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Noise-cancelling headphones let you enjoy the journey of quiet travel
On this autumnal day, many friends packed their backpacks and were ready to begin their own travel plans. For office workers living in the city, travel can make the ordinary life more pleasing, and make our body and mind relaxed. In the process of enjoying the travel, portable entertainment equipment is essential. To have a quiet trip, you also need a pair of noise canceling headphones.

The headset provides a stable and comfortable way of wearing. The pressure relief pad specially designed for the ear type is soft in texture, and adopts an acoustic sealing structure to achieve full-wrap comfortably wearing, while reducing the leakage sound and providing strong bass. A variety of intelligent noise reduction modes, according to the user's different environments, automatically select the appropriate mode, allowing users to enjoy music quietly anytime, anywhere.

Active noise reduction mode makes music more peaceful. The solid multi-layer combination shell, with its unique sound technology, can beats headphones accurately reproduce the original fidelity sounds, reproduce every musical detail with high fidelity, and immerse you in the ocean of music. The soft memory cotton earmuffs are very comfortable to wear and will not feel any discomfort even if you wear headphones for a long time.

This headset uses a newly developed moving iron unit to achieve a high sound quality experience with a small volume. The size of the earphone has been reduced, and it is closer to the ear when worn, and there is no obvious protruding part, not only wearing a more docile but also looks more beautiful. The sound field control technology can precisely control the air circulation. Only one full-frequency unit can achieve a wide sound field from bass to treble balance and a thick midrange sound.

At the same time, active and passive noise reduction technology is adopted, which can not only achieve passive noise elimination through the acoustic design of earmuffs and ear pads, but also can monitor the sound at the ear, identify the noise, and issue a correction signal to actively eliminate the noise. Powerful noise cancellation technology can dilute the background noise interference and send clear, high-fidelity beats by dre wireless sound signals, allowing you to immerse in the pure world and enjoy the wonderful music.

This headset improves the fit of the traditional ear pads to the recesses behind the ears, making them ergonomic and comfortable to wear. The 3D stereoscopic cutting increases the contact surface between the ear pad and the head, which reduces the pressure on the ear, thereby further preventing the sound from leaking out and the bass being more powerful and shocking. The 4-wire structured ground-line split headphone cable provides a good left and right ear channel, bringing a powerful sound field.

beats by dre studio Headphones play a very important role in our travel. It is not only a simple tool for listening to music, but also a good companion on the journey. Friends who love to travel do not forget to bring a headset with you. .