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Good way to identify the quality of six strokes teach you to identify the sound beats solo quality speakers

But also in the audio technology it contains three aspects of the content: sound pitch, that is, the intensity and amplitude of the audio; sound tone, that is, the frequency of audio Or the number of changes per second; sound of the sound, that is, audio overtones or harmonic components. Mixer - a mixer connected to the sound system, we certainly first think of the mixer, mixer, There are many kinds of description method, the most appropriate is the mixer compared to the sound of a sound system of the heart, and how the heart of the beats by dr dre blood circulation, a direct impact on the performance of the entire system.Many sound division, tuner face dazzling beats headphones Of the audio equipment, often feel difficult to operate. Now to the reader to introduce some tuning operation skills.People on the sound of the feeling is more sensitive, it can directly determine whether the sound is realistic in the sound system, the speaker structure is the most simple, But the role is the most important speaker is the final part of the sound system is the electrical signal into a key part of the sound signal due to the structure of the speaker Much, it has led to the lack of any point of affecting the entire replay effect.

Wireless microphone, or wireless microphone, is the transmission of sound signal audio equipment, composed of two parts of the transmitter and receiver, commonly known as wireless microphone system. Let's take a quick look at the terms related to the wireless microphone system: 1/4 Wave This is a microphone placement rule. For those who specialize in audio production, the mixer will not be unfamiliar, and the type of mixer is divided into analog mixing console and digital mixer points, and we collectively referred to as the mixer is generally simulated Signal of the mixer. Mixer, no matter how simple and complex, high-quality low-grade, to give full play to the performance, you must master the mixer's skills and tuning experience. The following are areas that must be noted. A pan chaos by pressing the button and a variety of rotary knobs, although there are simple and complex, the number of channels (channel number) how much less. Modern meeting is to be simple and neat to express their cheap beats by dr dre own meaning, vivid and clear display their own products, but also easy to control the changing scene environment. Multimedia conference to meet this demand came into being. The opera performance refers to the performance of Chinese traditional drama. The connotation of the opera includes singing and playing, combining a variety of performances, such as dialogue, music, singing, dance, martial arts and acrobatics, unlike the Western opera, drama, drama.