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In-ear headphones, perfect sound quality sounds different experience different music
Wood bread in-ear headphones

Advantages: IF mellow natural sound, the sound is very close, the level of vocal and background music is very good, nearly a far. The treble is clear and delicate, there is no harsh feeling at large volume, the details of the sound are also very rich and the resolution beats by dre cheap is excellent. Disadvantages: heavy bass not violent, but also full, be considered tri-band equilibrium. (If you like heavy bass friends do not recommend buying.) In addition to not suitable for listening to heavy metal style music, such as pop, classical music, jazz, country music, rock and roll are all suitable.

beats by dre wireless Listen to HIFI ear fever headphones

1. Sweet and clear vocal entry-level monitor headphones 2. High-resolution broadband dynamic 3. Warm and thick atmosphere 4. Double-acting dynamic double-cavity acoustic tuning 5.N50 magnet titanium dome unit 6. Low-frequency deep superior

Subwoofer magic phone line noise reduction ear plugs

Appearance is very beautiful, good sound quality, it is important that the sound quality is really good, no noise. Strong bass, it is worth starting.

New and ear earplugs music HIFI double-acting mobile phone headset

Love technology N25 in-ear headphones, dual-link high-resolution HIFI headphones and Apple Andrews, up cheap beats to 40khz high-resolution audio standard, from the subtle tone of the instrument to the lyric song shallow singing whispered, to help you capture the subtle soundtrack.

Bluetooth in-ear headphones

Very high cost performance, sound quality is very balanced, compared with some of the same price big ears is not inferior!

Moving iron mobile music in-ear headphones

Moving iron unit to wear comfortable and clear girl.

Mixed fever level ring iron with headphones

Loose sound of natural five unit circle iron.