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Four points to help you determine the sound quality of the speaker

Although any loudspeaker has its strengths and weaknesses, especially in a limited budget, how to choose a pair of premium speakers is a major knowledge, because you want to eat less grass in the case of it to become fat and It is really painstakingly, but no matter what price and level of the speaker, there is a certain reference standard or direction. First, test the quality of low frequency

Poor speakers produced by the low frequency can be deafening, but completely the kind of bloated and loose, lack of sense of layering and strong sense. Good low frequency should be clean and bright, structured, not dragging the water with the ghosts do not like, even if the various low-frequency instruments such as drums, bass guitar and piano bass, can easily distinguish. So do not easily be beats headphones cheap low-frequency sense of the amount of deceived, low-quality low-frequency sound as a natural sound comfortable. Some advertised heavy weight of the sound of the two books of the bookshelf AV speakers, many buyers will think it is value, because we will be called the weight of the horn, whether the speaker is more and more value, in fact, this argument has right (MDF or HDF) is thick, the thickness of the board is not easy to produce resonance; the more loudspeakers, the greater the magnets of the bass monomer, the bass is so deep The But the average estimate, the general 38 cm high shelf weight of the speaker, in six or seven kilograms should be even heavy, and if more than this weight, even as high as three or forty kilograms, its weight may be a gimmick, beats by dre studio The overall quality of the help is not big.

Second, test the frequency of the human voice

Vocal is the most common voice, the merits and demerits are not difficult to detect, pay attention to whether there is unusual voice of the human voice, or was the feeling of Minzui sound. Some of the speakers "box sound" will also greatly interfere with the frequency, so that the band voices blurred. IF sound is more severe than other frequency phonograms, because most of the audible sound frequency, or the frequency of the music, is concentrated in the mid-range, which is almost for all types of music, The obstacles.

Third, test the flexibility of high frequency

Poor high-frequency is screaming, hear the headache, and extreme cases of the violin or soprano sound into a sharp noise brake. Similarly, the high-frequency sound of different instruments produce different texture, good high-frequency sound is able to distinguish out. And then the merits of a high frequency can even make people from two different years, different wood played by different phonological. The most easy to master is a good high-frequency sound is not daunting, the pores erect, it will not be more and more tired, and should be tough and flexible elastic, smooth and level, high To the highest point can still be easily heard but will not produce sound (of course not to sound cheap beats by dr dre the singer's recording for reference).

Fourth, test high volume and sound field knot

Some speakers are stable at low volume, but beats earbuds they are distorted when the volume is raised to a certain level, or "shoot", and there are various non-recorded music signals (of course, with a 12-point volume for a safe test standard). Specifically, if the orchestra is one of the favorite music types, you must pass this off. Meet the standard speaker to a certain extent, the sound out of the box, creating a clear sound field and knot, showing the location of different instruments and texture. There is sufficient to disperse so that it can meet the existing listening space, mute and tail should be clearly heard, and in the case of large volume and "big burst" without distortion, vocals and musical instruments will not be entangled. High-quality playback can show a rich sense of music and air and notes of the spring force, like the clouds to see the same as the blue sky, showing the entire meticulous and orderly audio and video. And more directly in the long listen will not make people tired.