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Big game to force the headset, you choose the right headset yet?
Panoramic sound effects, multi-channel surround, these are the final fantasy game enthusiasts. To achieve multi-channel listening environment, not only the budget is very high, but also not the average person's home has room to afford. The game headset can meet the above requirements, the cost is relatively much lower, so the game headset is a relatively cost-effective program, the type of game headset tens of millions, what kind of game headset is good?

In-ear gaming headset is also a powerful gaming headset, because the relatively small size of the obvious, so easy to carry, so you play games anytime, anywhere, and because it is more flexible than the headset can be used for mobile games, can also be used In the end, break the media restrictions, stimulate your fighting desire.

In-ear gaming headphones in addition to the above advantages, because most of the ear headphones with silicone earmuffs, minimal damage to the ear at the same time because the perfect fit auricle, give a person a sense of comfort, of course, each ear headphones have their own characteristics Function, please look down.

beats earphones This product uses 9.2 mm neodymium magnetic touch unit, full frequency vocal clear, accurate presentation of music details and dynamics, surround sound for you to create a stereo effect, so you based on the enemy's footsteps or gunshot to predict or determine its location, To complete a beautiful anti-kill.

The use of 9.2mm diameter dynamic beats by dre sale voice coil unit and double silicone sleeve design, has brought a very bass effect. Black earplugs beats headphones cheap and black wire design, it is for the player to bring a strong sense of visual impact.

Outside the round comfortable engineering design, the overall style is quite super hero style. High-sensitivity pickup unit, sound-absorbing effect, sound-controlled overall. Pluggable microphone design creative personality, both to meet the game needs, but also enriched the use of headphones scene.

Bass heavy, sinking fast and not boring, transparent voices, a strong sense of hierarchy. Cinema-like sound. Whether it is a call, K song, watching TV can easily get through a button. Whether it is Apple, millet, Samsung and other mobile phones freely convertible. No longer have to worry about the phone even the headset.

Buy a good gaming headset is an important factor in the game to play well, so you want to be a god, quickly choose a suitable for your gaming headset.