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Lightweight sound quality, 4 surround sound sports headphones recommended!
Sometimes exercise is very boring lack of passion, so many of my friends in running or other sports are like to bring a headset, listen to songs, relax, distraction, but also stimulate the motivation. However, beats by dr dre wearing headphones when beats by dr dre running sports, it is necessary to carefully choose again Caixing, after all, choose a comfortable to wear, the sound quality is not too noisy headset is also very important.

In-ear structure design, ergonomic design, when worn more fit ear ear movement is not easy to fall. Using intelligent noise reduction, with different specifications of the ear canal washer to adapt to a variety of ear at the same time, greatly reducing the noise brought by the environment, sound insulation is also very good. Sound quality, this earbuds bass effect is good, balanced and clear tri-band, to meet the general user to listen to completely not a problem. Headset integrated microphone and intelligent remote control, easy to cut songs or answer the phone to use, the call sound clarity, practicality.

There are two colors to choose from, cool black and passionate red. Use of lightweight headphone material, unilateral headphones only weighs 5.6g, long-term wear without pressure. Charge 2 hours for 8 hours, very durable. W295BT strong compatibility, basically swept all the smart devices, you can also link two Bluetooth devices, to achieve free switching. There IPX4-level anti-sweat waterproof protection, do not worry because of sweating or sudden heavy rain damage headphones.

In the form of a sense of streamline, combined with the integration of color, looks very simple and stylish. With IP65 / 68 waterproof and dustproof, even swimming can be used, despite the in-ear design, but there is no cushioning beats by dre or ease the pressure between the machine and the ear design. More worth mentioning is that, WS413 is a headphone + player integrated machine, you can store and play music, when the exercise can not bring the player can be used, reducing the burden of exercise.

Choose a sports headphones, the point to consider is whether it will bring the burden. And this is a three-section structure designed by the silicone earmuffs, sports lightweight plastic and lightweight aviation aluminum, allowing you to reduce the burden, light sports. And uses a nano-waterproof coating, sweating during exercise is not afraid. Coupled with the magnetic design, so wear more convenient and comfortable.

cheap beats Running is a relaxing exercise and a more sober-minded exercise, as well as exercising. The high-quality sports headphones to enhance not only enjoy the hearing, but also make the whole movement more comfortable and comfortable. Choose a suitable sports headphones, or very necessary.