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New sound hand how "pot" out of the sound to come

We often heard that the new machine speaker first "pot" look will be nice, and cheap beats headphones even some "pot" a row of equipment than the new sound when the machine can be "upside down." Burning case simply means that the speaker can play the ear can hear the full frequency, so after the speaker work in a relatively stable state, so that any music in the following good performance. If you do not burn the box, then usually less likely to hear the treble or bass on the performance is not ideal. Now a lot of friends are like to use the burning box software, which is a shortcut, but there is a drawback of the software is inside the sound file is corresponding to the band and the special production, the sound is very dry and cold. The loudspeaker is mainly part of the "pot" of the cone and the edge of the pot, the crossover parts, and the coil of the coil. Usually the new speaker cone and glue side will be tight, making the sound more tight, so it sounds sound field is not open enough, bass is not natural enough, the response is also poor, the crossover capacitor will be because of a long time without sufficient power and effect Poor, and even said that the connection of copper after a while will be more straight because the free electronic activities in copper faster.

"Pot" speaker, if you perennial just open whisper to listen, it is not easy to the speaker "pot" very well. We can use a strong sound, such as quilts like to wrap it up, you can also two-channel speaker relative to one of the channel speaker line positive and negative reverse, will offset part of the volume. At the same time to choose a larger power beats by dre studio amplifier, so as not to open a large volume of the peak load and damage the speaker, the volume to be large enough to make the speaker is not fast to bear. Burning box is a let the speaker gradually into the nirvana process, generally let the equipment work continuously for some time. But not "pot" or not "pot" enough to fire the speaker, the sound characteristics can be "tight, cold, hard, thick," the words to describe, and "pot" after the product is alcohol and smooth, Delicate lot, as if the fermentation of new wine and vintage wine compared to the general, their taste is still quite different. This "pot" is easy to use the image, but the image is appropriate to help, should not be "fried", not "fried", more should not "burn", but to slow fire slow stew, slow work fine. Listen to a few hours a day, go with its natural use, after a few months later, probably also completed the process beats headphones on sale of burning box, into the sound stage. I am more anxious, amateur time is not abundant, just want to quickly enjoy the fun to enjoy beats by dre on sale listening to music, so use this quick way to burn. No matter what method, the process is not the main, the key is to be happy in which to enjoy the fun, this is the most critical!