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International Ear Day: how to control "low frequency deafness"

Not long ago, "International Al Day", and now a new "tired" - "low frequency deafness" in the busy work, pressure, often stay up all night crowd quickly.It is easy and "cold ears stuffy" Confused, if not thought that the ear disease, without treatment, may lead to difficult to treat the deaf!

To attack the big crowd

From the case of the case of illness, there are pressure, busy work, fatigue, often stay up all night, life is not the law and other characteristics.Clinical also found that in recent years, sensorineural deafness in the pressure, busy busy white-collar crowd Incidence is rising rapidly.

Why is stress and fatigue?

The reason is that the inner ear area has the thinnest blood vessels in the whole blood vessels, the blood vessels are the nerve supply line. Excessive stress, fatigue, emotional, etc., will make the body in a stress state, leading to autonomic dysfunction, resulting in microcirculation of the inner ear Small arterial spasm, inner ear ischemia and hypoxia, auditory nerve nutrition supply is insufficient, causing the inner ear sensor part of the damage, causing hearing loss.

"Walkman" into the deaf culprit

As a result of Walkman's invention, "music" has become the culprit of hearing damage because "big volume", "long" music, by damage to the inner ear hair cells, listening to nerve fibers, auditory neurons and the inner ear microvascular Spasm, damage our hearing.

How big is the "big volume"?

In general, more than 80 dB of sound on the hearing will be damaged.When people hear your headphones came the music, or you wear headphones can not hear the surrounding sound, it said the volume is too large. You listen to music in the subway car, the background noise up to 85 beats headphones to 100 dB, to cover the background sound, Walkman volume is often higher than 100 dB.

How long is it "long"?

In a high-noise environment, if only a short time, strain cells can be restored to 85 dB, the daily limit is 8 hours, more than the limit, the auditory cells do not have enough time to recover, over time will be damaged.

One week the best treatment

Deafness according to the severity, the slightest deafness, moderate deafness ... ... completely without hearing is severe, very severe deafness. "Low frequency deafness" level, was mild and moderate. Symptoms of light "low frequency deafness", rest Day, the symptoms will be eased, so easy to mistakenly think that their ears are not sick.Then, low-frequency deafness, in addition to "heavy female light male", there will be ears of oppressed, fullness, tinnitus, hearing loss and other symptoms, Some symptoms similar to the cold, will make people mistakenly think that "cold ear nausea" and so on.

The timing of low frequency deafness is important.

Although the cold caused by otitis media can cause tinnitus and other symptoms, but this tinnitus, deafness, will be accompanied by pain, tympanic membrane bleeding and other symptoms, and the recent history of colds; if only a simple beats by dre on sale beats by dre on sale hearing suddenly problems, such as oppressed, full Feeling, tinnitus, etc., there is no symptoms of otitis media, it is necessary to be careful low frequency deafness. Deaf beats by dre on sale within one week is the best time to treat. The longer the delay, the worse the treatment effect, and some even lose hearing. Genes and other related, and some patients even after the cure, the symptoms may also occur repeatedly.

Do not listen to high scores when you are tired

Everyone has the pressure, the key is to learn to release the pressure. Treatment, but also two-pronged, drug treatment at the same time, do psychological counseling. Prevention, but also anti-noise damage. Hearing is easy to adapt and fatigue characteristics. Strong hearing environment, the hearing will be diminished, if the environment 10 to 15 seconds after the hearing back to normal, this is "listening to adapt"; if hearing recovery takes months or longer, or even can not be fully restored, Auditory fatigue ".

If you listen to 85 dB sound, listen to up to 8 hours; sound for every 3 dB rise, the time limit is reduced in multiple, that is 88 dB time limit is 4 hours, 91 dB for 2 hours! Use the Walkman's security code: 60 %, 60 minutes, that is, the volume set at the highest volume of 60%, no more than 60 minutes a day.If you continue to use the headset, you should remove the headphones every half hour, so that the ears take a rest. Or walk, it is best not to wear headphones to listen to music.Even if you want to use the control volume, each time not more than 1 hour. Tired do not listen to high-decibel music, to avoid the ears "pressure plus noise" superposition damage!