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How to wear ear headphones and ear headphones which is good

When you choose the headset, the average user will choose the appearance of beautiful or superior sound quality, although many people will also consider the way to wear, but the general user more or less will ignore a little wear comfort. To enjoy the beautiful music, first of all to wear on the feel more comfortable, if the headset is very uncomfortable in the head, then there is still the mood to enjoy the music? Now headphones are more ways to wear, ear, ear, head Wearing, ear hanging and hanging type, relatively speaking, after hanging is now more popular way, after hanging more portable, more convenient exercise, of course, each wearing a headset are different comfort, the following we To understand the next post-hanging headphones. Even when they are at work, some friends occasionally will still open the computer speakers, listen to music, so that work becomes a little easier. But in more of the time, we can not use the speaker, because it will affect others, or fear of others to hear their privacy, this time, we have to use the headset. Use the headset can use less money to get better music to enjoy, but wearing a headset also have a lot of trouble. Headphones are easy to crush the hair and mess up the hair, and a lot of headphones to give people in the feeling of the head, to the ears of a strong sense of oppression, wear a long time very uncomfortable. If you happen to be very fond of this headset oppressive person, then you can choose to buy a hanging headset. From the headset's microphone itself, the headset and headphones are not much different, the difference is that it is not pressed on the head, but hanging on the ears, this way is more beautiful, and more Comfortable.

In fact, after wearing a headset wearing a very simple way, after the headphones are generally behind the head as the fulcrum, and then for the left and right sides of the headset ring linked to the ear up, of course, beats by dre how to hang, this depends on the individual, because Each person's situation is not the same, but are already wearing comfort for the premise of the case, if the headset is very uncomfortable with which there is the mood to listen to music, so how to wear words are to see everyone Of the preferences, simply is a word, how comfortable how to wear. Post-hanging more portable, suitable for sports more convenient, but the weight and pressure are concentrated on the ears, the individual headphones for a long time will be uncomfortable ear, poor fit, the market is relatively small products, the general unit is relatively small. Wearing a head mainly by the head support, as long as not very tight, wearing a long time no obvious discomfort, high cost, generally poor portability, the sound source requirements are relatively high, but some of the design is more cumbersome for outdoor wear. But the total that the two are more comfortable than the ear-style, the sound unit is greater, the sound better. But this is at the expense of portability in exchange for the price. According to their own applications and the actual design of the brand to choose it.

Ear-hanging headphones as ear-type derivative, in the sports headset, car Bluetooth headset beats by dre has a lot of applications, ear hanging headset ear fixed on the ear to increase the wearing of the firmness, although the comfort and firmness The upgrade but the problem still exists, of course, there are sports headphones at the same time using the ear hanging design can replace the silicone sleeve design. Of course, there are music beats by dre cheap earbud headphones with ear hanging wear, but the use of less, the advantages of the sound quality is not very obvious. In addition to earbud headphones have ear-mounted wear, the ear-style earphones are also used to wear ear-ear, ear-mounted ear ear ear can effectively solve the problem of ear, but at the same time ear wear will be ears The hood can not close the ears, resulting in lower noise effects, and wear a long time may also cause ear back fatigue, I think ear hanging ear earphones is a very compromise choice, if you do not like earplugs or ear type, also Do not like the ear type, then choose ear hanging ear ear head out of the street is a good choice.

In-ear style earphone is the smallest weight of all headphones, if it is the use of moving iron unit, the weight can even be 10 grams or less, wearing no sense of weight will be produced, in addition, there are many high-end ear earphone Body shell with a metal material, feel comfortable and delicate. Ear-born earphones were born for the stage to monitor the needs of the stage, with the birth of a small volume, when wearing some of the catheter will be inserted into the ear canal, in addition to fixed through the ear cavity, ear headphones are more through the ear Sets and the ear canal to produce friction. Most of the ear head earphones are silicone material, but some high-end products will be used memory foam sets, compared to silicone material ear sets of memory sponge sets of comfort and noise effects have been further strengthened, Part of the shortcomings of the ear headphones are also caused by the earmuffs, because the ear will be and earholes for a long time contact, it will produce discomfort in the ear canal, in addition to the ear headphones health is also very important, if not long cleaning Severe cases may cause ear infections. In addition to wearing comfort problems, in-ear headphones stethoscope effect is also criticized, headset wire collision friction, the resulting vibration will be directly transmitted through the wire to the ear canal, resulting in a very clear collision sound, in order to solve this problem In addition to the wire to improve, there are many headphones through the way to wear to eliminate this problem, which is around the ear headphones. Around the ears of the headset wire is different from the ordinary in-ear headphones, wire from the ears above the ear through, in addition to a certain extent, to solve the stethoscope effect, but also in the stage to monitor the cable when the convergence. At first glance there may be many users will think that around the ear and hanging ear type is similar, but in fact around the ear headphones is not through the ears of the wire to be fixed, and its fixed principle and the ear is consistent. So around the ear to wear more is used in the main monitor on the headphones.