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I reveal the Bluetooth headset life time is who to decide

Many users consult the headset product purchase problems in the received user consultation problems, a considerable part is concentrated in the wireless headset and Bluetooth headset, and the problem point is quite clear, that is, they need a longer life Of the wireless beats earphones headset or Bluetooth headset products.However, the current market situation, to solve this problem seems not particularly easy, because a considerable part of the wireless headset is lost in the life time above, mostly concentrated in 4-6 hours Life time for a lot of users for wireless headphones "want to say love you is not easy."

Life time is critical for wireless headphones, which directly affects the user experience is good and bad. Longer life time to ensure that the use of a certain period of time to reduce the number of charges, the use of almost the same with the wired headset; and shorter Of the battery life will often charge, especially insist on less than one day life of the wireless headset, do not have the feeling of use, more embarrassing.

Wireless headset how to power supply? To the present point of view, it seems that the battery is the only solution, so the wireless headset life time is largely due to the built-in battery determined by the current mainstream battery-powered solution is probably divided into replaceable batteries and Built-in rechargeable beats by dre sale lithium battery two, the former can be replaced at any time the battery, it is very convenient to use, but the use of a slightly higher cost; the latter need to pay attention to the remaining power, if the outdoor use of electricity when there is no way, but almost No cost of use.

"In order to extend the battery life, we try to use a large number of batteries is the battery capacity, the longer the longer life." Of course not the case. Battery size is only a part of the battery life, does not mean all, and built- Cost, space, weight and security of several aspects of the restrictions, and can not be great.

In addition, the built-in beats headphones cheap lithium battery, the longer the charging time, the higher the cost of manufacturing, the risk factor will be a corresponding increase in the weight of the headset will increase.According to the above aspects of comprehensive consideration, the current mainstream Bluetooth wireless headset built Of the battery has reached the limit, to be a breakthrough, then only hope that the lithium battery has a revolutionary development.No the battery can not increase the capacity of unlimited, then the power is to extend the life must do things on the current Bluetooth wireless Headset situation, the advanced algorithm is very conducive to enhance the wireless headset battery life. How to understand this thing? Advanced algorithm helps the headset fast and efficient decoding operation, and do not have to do too many steps to achieve the effect , This is the most important purpose of advanced algorithms.

The development of Bluetooth 4.0 era, Bluetooth technology has been very mature, can be compatible with most of the market's Bluetooth audio source as a wireless connection to the mainstream of the Bluetooth 4.0 technology alone, has been able to meet the loss of audio transmission needs, but also Both with data transmission and data encryption and other functions from these points of view, Bluetooth 4.0 has occupied an absolute leading position.

How long is enough time to use? On the one hand is to increase the capacity of the battery, on the other hand is to save power, so as to extend the life of wireless Bluetooth headset.Then, the large amount of data lossless music player will not increase consumption Power?

The answer is no. From the Bluetooth technology specifications, the Bluetooth carrier transmission rate is certain, that is to say no matter what the quality of music is to use the full bandwidth of Bluetooth to calculate the power consumption, it does not depend on Small sampling rate bandwidth is narrow, high sampling rate bandwidth is wide, Bluetooth and no adaptive algorithm.

Therefore, when playing music, Bluetooth wireless headset power consumption is certain, does not depend on the type of music played, so in the case of large data throughput, Bluetooth headset power consumption will not increase dramatically. The earphone will add some intelligent functions, such as no data transmission will automatically shut down to achieve the purpose of saving.However, after all means means, can not completely solve the problem of power.

As a wireless headset life is the most appropriate time? Personally think that must be the longer the better, but it is clear that this is not possible.For general use habits, the mainstream wireless headset must meet the use of the day Need to eat and sleep time, according to the longest battery life, 8 hours should be a more reliable data.

Higher than this beats by dre data, then naturally there is no problem, but below this figure will generally cause the use is not very convenient, but it should be noted that the day can use 8 hours of wireless headset users, after all, is a case, and can not represent the mainstream The use of the user's needs, here we only list the use of the idea, does not represent the actual situation.In addition, some good use of the habit is to help extend the wireless headset time, such as when you turn off the power, For lithium batteries better protection, longevity is probably the meaning of this.

From the above analysis, the impact of wireless headset life for many reasons, but nothing more than battery capacity, power consumption and power three aspects, the user if you need to extend the use of time can try to proceed from these three aspects. Sub-wireless headset horizontal evaluation of battery life has been quite satisfactory, and more than 20 hours of players really staggering, after all, a few years ago to see this thing is a few hours, the current wireless headset has been fully meet the actual needs And there is!