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Like thousands of headphones, these cheap headphones are worth your start
A pair of cheap Bluetooth earphones want to be comparable to the thousand dollars earphone in the sound quality and comfortableness, must sacrifice the appearance to be gorgeous, cheap beats by dr dre in the sound quality and the durability. Comfort optimization above. Using Qualcomm CSR8645 high-end Bluetooth chip, this chip is known for its advanced connection stability, low power consumption, and high-quality audio transmission.

cheap beats headphones On the diaphragm material, this headset is a big effort, JEET diaphragm material reached the carbon nano level, so that headphones will have a better transient beats by dr dre response, higher resolution and reduction, making sound The layers are richer in texture, and also use the Italian SaatiGroup technical-grade acoustic damping to make pitch adjustment more natural. With the CVC noise reduction technology, the interference of ambient noise during a call is solved, and packet loss and error concealment are provided, and the call quality is greatly improved. JEET is also equipped with anti-sweat and waterproof functions. Is it still a headphone that you don't mind?

Built-in 6mm+6mm double-acting dual-acting ring drive unit gives you shocking bass. The use of PU+PEEK compound diaphragms will increase the music experience by one notch. The clear, natural mid-high tone makes you feel like you are Its environment, perfect restore HIFI sound quality. This product can extend to 40k through Hi-res certification representative, allowing you to hear more music details than other products. The flexible ear flaps are ergonomically designed with a 120-degree strabismus in-ear design that makes them more comfortable to wear and less likely to slip, allowing them to experience pure music anytime, anywhere.

The structure is beats earphones a flexible material with a certain toughness. The folded joints also have corresponding buckles. The ear cushions are close to the external auditory canal, which can not only avoid the entry of dust, but also allow you to experience more perfect sound quality through tuning design. . In short, this headset is still a great innovation in design, the sound quality is also very good, the appearance of the customer is very recommended this product.

Equipped with a 30mm drive unit, the bass is thick and clear, the treble is clear, CCAW is used as the voice coil material, and the transmission power is as high as 1000MW. The design is relatively simple, giving a very clean impression, elastic simulation leather ear pad, to enhance the wearing comfort, and also joined the drawing panel design, it can be said to be very intimate design.

When the headphones are folded and folded, the head beam will also expand and contract, which will reduce the volume of the headset and make it more convenient to carry and store. With the standard 3.55mm plug, the compatibility is strong, and the details are also very good, giving the impression that it is an exquisite handicraft. From the workmanship and details, this headset is still very good value for money.