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Love music, how can you not have beats by dre studio a cost-effective headset yet
In my opinion, the headphones are divided into two categories: earplugs and headphones, then, not to say, for you to recommend several cost-effective headphones, so you can feel the charm of music

Phone headset headset, strong compatibility, to achieve the correct mobile phone computer, using beats by dre cheap bold nylon line design of the single side, no longer worry about the line easily broken problem, the design of the phone line control function, to answer the phone to hang up, to suspend Play music and other powerful features, thick materials enhance the headphone tolerance.

Breakthrough headphone design, mobile computer universal, earbuds and tail pipe connections with bevel design, easy to fall off, easy to wear, ear shell and anterior catheter Special design with oblique rake to ensure a more comfortable way to the ears, you deserve

cheap beats headphones For the headset itself positioning portable headsets, headphones, the quality is very light. Although it is earmuffs, but also very comfortable to wear. Headphone cable is a normal 1.2m portable line (most headphones are 3m line). Limited to cost, accessories only have only one carry-on bag, so I bought it the first day it throw it. There is a very regrettable flaw with this headset, there is no microphone, this is the only inadequacies. In terms of warranty AKG gives a 2 year warranty, we can rest assured that use this headset.

This price is most suitable for listening to popular headphones. In fact, I think the sound quality is not bad at all, you can even say stronger. In fact, a semi-open headphone, thanks to its semi-open structure, making it a huge sound field, sound-absorbing advantages, at this price is unique.

Positioning is very clear pop rock songs, so the vocals are modified very good, the human voice is not a little glitch, there is a AKG unique milk silky taste, heard in many high-end headphones, dry and cold in this headset does not exist at all . Low-frequency large but dive in general (the price of the headset can not ask too much) to listen to pop rock drum sounds kind of rough feeling. K420 treble extension very general, of course, for me, this does not listen to instruments of ordinary people this is not a problem. In short: is a very good pop rock vocal headphones, modified good vocals and surging low frequency, with a huge sound field and better sense of transparency.

If you want to try a little HIFI, then this headset will not let you down, this is my only collection of 100 yuan headphones This headset really good, easy to use, nice.