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Beats By Dre 2018 Deals & Sales | Headphones, Earphones & Speakers

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Completely redesigned, Powerbeats 2 Wireless revolutionizes the workout experience.

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Pair the Beats Pill to your phone, laptop or any other Bluetooth-enabled device to change tracks and adjust the volume from up to 30 feet away.

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  • Direct push without pressure for mobile phones
    The main difference between Bluetooth and remote headsets is the transmission speed and the wearing method. Although the signal line transmission speed of the headset with a line is fast, but with the direct push of the mobile phone, the presence of the signal noise of the high-sensitivity headset makes many users troubled, so today Let's talk about those remote headsets that have a good phone.

    It is a hybrid diaphragm headset that can be used with Hi-Res high-resolution audio sources to output lossless sound and allow you to listen to real music. The design of neodymium magnet drive unit provides a high density of magnetic flux to achieve a clearer, deeper sound.

    By extending the audio processing range, you can handle lower-than-normal frequencies, perform high-precision waveform correction processing, and output music signals in the same (192kHz/24bit format) as high-resolution audio sources, enabling wireless playback and high resolution. Similar audio quality.

    The tornado tube built into the earphone has a spiral bass line on beats solo the back of the drive unit, which generates audio in a natural way. With a clever design, it effectively solves the in-ear headphones to reproduce strong and deep bass. Adopt XX series design concept, aluminum rotary and diamond cutting design.

    beats earphones This headset features a 9mm high-fidelity drive unit, equipped with PureBass technology to send a delicate natural singing voice, bring you closer to the studio restore experience to help you open the legendary JBL sound journey. At the same time this is a professional wire headset, suitable for Android, Apple mobile phones, Walkman, IPad, audio and so on. Whether it is at home, cheap beats by dr dre office or on the go, feel the natural singing face to face with the singer anytime, anywhere.

    On the way of shopping, you are inconvenient to take out the mobile phone to answer the call at any time when you crowded the subway. You can cut songs, and the JBLT280A+ built-in microphone + line control help you to answer the phone and play music, pause, and switch functions. All-metal body, light and strong texture of the aluminum shell structure, exquisite metal cutting technology, with JBL classic orange earplugs, classic fashion reveals texture.

    This headset is equipped with a dual-rail unit in a limited space, and is responsible for high-frequency operation and lower distortion performance. Compared with a single moving iron unit, the double-acting iron unit can withstand higher power and is less likely to break when the soil increases in volume. And headphones through the Japanese Hi-Res Audio certification. Bring a more natural and realistic listening experience.

    Whether it is an acoustic or electro-acoustic instrument, the intermediate frequency can be better restored, the wetness is better than the high frequency, the instrument's image is accurate, the distance is moderate, and the resolution is high, but not so much as to make people feel it sounds tired. After the crash, the mid-frequency density will be significantly higher.

    Although there is not much amount at the low frequency, the detail and layering are remarkable, especially in the performance of light music, and it is comfortable to cooperate with other musical instruments. The low-frequency analysis is very sensation, and it is not dragging at all. The overall headset is very bright in light music performance.

    2018-05-21 19:01:49
  • Music enthusiasts must have mobile phones around to keep music flowing
    Speaking of the most familiar peripheral products with mobile phones, headsets are always in front of them, but for the friends who often use headphones to listen to songs, the most frequently encountered situation is when the crowded bus lines are hung by others. Live, and thus "human-machine" separated. In fact, to solve this problem is very simple, a true wireless Bluetooth headset is sufficient.

    The ear locking half-moon design is adopted. There is no superfluous line on the whole body, which not only cheap beats by dre makes it easier to insert the ear, but also brings a more comfortable wearing experience. Not only that, but also Bluetooth 4.2 technology and high-fidelity audio transmission technology, not only more convenient and mobile phones and other devices for wireless connectivity, but also can give us more transparent voice quality and more beautiful music effects, beats solo let us Feel an immersive hearing feast.

    Many people say that exercise is a very boring thing, but if there is music to accompany it during exercise, then this boring thing will become more passionate. However, if you want to hear great music while you are in motion, you also need a sports headset that you can carry with you.

    cheap beats headphones The use of more ergonomic design principles leads to a more solid wearing experience. Coupled with the neck-style design, even when you take off the headphones when you are exercising, you can hang it directly in your neck, which is easy and convenient. Not only can a Bluetooth connection be made with a mobile phone, but also when the phone comes in, the headset will remind us by means of vibrations, and it is also possible to make a voice call directly through the headset, which makes us more passionate and more convenient when we exercise.

    Whether it's going to an outdoor picnic or hanging out with friends outdoors, if we can have a Bluetooth speaker around and continue playing beautiful music for us, then our outdoor trip will become even more beautiful and more. wonderful.

