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Conscience recommends five cost-effective headphones
In the sports season, when you sweat in the gym, you always enjoy the music. Ordinary wired headsets are not able to meet such strenuous exercise as fitness, so it is necessary to choose a good Bluetooth headset. This article selects Bluetooth headsets that are currently enjoying worldwide word-of-mouth and sales.

cheap beats Mainly is the price, this unit price of 300 yuan up and down the Bluetooth headset, with the sound effects of thousands of comparable Bluetooth headset. The use of high-pass chip solution, 11MM large dynamic coil unit, with the headset's unique nano-metal composite diaphragm, can fully reduce the headphones resonance and noise, reduce the distortion of the sound, restore the clarity of the headphones sound quality.

On the market, especially high-end headsets, a lot of attention is paid to appearance design and brand effect. In fact, the high cost behind the low price. The main concept of non-fashion and non-installed X has also been recognized by users, so it is known in the fashion industry as the brand of the Net Red headset.

Can be said to be an entry-level Bluetooth headset, this headset supports IP52 waterproof beats headphones and sweat performance and 4 hours of life, using hanging ear design, comfort is not bad.

With a two-year warranty and 10 hours of battery life, the exterior uses a classic design of a wooden hoe, which is low-key yet elegant.

The Bluetooth headset introduced this time has a low-key style and is a full-black design that suits the public. On the performance of the sound quality, the low-frequency performance is slightly flexible and the drums are obvious. It is suitable for listening to some rhythmic and dynamic songs.

Randomly presented three sets of earplugs of different sizes to meet the different requirements of users. cheap beats headphones The earbuds of this earphone are designed with shark fins to improve the stability of earphone wear.