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Headphones do not listen to songs, high quality headphones recommended to you
When we end a day of stressful work or school, to make your brain appropriate to relax, listening to music is beats by dre studio a good way to relax, but on the way home is not very good sound quality was disturbed by the nearby noisy voice, In this way, the aesthetic beauty of music can not be perfectly reflected. Therefore, it is very necessary to choose a high-quality earphone so that we can relax physically and mentally.

Active noise canceling headphones

beats solo Its sleek, concise design also adheres to Bose's consistent business style, highlighting the brand's low profile and content. Active noise canceling headphones with folding beats solo structure design, the user is very convenient to store, but the weight is only 195.6G, for wearing and carrying will not cause a great burden.

Active noise canceling headphones using battery No. 7, the user more convenient to replace, and after the battery runs out, you can also use normally, but less noise reduction. If your wireless demand is not strong, and does not exclude wired headphones, then BOSE QC25 active noise canceling headphones is definitely one of the most active active noise canceling headphones.

The noise-canceling headphone is even more pronounced in sound quality, with a high-resolution 40mmHD drive unit that responds to high-bandwidth audio, while the dual-noise sensor digital noise reduction technology offers the same noise reduction as the QC35 with three Different noise reduction modes can adapt to different usage scenarios.

With the cheap beats hood design, can provide good package and comfort, but also can play a certain passive noise reduction. Sony MDR-1000X wireless noise reduction headphones with tilt-axis structure design, but also good fit cheeks, but also improves the wear stability.

Not only easy to use, but also brought a good sound quality performance. Compared with the traditional wireless headphones, built-in optical sensors and acceleration sensors, you can identify the state we wear headphones, whether bilateral or unilateral use, if it is in the bilateral use, remove any one headset, music Will stop immediately, the actual experience is also very good.

Bluetooth stereo headphones with low-profile shape design, head beam more fit the head, wear more comfortable and enhance the stability when worn. BOSE EFFECT button outside the earmuffs, when pressed, the more deep bass, the other with 40mm EXTRA BASS drive unit, can provide more powerful bass. Also supports Bluetooth 4.1 version, support for wireless music playback and hands-free calls, while always supporting NFC fast pairing function.