    Not only compact, easy to carry, but also very unique shape, coupled with the stylish body color blessing, it is brought high value, such a small speaker, not to mention listening to the song, watching The mood is very good. Speakers have built-in high-definition microphones. In the process of listening to music, if the mobile phone has an incoming call, you can also answer the phone directly through the speakers, not only cool, but also very convenient. Coupled with the M13 independent stereo structure of the blessing, it can give us a wonderful music feast.

    No matter if it is a high-fidelity sound quality headset or an easy-to-carry Bluetooth speaker, it will allow us beats solo to listen to more beautiful music from our mobile phones. How can we miss our music enthusiasts?

    2018-05-17 19:09:10
  • 2018 exclusive inventory: the world's most popular top ten Bluetooth headset
    Bluetooth headset With the rapid development of Bluetooth technology, Bluetooth transmission stability and sound quality can catch up with the traditional wired headset, coupled with the advantages of free, beautiful appearance than wired headphones, so in the past two years especially favored.

    Appearance adopts a simple and low-key design style, and the main price is light and extravagant, which is the preferred cost-effectiveness in the cheap Bluetooth headset. Focus on sound quality, inviting the world's professional mixers to build, using Qualcomm Bluetooth wireless chip program, with a unique front and rear sound cavity design, so that the performance of sound quality almost equal thousand Yuan headset level, so many enthusiasts moved. In terms of comfort, the JEET brand has its own in-ear database research. The exclusive "Rhino's Horn" design uses a soft hollow silicone material to ensure stability while also ensuring long-term comfort.

    Its audio and video products such as headphones, headsets, and ear buds are particularly popular. The wireless Bluetooth headset introduced this time is using the all-metal ear cavity to highlight the difference.

    In the audio field has a certain popularity, the introduction of wireless Bluetooth headset also captured a lot of Bluetooth headset consumer groups. The design of the headphones is lighter and fashionable, suitable for young fashion people.

    Appearance can be described with a simple and stylish, red and black classic match, then with leather collar material, adding a lot of highlights to this headset.

    Compact appearance, weight control 99g, easy to wear without burden. Three different sizes of silicone earplugs and two sizes of silicone earplugs will be included in the headset package, and the wearer can use it with any size.

    The design is large, suitable for headset sizes in Europe and the United States. Steady wear, support real-time heart rate monitoring, suitable for sports and fitness use.

    cheap beats The appearance of a shiny coating, mirror ear cavity design makes the recognition of this headset has been greatly improved. Special earphone storage box design, very beautiful.

    With a high-value appearance, it beats by dr dre is also very popular in China. cheap beats by dre Different from other headsets, this bluetooth headset's line is braided and designed to prevent loss.

    Supports 8 hours of endurance and long battery life, but supports fast charging. After charging for 5 minutes, it can be used continuously for about 2 hours. The ear cavity adopts in-ear design and the appearance design is simple and fashionable.

    This Bluetooth headset with Apple's wired headset looks very similar to the Bluetooth headset, using a true wireless design, so the operation rely on the SIRI Apple phone, very artificial intelligence.

    2018-05-15 19:03:18
  • Conscience recommends five cost-effective headphones
    In the sports season, when you sweat in the gym, you always enjoy the music. Ordinary wired headsets are not able to meet such strenuous exercise as fitness, so it is necessary to choose a good Bluetooth headset. This article selects Bluetooth headsets that are currently enjoying worldwide word-of-mouth and sales.

    cheap beats Mainly is the price, this unit price of 300 yuan up and down the Bluetooth headset, with the sound effects of thousands of comparable Bluetooth headset. The use of high-pass chip solution, 11MM large dynamic coil unit, with the headset's unique nano-metal composite diaphragm, can fully reduce the headphones resonance and noise, reduce the distortion of the sound, restore the clarity of the headphones sound quality.

    On the market, especially high-end headsets, a lot of attention is paid to appearance design and brand effect. In fact, the high cost behind the low price. The main concept of non-fashion and non-installed X has also been recognized by users, so it is known in the fashion industry as the brand of the Net Red headset.

    Can be said to be an entry-level Bluetooth headset, this headset supports IP52 waterproof beats headphones and sweat performance and 4 hours of life, using hanging ear design, comfort is not bad.

    With a two-year warranty and 10 hours of battery life, the exterior uses a classic design of a wooden hoe, which is low-key yet elegant.

    The Bluetooth headset introduced this time has a low-key style and is a full-black design that suits the public. On the performance of the sound quality, the low-frequency performance is slightly flexible and the drums are obvious. It is suitable for listening to some rhythmic and dynamic songs.

    Randomly presented three sets of earplugs of different sizes to meet the different requirements of users. cheap beats headphones The earbuds of this earphone are designed with shark fins to improve the stability of earphone wear.

    2018-05-13 18:57:23
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