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Calmly talk about the wire.

Before speaking, first look at my four points to prevent accidental.

0. Not everyone can hear the wire is good or bad, if you only know how to listen to high frequency and low frequency, then I advise you not to touch the wire.

1. wire is not God medicine, it can not let deadwood rejuvenation, carrion myogenic.

2. Wire is not metaphysical, it is in certain circumstances, for a suitable wire than toss equipment more peace of mind.

3. Wire is difficult to buy, and sometimes chicken line than the fever line nice.

0. I am most afraid to hear the words: fungus, listen to not come out

Please apply for a refund, and then something good packaging, delivery Shun Feng to pay me, thank you for your support.

Where to say that they are still fungus to buy wire? The problem is that I have seen too many such examples. I do not have such a kung fu and they pull. Playing wire is the sound of the advanced seasoning steps, be a part of the school sound, if you even the basic "knot" are not aware of, playing the wire is indeed as blind as the impression. My advice is: take the time to listen to music, music is the best teacher of the enthusiasts.

1. wire is not God medicine.

If your source does not work, first change the source it. Engage in a good grade on the wire, will only make your source more obvious defects.

2. Wire is not metaphysics

Please do not come out of junior high school physics to attack me, thank you. You feel useful to keep you, if you feel useless to return to me, there is nothing to say, if the words on this you are not willing to try

Wire itself does not enhance the role, it can only do their best to reduce the bottleneck of the system, so that the signal more smoothly and smoothly reach your horn. This is its sole purpose. You can change the wire can feel the upgrade, is your speaker and the original performance of the device, nothing more than the original signal by some obstacles, and now smooth, you beats by dre on sale can feel it.

3. Wire is very difficult to buy

Ten crystal color nine half are false, this is the domestic wire market. I do not understand those who say that the role of wire is not the old beats headphones on sale burn, is not only used cable factory cable or panda? Please do not believe this. But I have to admit a lot of fake river (you can look at the Furukawa power cord is not the next five digits), fake music belt (you count the number of licensed a few zero), foreign garbage line (you look at Taobao There is a home is selling 1.5 meters, I originally liked to buy this line to the burning group of friends repair headphones with .. there is no original line strong!

Big headphones headphone sound is at least roughly balanced, the balance does not mean the balance between the three frequencies, is the balance between the various sound elements, the balance of the sound, there will be no sharp, cold, cold, warm paste these strange Evil, in fact, some Taobao on the high price, this can not do, do not covet beats headphones cheap cheap, choose low-cost low-quality wire.

At this time, you may have to ask a question that makes me feel tangled, what wire can be recommended?

I can only tell you that I can not answer. This time you have to throw the problem to you, you need to understand the following two questions:

1. Why should I buy a wire, what is the problem with my device?

2. What is the difference between my desired voice and now?

4. Quality line and taste line

I do not say this, because I am also not clear that the signal line of those manufacturers in the end of the signal line is the quality line, those who are taste line. Very simple, I have no money to buy.

But a small headset line, because the system of the demons and ghosts too much, try to choose the sound clean beats by dre wireless and transparent quality line bar

5. not nice to return!

Until you find a way you think it is appropriate, can listen to the wire so far.