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How can the home mini-sound be selected for purchase and layout as well as protection?

Good music, need a good impact to match, the only way to reflect the best results of music. So, how should we choose to buy the good impact? Is not a lot of people are unable to start, then let us learn how to buy a good home to buy it! In fact, the main role of mini stereo is to improve the individual The room's auditory environment, whether rest or doing housework, can create a good atmosphere. Many men like to get up in the morning to listen to news, ladies like to make a while beats by dre on sale while enjoying the music. As the structure is simple, the mini stereo in addition to the power supply is not too much wire, not only can move to move, it will not hinder the home furnishings.

Desktop sound of the purchase method

This type of small sound can be divided into two categories.

(1) active speaker class.

Advantages: simple, two boxes, power amplifier components are inside the speaker box, power switch and volume size and other knobs installed in the box surface, low prices.

Disadvantages: Relatively speaking, poor sound quality. Reason: the speaker is vibration sound, and audio power amplifier components afraid of shock hope quiet, they are a pair of contradictions. Two boxes are not symmetrical (one has a magnifying circuit), listen to music hope stereo.

(2) Split combination sound.

Advantages: with the grade and active speakers than the sound quality is better. Features two cabinets and an amplifier, electrical safety is good.

Disadvantages: high prices. Reason: the power amplifier components into the metal shell alone, the cost increases.

At present, many mini-combination audio with cd and radio function, the price is higher.

Usually the lowest performance frequency of the sound system can be selected above 40hz, of course, this cheap beats is only one unit for each speaker. If each speaker can guarantee two units, then the sound effect will be improved many.

Sound layout and protection strategy

Speaker layout is usually speaking of two small speakers of small desktop sound We recommend that you place the closest place to listen to the location of the room in a symmetrical axis. The distance between the two speakers do not be too far away, otherwise the power of the two speakers of desktop sound, it is difficult to balance to generate a sound field.

Because it is not a sound-absorbing structure of the professional listening room, it is best to reduce the sound in the room back and forth the number of reflection, to prevent the number of reflections caused by excessive noise increase, but also to avoid the two channel reflection path caused by different sound field unbalanced.

Mobile phone to stay away from the circuit for the protection of speakers, although your desktop audio can be placed arbitrarily, but millions and mobile phones, cordless phones, televisions, refrigerators, microwave ovens and other items to keep the distance from the computer chassis is also far better. Different electrical appliances "well water does not make the river" placed, can best keep the electrical circuit will not be disturbed because of the damage.

What kind of sound will be equipped with what kind of music, sound source no matter how good the beats by dr dre sound if there is no good music is no good Usually desktop sound is used for beats by dre on sale bedroom and kitchen and other small space to create a music background, consumers can choose according to their own needs.