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4 steps to pick the right headset for you!

Many friends think that the effect of different headphones is the same, or that the effect of headphones does not depend on the headset, but depends on the source (digital equipment). In fact, this view is not correct, different headphones play the same kind of digital equipment sound quality is very different.

On the headset, the general for their understanding of not enough, the face of this or that problem, will inevitably produce confusion. The following will be introduced for everyone to buy headphones Ha ~

The front of the different headphones play a decisive role, the phone ah like a small thrust of the front end of the thrust is not great, so it will be more suitable for earplugs or headset.

Computer and desktop CD is beats by dre on sale a large thrust source, most headphones are compatible, this time we can consider some full-cover headphones and high-impedance products. A key call, wire-controlled microphone, reduce call noise, easy to answer and clear. The use of more than ordinary wire soft and solid wire, resistant to tensile strength, effective reproduction of the winding, each solution is really very painful, anti-winding really important. Smart Bluetooth wireless connection, MP3 card function. Folding portable design, piano paint technology scratch, the best choice for sports headphones, Bluetooth do not have to connect, long standby time without electricity problems.

Election headphones is the most important thing to listen to, but not every product is suitable for you, such as a lot of headset sales are good, word of mouth is also good, but they bring up is not comfortable. In fact, important headphones or their own feelings, like music, some people like rock, some people like light music.

Different types of concerts have different headphones to match, the other different power of digital products for the headset is not the same. This need to explore their own to understand.

Headphones in the 40MM beats headphones cheap moving coil drive unit, the use of 32 ohm impedance high-quality moving coil to ensure superior sound quality, heavy bass shock, high-pitched sound, high standard diaphragm and light voice coil can quickly pass deep bass, the pursuit of music quality, this headset It is very suitable. With 3D rotation mechanism, the earmuffs can be rotated 90 degrees, and can be folded head beam measured, easy into the carrying bag, the weight of the headphones are also light, easy to carry, especially for you to travel around, easy to carry the benefits you know The Another point is that you like what type of headphones, different headset type or appearance can be based on their own users or preferences to choose, these mainly rely on the feeling, but also need to have some understanding of these types, from a variety of styles to choose the appropriate my own. For the purchase of headphones, the parameters, although for reference only, not the most important, but also absolutely can not be ignored.

Machine parameters in the two parameters need to pay attention, one is the impedance, one is the sensitivity. The higher the impedance the more difficult to push, which requires a large thrust of the front support. But the impedance can not stand alone, we often ignore the existence of another parameter sensitivity, if the reference sensitivity will find that the large impedance is beats by dre difficult to push is not absolute, so the need to consider the integrated.