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Headphones headphones, for you all have
Subwoofer headphones

Double moving circle unit, quad-core energy, HIFI artifact, fever sound quality, YINJW S1 double moving circle HIFI music DIY mobile phone headset. Black is a color that is more suitable for both men and women.

Moving ear earphones

beats by dre wireless Excellent analysis, warm voice, bass surging, transient response, strong and not boring. zs3 is warm sound style, vocal appreciation, sound field wide. Now a lot of headphones have become such a new type of shape.

Heavy bass earbuds with wheat

Upgrade section bright black, sound quality cavity wire, a comprehensive upgrade, metal ear headphones, into the subwoofer era, the pursuit beats headphones cheap of tough bass. Loss of sound quality burning machine, boil a good sound, high sensitivity, no current, clear sound, intelligent compatibility, smooth transmission, bimetallic fit design. But still have a lot of girls prefer red.

Electric earphones

Noise reduction greatly improved, comfortable configuration slow recovery elastic sponge, ear gaming, gaming headset, memory ear cotton, 1.5 m cable.

Subwoofer headphones

Smart wire control, cheap beats headphones mobile beats headphones on sale phone computer compatible, shock heavy bass, small monster appearance patent, unique design, fashion tide goods.