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High value and good sound quality, suitable for office workers 7 mobile phone Bluetooth headset recommended
In the design, it is very clean and simple, with a variety of personalized color. Specially designed Flex-Form cables and magnetic earbuds ensure the headset's comfort and stability for all-weather wear. Can provide a very good user experience.

The efficient Apple W1 chip simplifies the Bluetooth headset pairing process. Compared with the standard Bluetooth protocol, the addition of the W1 chip also improves the connection stability and connection range, allowing easy control of phones, music, and even Siri. In addition, in terms of battery performance, with Fast Fuel technology, five minutes of continuous charging can be continued for two hours, each charging can provide eight hours of battery life, to meet the city life rhythm of the Bluetooth headset life requirements.

cheap beats by dr dre And for sports there are certain requirements, this is a better choice. Based on Beats X, Apple W1 chip also provides a more stable wearing style and excellent waterproof performance. It can provide you with dynamic music during your exercise, and you should be more rhythmic in your fitness.

On the battery side, it provides up to 12 hours beats by dre cheap of battery life. For the average person, there is no problem with the whole day. The ear mounting component makes it difficult for headphones to drop from the ear. This is the biggest feature of this headset. It is suitable for use during sports reasons.

If you are more inclined to business-style design and want noise reduction, this cheap beats by dre must not be missed. Compared with the general noise reduction headphones, it is more intelligent and can automatically choose the matching ambient sound or noise reduction scheme according to your state. It can provide a quiet environment whether in the office, car or on the plane.

It can transmit about 3 times more data than normal Bluetooth, bringing better sound quality and feeling every detail of music. On the battery side, the Sony WI-1000X can provide 10 hours of battery life when noise reduction is turned on to meet the needs of the entire day.

If you don't feel bad about neck-hanging headphones and want a completely wireless design, this JBL FREE will meet your needs. Small and exquisite appearance, black or white simple color, no matter what the shape of the match. Unique fingertip touch and LED halo provide a more convenient experience.

The above is our carefully selected seven high-value headsets. Although Bluetooth wireless headsets with a price of 500-1500 yuan may not have such excellent sound quality, they are no better than cost-effective. What do you think of these high-value Bluetooth wireless headsets? Hurry up and choose a free wireless music lifestyle.