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Headset can be strong to what extent?

The world of all things, true and false, false true, playing more than ten years, to ask me what the worst? Nature is a product that is broken in the most incredible way. Play the mouse shell out paint, play the keyboard after the shell crack, but at least these will not seriously affect the use, to say that the world's most shameless damage is what, I think the first must be "headphones head beam cheap beats headphones break." Headphones This stuff has a very wonderful structure, two speakers through a beam connected together, because the head beam is flexible, so each time wearing a headset, the head beam will be an outward expansion of the force, a little Little crack, it will be used with the cleansing of the greater break the last break, the most egg pain beats by dre studio is ... ... simply can not repair, glue Ye Hao, hot melt worth mentioning, as long as the expansion of the force is still, minutes and then off a dead look. Although the metal head beam can be a better solution to this problem, but the metal head beam is nothing more than steel or aluminum, steel material is too heavy, aluminum material severely, every day on the head wore a steel head headphones just with the top of the brick! The human body jack .. do not have both light and strong headphones for me to use it? The The I believe we usually have this situation, the game to play half, suddenly something to leave, headphones readily on the chair, came back to sit down, just listen to "carbazole it" sound, headphones soul to the West bliss.

Move or go out, maybe the headset into the backpack, suitcase stack to the trunk, wait until the destination, looking for headphones, you have a piece of film picked up. The environment of this test is filled with suitcase suitcase, plus the space is not a big triangular backpack, by squeezing the weight of the way to see the results of the headset after experiencing bumps. First look at the suitcase filled with things! Inside the stack of huge pieces of clothes, a rough estimate of about 40 kg. Then we put the headphones into the backpack, headphones in the backpack is in a curled state. We put the backpack directly into the car beats by dr dre trunk, the 40 kg box directly to the backpack, there is no bedding. 20 minutes after driving, even I do not know where the body, all the way to the potholes of what road conditions are found, but still no damage to the headset, even the deformation are not.