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Domestic headphones bad sound quality? These headphones have something to say
Slightly under the middle, high-frequency slightly dark, slightly modified, sound smooth, very little tooth tone, more resistant to hearing, while there is a good amount of information and transparency. Medium frequency convex, solid and full, high density, vocal close, more enthusiastic. The low-frequency feel is too large, and the dive has a good atmosphere. The most suitable for the mellow type of male and female voices is Europe and the United States is a long term, male voice is particularly good performance. In terms of classical music, chamber music and small compilations performed well. The large scale was still acceptable and could be heard.

beats headphones The use of tantalum alloy diaphragm material, coupled with dust-proof steel mesh, can greatly extend the high frequency range, determine the low frequency effect, and ensure that the earphone core is protected and is not easily hurt. The earphone's ear wire uses bulletproof wire and can withstand parallel or vertical tension or gravity of more than ten kilograms. The external double layer TPE material can reduce the impact of static electricity generated by friction, and reduce the wire winding situation, making the wire easier. sort out.

The headphone's powerful analytical capabilities, as well as the grand sound field, allow you to hear sounds closer to the original sound. With 390 layers of composite diaphragm material, the sound is more full and bright, restoring the original sound of the scene. The headphone cable uses 160 strands of silver wire for conduction, delivering a more realistic sound. The external double-layer TPE material not only reduces the stethoscope effect, makes the sound quality clearer, reduces wire winding, and makes it easier to organize.

This old man's headset uses a unique three-unit three-way coiled iron beats earphones mixing technology, which combines the advantages of moving iron highs and moving coils to shake the bass. One of them is low and the other is high in the United States. . Reducing the cavity space occupied by the multi-cell structure while achieving the sound playback of the corresponding frequency band, the details are rich and unambiguous.

The four-frequency and five-conduit design includes four sound outlets and one hearing protection decompression vent hole, which integrates an integrated low-frequency adjustable function. The use of metal pipe design ensures that the metal pipe is insensitive and non-deformable. The sound integrity of each sound outlet effectively solves the defect that the plastic tube will be deformed by extrusion. Many singers are loyal fans. Isn't this the best proof of strength?

This headset is professionally shaped and is very gratifying in terms of vocal performance, especially for pop music. The KING adjustment unit is used to increase the atmosphere of popular music, so that the energy is full and without losing details, and has a sweet and clear person, plus dual-nuclear power structure, can make the sound quality more powerful and deep, giving you true and pure sound quality.

The dual magnetic circuit divide-by-two graphene unit has delicate and clear high-frequency details, loose and sweet vocal performance, and deep elastic low-frequency processing, so that the headset has a strong potential to restore beats by dre on sale high-quality HIFI. Dual-frequency circuit processing on the moving coil unit and the use of a new nano-graphene diaphragm plus titanium-plated dome unit brings outstanding resolving power, high-definition and detailed sound performance to allow you to experience HIFI sound quality fun.