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2018 exclusive inventory: the world's most popular top ten Bluetooth headset
Bluetooth headset With the rapid development of Bluetooth technology, Bluetooth transmission stability and sound quality can catch up with the traditional wired headset, coupled with the advantages of free, beautiful appearance than wired headphones, so in the past two years especially favored.

Appearance adopts a simple and low-key design style, and the main price is light and extravagant, which is the preferred cost-effectiveness in the cheap Bluetooth headset. Focus on sound quality, inviting the world's professional mixers to build, using Qualcomm Bluetooth wireless chip program, with a unique front and rear sound cavity design, so that the performance of sound quality almost equal thousand Yuan headset level, so many enthusiasts moved. In terms of comfort, the JEET brand has its own in-ear database research. The exclusive "Rhino's Horn" design uses a soft hollow silicone material to ensure stability while also ensuring long-term comfort.

Its audio and video products such as headphones, headsets, and ear buds are particularly popular. The wireless Bluetooth headset introduced this time is using the all-metal ear cavity to highlight the difference.

In the audio field has a certain popularity, the introduction of wireless Bluetooth headset also captured a lot of Bluetooth headset consumer groups. The design of the headphones is lighter and fashionable, suitable for young fashion people.

Appearance can be described with a simple and stylish, red and black classic match, then with leather collar material, adding a lot of highlights to this headset.

Compact appearance, weight control 99g, easy to wear without burden. Three different sizes of silicone earplugs and two sizes of silicone earplugs will be included in the headset package, and the wearer can use it with any size.

The design is large, suitable for headset sizes in Europe and the United States. Steady wear, support real-time heart rate monitoring, suitable for sports and fitness use.

cheap beats The appearance of a shiny coating, mirror ear cavity design makes the recognition of this headset has been greatly improved. Special earphone storage box design, very beautiful.

With a high-value appearance, it beats by dr dre is also very popular in China. cheap beats by dre Different from other headsets, this bluetooth headset's line is braided and designed to prevent loss.

Supports 8 hours of endurance and long battery life, but supports fast charging. After charging for 5 minutes, it can be used continuously for about 2 hours. The ear cavity adopts in-ear design and the appearance design is simple and fashionable.

This Bluetooth headset with Apple's wired headset looks very similar to the Bluetooth headset, using a true wireless design, so the operation rely on the SIRI Apple phone, very artificial intelligence.