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Can Hi-Fi speakers be used for monitoring?

If you are still using a cheaper Hi-Fi speaker to make do shrink and mix, then I have to say, switch to a professional studio monitor speakers will provide you with more clear, with depth and better reflect the details of the sound, It can help you to better complete the work of recording shrinkage. In a nutshell, a pair of good speakers can change your working mode, help you to analyze the most complex shrinkage materials, and ensure that your audio, whether in the car audio or high-quality Hi-Fi equipment to listen to , Are able to have a good performance. Therefore, for professional recording studio to spend tens of thousands of dollars to buy high-quality audio monitor, and invite professional recording engineers for their sound field design, you do not have to be surprised. First of all, choose a pair of appropriate monitor speakers, or choose a better monitor speakers, for us is not so intuitive. In the end what kind of speaker is what we really want to cheap beats by dre find a good monitor speakers? We will be the audio shop that can make excellent sound effects of the fans beats by dre fascinated, or to see the faithful response to the original audio signal At the same time, once you have a new guy at home, we also need to consider from all aspects to optimize its performance, from the arrangement of the entire room sound field environment, to the correct placement of the speaker position.

We should be clearly aware of the difference between a hi-fi speaker used by a family and a professional high-performance studio monitor, which is a very beats by dre cheap basic understanding that allows us to understand why when listening and mixing, The key role played by. More importantly, you have to wait until they are how it affects your workflow. Ultimately, we will realize that Hi-Fi speakers are specifically designed cheap beats headphones to give the audience a good listening experience. In many cases, this design is theoretically in the "hype" sound, they themselves will enhance some low-frequency and high frequency (and sometimes highlight a wide range of IF), in order to create a very good recording Effect, than that can be fine to show the original recording of the speaker sounds more attractive.

In contrast, some professional monitor speakers are often not so pleasing, but the same, it will show the voice will be more detailed and more accurate. For example, the low frequency may not sound so full, but you hear your own shrinkage when the work will be more level, all the composition of the music are very clear. At the same time, in high frequency, although it may be in the ordinary Hi-Fi speakers do not sound so sharp (they are generally about 10kHz frequency position), but professional monitoring will be fine to reflect the 10-20kHz frequency The scope of the sound, for example, it can better help you distinguish the sound of the acoustic guitar or the sound of the human voice.

Although we have discussed the frequency of the problem to a large extent, it is also important to remember the difference between other sounds between ordinary Hi-Fi speakers and professional monitor speakers. For example, the optimized depth of sound and imaging, it can help you better coordinate your voice, you can shrink in the time to get more sound information, and not just put some instruments are placed in the frequency range It's all about it. Good monitor speakers can better transfer the relationship between the left and right sound. In addition, there is a very easy to be ignored things, that is, the general Hi-Fi speakers will not be like a professional monitor speakers as so responsive.