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I want to take you quietly to see those nice noise reduction headphones
This is a more comfortable and balanced type of popular headphones. It sounds more warm, not boring, no hammer, drum clear, tri-band balance, the voice is also good. Another advantage is that the headset touch is very cheap beats by dre good, wearing a very comfortable. beats by dre cheap But it also has a drawback: wire is thin, easy to winding. If you like to listen to lyric songs, but also focus on comfort, then choose this headset can be said to be wise.

The appearance of this plug is not very good, can only say not ugly. And the cheap beats by dr dre cavity slightly larger, comfortable to wear in general, wear a long time will be a little tired. But it is very vocal, low frequency is also very good, it is suitable for listening to R & B this need to drum up to reflect the atmosphere of the song. For those who like to listen to high song friends, you can try to consider this headset, the price is quite popular.

beats by dre The biggest bright spot is that its high-frequency, sound particularly delicate, transparent, high density, for the guitar, the violin is also a good performance Oh, pop music also hold live, can be described as "Bo Gu Tong today" Yeah.

While listening to some big dynamic music, the sound is also chaotic, high frequency, intermediate frequency, low frequency also do not interfere with each other, the control is really strong, which for a small ear plug is very rare. It is also relatively clean voice, there is charm, can give a good sense of substitution. Cost is also considered high

This headset is not a brand headset, but its sound quality is really very good. Watery month vx in the high frequency is very smooth, especially in listening to symphony, string, piano, it is simply like a spring, in the performance of the human voice is also very good. In the headset market, also received a high affirmation.