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In-ear headphones have a preferred value of the sound quality
This headset is very good sound quality, physical tuning black technology (that is white is the shift, the measured rotation shift joint damping larger, there is no sliding of their own situation)

Using physical tuning technology, I almost no fungus measured, but the overall performance is quite good, clear voice, a little listening to the style of headphones, you can hear some of the song singer's breath, the sound of the background is very clean, almost no noise, Perfect for listening to pop music.

Headphone cavity for the metal material, out of the side of the metal package plastic, but still strong, and the headset feel quite amazing.

Side pot shading do a good job, there is no sense of cheap, beats by dre on sale no protruding screws, and headphones the same color, integrated into the headset, durable and quite beautiful. Wire noodles, but thin enough, if you can do a little thicker better.

beats by dre sale Analysis is quite good, as for the internal, did not open to read, but according to the performance of the headset can be seen that the quality of the diaphragm is not low. Physical tuning, black technology dare to try, but the effect is not obvious.

Vocal unit has sincerity, suitable for classical and vocal, should be its own unit, the performance quite satisfactory. Dual air guide holes, the first Huawei headset on the single hole, in contrast to the pioneer bass stronger. Headphone cable anti-winding, and should be most of the headphones with the skin-like feel the same material.

Full metal body, large cavity, oblique angle into the ear, the appearance is quite good-looking. Its own patented composite diaphragm, compared with Huawei is also marked on the human voice plug. Three-layer diaphragm, relative to the ordinary diaphragm quite obvious advantages. Double resonant cavity, the sound field more nice bass even better.

Flat half-ear design brings more space, so Philips 12.2 large unit, compared to the vanguard of 8.6 a lot better. The open structure gives a better sound field, and a better bass, this section is more suitable for beats by dre cheap bass songs. More comfortable to wear, gold is very suitable for girls. Worth to talk about the headset, as opposed to the ordinary three-button remote control, where the use of a key remote control, more concise, one of the white design is more beautiful.