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Good high-value sound, HIFI-class headphones recommended
This domestic headset comparable to the United States mid-range quality, beginning with a little chuck, all-inclusive ear plugs, soft and comfortable. It is the best sound quality headphones within 1000 yuan, three sections of balance, high school notes out, the voice of fine, good resolution, stereo positioning of this headset is accurate, particularly good string performance, suitable to see a good movie source.

This headset cost-effective, good sound field, three tone is balanced, workmanship, packaging is very beautiful. Not chucking, slightly pressured head. Not chucking, even if you wear for a long time will not feel uncomfortable, not bad money like you can start, a thousand dollars under a good count.

beats by dre cheap This headphone overall flu is very good, off that is stopped, put on automatically play music, all aspects of the embodiment of a sense of intelligence. It's noise reduction function is very powerful, great. As long as the volume is not particularly large, there is no leakage phenomenon. Listen to some foreign electric and popular, properly enough. 3D surround sound is also very good.

This Sony headphones sound very good, do not pressure ears. Ear is very comfortable, do not feel the folder ears. Like the sound quality, the key is bluetooth pluggable, the iPhone can be downloaded on the beats earphones App to use wirelessly.

This headset is not bad sound quality, wearing the first hurts. For not very fever, but also pursue high-quality friends, it is more force. Turn on noise reduction, with it to listen to music a kind of immersive feeling, bass full paste, full but not jarring.

Is used to separate the Bluetooth module and headphone module used for acoustic separation, so there was this unique shape of the small box, through the metal clip on the back of the clothes worn on the front or neckline are also convenient, but also to save A lot of awkward use of traditional headset cable.

Essential Bluetooth headset on the street, the appearance of fashion, superior sound quality, to meet the songs at the same time, also highlighting a person's taste. Battery for up to 40 hours, suitable for all beats headphones cheap day use, Fast Fuel technology, in low power, charging for 5 minutes to play for 3 hours sustained, ear pads with a comfortable cushion, you can freely adjust use.

A very smart headset, a variety of noise reduction mode, you can choose according to a different scene; intelligent start and stop, put on to listen, when off, stop playing; voice search songs, A key to wake up, want to hear when you can direct voice. There are 4 microphones, the sound quality is very shocking.

If you are looking for a free and unrestrained life, you may want to choose a bluetooth headset that offers superior sound quality while exercising or listening to music.