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Headphones that don't have heavy bass and are expensive are audible, try these few
Headphones that don't have the extra bass are expensive, and this statement is true in a sense. This is why small buddies like to put bass in cheap beats by dr dre their prime position for reference when selecting headphones. In view of this demand for enthusiasts, we have specifically recommended several headsets that focus on heavy bass. The great thing is that their price/performance ratio is also good, at least the price is very ground-breaking.

With a 30mm XB drive unit, you can display strong and powerful bass, and maintain a natural strong bass effect, locking the original flavor! The soundproof effect of the cover pad on the inside of the earphone is very good. Although not completely covering the ear, it is not inferior to some full-cover ear headphones.

The level of sound that comes out is very obvious, both the female voice and the male voice are good, and the intermediate frequency is the sound of the voice reflected in place. In terms of image quality, because of the rich sense of hierarchy, the instrument, vocal position, and sense of distance can all be understood. In terms of high frequencies, it is not particularly transparent, and it is still considered to be just right. As the saying goes, high frequencies are the details of sound, and low frequencies are the basic framework of sound.

Lightweight design is used, the built-in battery is removed by cable design, and the head beam is made of durable, lightweight stainless steel. Taking into account wearing comfort, the product incorporates an adjustable vertical slider design. Because it is a wired headset, it is equipped with RemoteTalk remote control, connected to your iOS device can easily achieve the answer to the phone, music switching and volume control, with an independent SN code beats headphones cheap online, full of apple flavor.

cheap beats by dr dre In terms of sound quality, the official said that after the Beats adjustment, the music will be more pure and honest, I believe it can reach the level of thousand-class headphones should have. Enthusiasts believe that their vocal analysis ability is very strong, the details at the performance in place, the treble breaks significantly reduced, the treble has been strengthened, and the sound effects are very good. Low frequency flexibility and descent are not bad, nor is it a sense of turbulence. Strong sense of vibration.

The evaluation of enthusiasts from digital tails said that the vocal sound of this headset is very close to the real, the sound of the musical instrument is very crisp, and there is a feeling of rebound, I do not know whether it is related to the ear cover the ear, So that the ears are covered in a confined space, the sound is particularly three-dimensional.

Fans recommend that it is the sound of the entire iron triangle portable headphones consistent sound, low frequency is the style of closed headphones, more beats earphones solid but the amount is not a lot, to maintain a good sense of resolution and line style of such a style. It is similar to the MSR7. However, due to the positioning, the performance of the sound field and the high frequency extension may be different from that of the high-end SR series.