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How to choose a private theater sound?

Home Theater (HomeTheater) also known as private cinema. Popular, it combines the modern video technology, audio technology, acoustic design technology or coupled with modern Internet technology in one of the small audio and video projection system. In the basement or specifically out of a room, in which the installation of the projector, speakers, curtains, lighting, network equipment and other integrated systems, the whole room and then acoustics and optics and other physical processing, the room is more suitable for film watching KTV song big game And so on a powerful entertainment function integrated to achieve. Private cinema composition process, each part must be carefully selected, the most important thing is to be able to meet the seamless, so as to achieve a better state, then the composition of how to choose a private theater sound? Poor speakers produced by the low-frequency Can be deaf ears, but it is the kind of bloated and loose, lack of layering and strong sense. Good low frequency should be clean and bright, structured, not dragging its feet, even if the various low-frequency instruments such as beats by dre sale drums, bass guitar and piano bass, can easily distinguish. So do not easily be low-frequency sense of the amount of deceived, low-quality low-frequency sound as a natural sound comfortable. Vocals are the most often heard the sound, the pros and cons is not difficult to detect, pay attention to whether there is unusual voice of the human voice or was the voice of the voice of the voice. Some of the speakers "box sound" will also greatly interfere with the frequency, so that the band voices blurred. IF sound is more severe than other frequency infrasound, because most of the audible sound frequency, or the frequency of music, is concentrated in the mid-range, which is almost replayable for all types of music The obstacles.

Poor high-frequency is screaming, hear the headache, and in the case of the violin or soprano sound into a sharp noise brake. Similarly, the different tweets in the different instrument produced a different texture, good treble is able to distinguish out. The most easy to master is the good treble is not back to listen to daunting, the pores erect, it will not be more and more tired, and it is tough and flexible, smooth and level, High to the higher can still be easily heard but will not produce sound. Some speakers are stable at low volume, but when the volume is raised to an index it will be distorted, or "shoot", a variety of non-recorded music signals (only 12 points for the safety of the test standard). Specifically, if the orchestra is one of the favorite music, you must pass this off. Meet the standard speaker to a certain extent, the sound out of the box, creating a clear sound field and knot, showing the location of different instruments and texture, there is sufficient to spread as well as the growth, wide, high but the audio space. Mute and tail should be clearly heard, and in the case of beats by dre large volume and "big burst" without distortion, beats earphones vocals and musical instruments will not be entangled. Excellent replay can show the rich sense of music and air, and the notes of the spring, like the clouds to see the same as the blue sky, showing the entire fine and orderly audio and video. And more directly in the long listen will not make people tired. The sound of the first person to reach the ear is direct sound, its propagation path beats by dre studio is the shortest, is the speaker and the audience between the straight line distance. Sound clarity and sound quality of the positioning is mainly determined by the direct sound. Pre-reflective sound can enhance the depth of human voice and music (surrounded by a sense), and enhance the direct sound produced by the sense of space.