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Headset quality commentary commonly used nouns

Transient: The ability to suddenly increase or decrease the sound. If the time required to increase / decrease to a certain sound pressure is less, the better the transient is, the actual performance is the ability of the sound to live without mixing.

Dynamic: sound minimum and maximum sound pressure or power, voltage ratio, the quantification of the argument is the dynamic range.

Sound: the trend of sound, such as high-frequency clear or low-frequency vigorous or sound dynamic sense of strong. To a certain extent, the sound is good or bad, completely look at personal preferences.

Sound field: the speaker produces a different sound and its state formed beats by dre by the sum of the spatial relationship.

Positioning: A fixed position of a phonetic device that exhibits a three-dimensional distribution in the audio playback space.

A sense of vibration: the degree of vibration of various sounds in sound reproduction.

The ability to focus on audio and video playback.

The ability to express the details of the object.

Transparency: whether the sound form beats by dre on sale is clear and easy to understand.

Sound beats headphones cheap fullness: refers to the sound of high, medium and low bass appropriate, treble moderate, midrange enough, it sounds a certain degree of flexibility.

There is a level: the sound level refers to the sound reproduction can truly reflect the overall sense of a band.

Clear: refers to the language of high intelligibility, music structured.

Balance: refers to the proportion of the various parts of the music coordination, left and right channel consistency is good.

Fullness: refers to the sound of the full tone, treble moderate, loudness appropriate, listen to a warm, comfortable and flexible.

Strength: refers to the sound strong and powerful, can have a sense of desire, but also to reflect the dynamic range of the sound source.

Park Run: refers to the sound beautiful and beautiful, shiny and not sharp noise.

Soft: refers to the sound is not tight, treble is not harsh, listen to the ears, comfortable.

Fusion: refers to the sound can be blending together, the overall sense, good sense of group.

Realism: refers to the sound to maintain the original sound characteristics.

Telepathy: the sound of people when you have the feeling of being immersive.

Dimensional sense: refers to the sound of a sense of space, the sound direction of its cheap beats by dre accurate, and a sense of width and depth.

The total impression is the overall feeling of the sound.