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Headphones, dynamic listening artifact
As technology continues to evolve, more beats solo and more headsets appear on the market, not only in-ear headphones, but also Bluetooth headsets and headphones, which have different shapes and different functions. Of course, in these three small still favorite headphones, and because it is the biggest characteristic of wearing comfort.

beats by dre cheap The headset is neither as compact as a Bluetooth headset nor as hard as an in-ear headset. Wearing headphones on both can highlight our high quality, but also can have a strong, shocking sound quality; the most critical is suitable for different occasions, whether it is used during normal use or as a anchor, it is good s Choice.

Wireless headset, dynamic rhythm from N45 strong neodymium iron boron drive 40mm dynamic coil unit, power surging, full of passion. After the independence of sound-guided reflection of the sound chamber processing, so vigorous and powerful bass, full strength, large-size unit of the sense of bombing most vividly.

Round shape design makes the earmuffs fit well with the pinna, with soft and comfortable ear pads, comfortable fit ear, even if worn for a long time will not cause pressure; elegant design, fresh colors, so that The overall look more personalized atmosphere.

Pluggable Bluetooth headset, beats headphones cheap Bluetooth 4.1 chip, stable Bluetooth chip, no delay, no noise, signal stability, enough power, compatibility! Fully compatible with Apple / Android system comes with Bluetooth phone! Built-in high-definition microphone, clear and loud sound, intelligent noise reduction.

Head-mounted subwoofer headset, this can be the design, after folding equivalent to the size of a glasses case, you can easily into the bag, very convenient storage; comfortable PU earmuffs, earmuffs selected high-quality protein skin, internal Fill soft, rubber inert sponge, very comfortable.

Elegant appearance, with simple and smooth lines, the overall look is very personal, very stylish; Through the whole wrap earmuffs design, 40MM NdFeB drive unit to create three-dimensional surround sound, shocking low frequency.

See it at first glance has been attracted by the passionate colors, the classic headset shape, with a passionate color, the overall look very dynamic, it is personality; ergonomic package ear Design, earmuffs ellipse at a vertical angle of 15 锟斤拷 tilt, mild human ear contour.

Well, on the headset, Xiaoshang first briefed here today, after we read it is not also feel that they are very texture? Very domineering it? Xiao Shang want to see all of them want to bring them home yet.