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How to choose their own headphones to speed up the election machine Raiders!

Now the market is very common headphones, there are ear type, non-ear type, wearing a headset, earplug type, expensive tens of thousands of dollars, there are dozens of cheap, what is the difference between them, we In the end how to choose? Xiaobian below to sort out a simple buy Raiders. Before beats by dre sale buying the headphones, we first determine why we buy headphones, is to buy songs on the need for music considerations, buy games and audio and video entertainment, you can consider the game headset and audio and video beats by dre studio headphones, often used to call , You can consider the main call sound quality of the headset. Select the headset, you need to consider the way to wear, is to choose the headset, or select the earplugs, headset head unit larger, in the dynamic headset theory sound effect will be better, and earplugs, Carry more convenient, but now the headset is also slowly to the portable road, there are light type, there are folding type. If we choose earplugs, it is divided into two kinds of ear and non-ear style, ear earbuds sound insulation effect will be better, to a certain extent, also enhanced the bass effect, more suitable for pop music listening, non-ear ear Compared to the ear ear pressure is less, the sound sounds more natural. When we choose the headset, we often see the impedance and sensitivity of the two parameters, they are us to buy headphones need to pay attention to the two important parameters, the general low impedance and high sensitivity easy to drive, more suitable for mobile phone audio and portable Sound source, and high impedance and low sensitivity is more suitable for more powerful thrust source, the general mobile phone and portable player is difficult to drive, need a special source to drive, for music enthusiasts, the sound quality will be cheap beats by dr dre better, the price will be more Expensive. Many people like the wireless headset, but I want to tell you that the overall wireless headset sound quality as wired headphones,

Wired headset wire copper more pure sound quality the better, the smaller the distortion, oxygen-free copper even better. At present, wireless headset is mainly Bluetooth and wireless transmission in two ways, Bluetooth has more advantages, as long as the phone and portable player to support Bluetooth devices can be used. Under normal circumstances, the higher the price, quality and sound quality will be better, this is the law of the market, high-end international brands generally higher prices than domestic low-end brand, nor is the price higher, the better sound quality, the most important Or to the wearer feel, so choose their own is better.