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Earphone ear set high frequency process introduction

High frequency process, also known as hot pressing process, voltage technology, in the plastic category, leather products, the field of heat has a wide range of applications. PU, PVC and other products in the electromagnetic field by the electric field by the role of acute melting, in the mold pressure can be instantly completed under the earmuffs of the product heat

Headset ear processing process, high frequency process is usually used for the appearance of the product higher, positioning more high-end earmuffs processing. In the process of processing, high-frequency process than the sewing process consumes more working hours, and the material loss will be higher than the sewing process, so the cost will be high.

High frequency equipment works:

PU, PVC, TPU, EVA, PET and other materials in the heat environment will melt, and PU, PVC, TPU, EVA, PET, etc. in a specific beats by dr dre electric field thermal environment, with the press die to the product to achieve local pressure, welding to plastic or PU , PVC, TPU, EVA, PET materials.

Earphone ear set high frequency equipment structure:

1 high frequency machine mainly used single-headed pneumatic under pressure operation, the table panel fixed way, the operation is used

The operator presses the start button, the head will automatically reduce the heat cheap beats by dre welding, welding process automatically controlled by the time.

2 high frequency machine mainly uses the cylinder to drive the heating head under pressure principle, the beats by dre cheap strength type head, the head pressure may

To heat the welding of plastic, plastic material sealing packaging requirements free to adjust, mainly for hot melt adhesive leather products, heat welding paste

3 high-frequency machine head is mainly used flat-panel installation mold, mold only need to be installed on the plate that is fixed

Can, simple and convenient, flat-type head is mainly for a larger mold area, the installation of mold plate mold size in the 400 * 280 rectangular plate.

Through the above description, we should have a high understanding of the high frequency of the process, right? If you do not understand it does not matter, we all know that in the earset ear processing such as the use of this process, the earmuffs can not see the suture line marks, the production cycle will be slower than the sewing can be.