainy day try not to wear headphones to go out

    If you are lucky, then after the headset is dried, you will find that he is still able to speak out. But in general, after the baptism of water, these headphones in the voice will always exist such a problem. Such as the sound is very light, hair beats earphones virtual, and even strange sound, etc. In short, even if the water dipping even dry, it is not difficult to return to normal state. Therefore, to avoid this situation, the best option is not to water.

    In addition, not only the liquid water, too humid environment is not conducive to save the headset, especially in the southern part of the rainy season, for some high-end headphones, a desiccant storage box is necessary. In fact you will find that if a long time to put a headset in a humid environment, then its voice performance will be significantly less than those well-preserved headphones. Do not think that only direct forest water will be an accident, in the air, water, everywhere.

    7, pay attention to protect the wire, do not pull

    Headphone cable can be said to be the most vulnerable part of the headset, and this damage includes many aspects. Such as headphone cable and unit connection off-line, resulting in headphones or even unilateral silent, and then such as wire skin burst, exposed bare inside and so on. Under normal circumstances, in addition to accidents, the headset line can be said to be the largest loss of the components.

    In this regard, the switchable design occupies a considerable advantage, he can most directly solve the earphone line aging and replacement problems. So when you choose headphones, especially high-end headphones, it is best to choose the product can be designed. It can make sale and maintenance become more convenient.

    On the other hand, the use should also be noted that the first is not to pull the headset line, pull the most likely to cause internal head welding. In addition, should also keep the headset line clean, grease stained in the headset line, a long time will accelerate the aging of the headphone line skin, so that the texture brittle, leading to cracking and other issues.

    2017-07-20 20:10:32
  • How the headphones make the sound bigger

    It is said beats earbuds that animals evolved out of hearing, is to play the role of early warning, but for humans, the effect of hearing far more than this. Unfortunately, some people beats headphones are suffering from hearing impairment, the elderly will suffer with aging and hearing loss, but fortunately with the help of modern technology, many patients suffering from hearing impaired, now with hearing aids to regain valuable hearing. The principle of traditional hearing aids is to improve the volume of the ear sound, similar to the guitar amplifier beats by dre to play out the sound amplification, and then broadcast out of the process. Although this hearing aid effect is not bad, but today's medical technology there are higher-tech solutions, such as implantable cochlear implant. This device can send the sound to the auditory nerve, direct to the brain. In contrast, the beats headphones cheap artificial cochlea is better than the traditional hearing aids, the patient can hear the original sound is not clear, the language of understanding and more indeed.

    Studies show that only one in five hearing impairment patients will seek medical advice, showing that hearing aids still have a lot of room for promotion. It is the actual benefits of the wearer, far more than the appearance and perception of the shortcomings, and the new hearing aids are hidden in the ear is not obvious. The future, the patient's cochlea may even through treatment, re-regeneration, then have the opportunity to completely abandon the hearing aids, regain the fun of listening.

    2017-07-19 20:22:34
  • How to pick up the sound signal from beginning to end

    It is well known that for a complete sound reinforcement system, the electronic beats by dre studio components that originally received the original sound were the microphone. Of course, the instrument is also with the player. But we still talk from the microphone, because this is the most typical application. Whether picking up a human voice or picking up other objects or natural sounds, the microphone is a device that converts the sound signal into an electrical signal. Of course, from the principle of energy conversion, it is also divided into many types, the most common moving coil, capacitive, tube, piezoelectric, aluminum, carbon, etc., and even the speaker when The microphone. But all of cheap beats their role is to convert the sound signal into an electrical signal. It is because of this function of the microphone, making it a very important and essential part of the sound reinforcement system. Because the premise of the energy conversion is to cause the sound of the microphone diaphragm vibration, this factor determines the diaphragm in the passive vibration state of its amplitude can not be too large, so no matter what principle of the microphone, the conversion of the electrical signals are Is very weak. So, there is a second device: microphone preamplifier (referred to as the release, the English name: Pre Amplifer). In beats by dre studio fact, whether it is civilian equipment Ye Hao, or professional areas worth mentioning, then put the importance of self-evident. Playing and ignoring, we all know that only high-grade consoles will use high-quality microphone amplifier, and this also means that we have to dig more RMB to buy it. In the field of professional sound reinforcement, the general use of the mixer itself, then put the signal amplification work, so talk about the release after we will follow the mixer's signal flow analysis down.

    Since it is called the front microphone amplifier, then its main role is naturally "magnified", from the earliest tube amplifier circuit, to the later transistor amplifier circuit, and then to the final large-scale application of integrated circuits, all the amplifier circuit The role is to small signal voltage amplification. Especially the pre-system part of the system, because the working current is particularly small, we can take this amplification process simply to consider the voltage amplification. Typically, the large sound system will have a separate external audio processor, the main role is the frequency, equalization, pressure limit, etc., of course, can also be line gain adjustment. Here the reason for setting the gain, mainly in order to match with the equipment in order to output a reasonable voltage to the speaker. In reality, the gain of this link will generally be greater than 12dB. Recall that the sound signal from the microphone into an electrical signal, the professional sound reinforcement scene, the first full signal is completely amplified by the mixing of the console, and after the audio processor, the The signal can be re-amplified by entering the final power amplifier.

    Eventually, this amplified audio signal is given to the speaker, driving its sound. Because of the intermediate multi-level electric signal amplification process, so the amplitude of the speaker and the radio microphone amplitude is beats headphones cheap not an order of magnitude, which is why the sound reinforcement system can achieve the "sound" of the essence of this purpose The

    2017-07-18 20:23:15
  • Wireless headset where you look the most easy to lose headphones

    Now digital design is more and more compact, more and more refined. But also beats by dr dre bring us some trouble. He easy to "long feet hide", which is where you will be anxious to find the wireless headset, exactly where the wireless headset you are. Let's take a look at the most easily lost headphones in these years. The traditional wireless Bluetooth headset is not really a wireless design, either with a headset design to connect two ear caps, or use a cable to connect earbuds, but without the need for an additional 3.5mm cable cheap beats by dre to connect the phone or the player. Ear-style earplugs, while the body with a waterproof seal rubber design, to achieve a good movement to listen to music experience. Interestingly, it is not just a wireless headset, but also built-in acceleration, optical infrared sensor, you can monitor the user movement, and even through the head of the movement can beats by dre wireless also achieve some posture control, such as nod to answer the phone, shaking his head refused to call.

    Appearance with a more traditional ear hanging design, in order to achieve a more strong wear experience. In addition, it also built a hybrid sensor, can be achieved, including heart rate monitoring and other sports equipment, very advanced. At the same time, the production version will also incorporate more features, such as noise reduction, frequency adjustment and voice control. Looks like a traditional Bluetooth headset, but a set of two headphones, so also supports stereo output, but looks slightly larger. However, this design is not the final version, there cheap beats is room for improvement. Its main selling point is not integrated motion monitoring function, but high-quality audio output, using the "Kleer" technology, so that Bluetooth headset can also have excellent sound quality performance. "Where are you wireless headphones?" Despite these most likely to lose headphones, but can not stop everyone like these easy to carry headphones.

    2017-07-17 20:13:29
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