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Listen to songs, your headset picked right? Let the headphones sound more explosive burst
beats earphones Headphones are beats headphones cheap a pair of transducers that accept an electrical signal from a media player or receiver and convert it to an audible sound using a speaker near the ear. Headphones are generally separable from the media player, using a plug connector. Earphones were originally used for telephones and radios, but with the prevalence of portable electronic devices, the earphones are mostly used in mobile phones, music players, radios, portable games and digital audio players.

Wireless Bluetooth headset

Wireless Bluetooth headset includes Bluetooth headset and infrared headset, Bluetooth headset is the Bluetooth technology applied to the hands-free headset, allowing users to remove the annoying wire tie him down, easily in a variety of ways to easily talk. Since the advent of Bluetooth headsets, mobile business people have been a good tool to enhance efficiency. With the development of wireless technology is mature, Bluetooth headset with small, wireless, portable and so on.


In-ear headphones, also known as ear canal earphones, in-ear earbuds, or in-ear monitors are earphones used inside a human auditory organ that, depending on the design, seal the user's ear canal during use. In-ear headphones On beats by dre cheap the basis of ordinary earphones, a rubber stopper is inserted into the ear canal to obtain better airtightness and reduce interference of external noise to the music, thereby providing a closed environment and greatly reducing the missed sound leakage.


Headphones, as the name suggests is worn on the head, not inserted into the ear canal, different from in-ear earphones of a class of headphones. It is composed of two parts, a signal transmitter and a headphone with a signal receiving and amplifying device. Good headphone sound field, good comfort, not ears, to avoid scratching the ear canal, compared with in-ear earbuds, can listen to longer.