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Noise reduction headset works and new products recommended

Noise reduction headphones, as the name suggests is used to exclude external interference, if you like to listen to music in the walk, then the noise reduction headphones will give you a high quality music experience. Xiaobian today to tell you about how the noise-free headphones work and what new products have recently been listed. Noise reduction headphones, using active noise control, different from the general headset passive noise. The principle is: 1. First placed in the headset within the signal microphone to detect the ears can hear the environment in the low-frequency noise (100 ~ 1000Hz) 2. Then the noise signal to the control circuit, the control circuit beats headphones for real-time computing 3. Through Hi-Fi speakers are fired in the opposite direction to the noise, and the same sound waves are used to counteract the noise. 4. The noise is then beats by dre sale gone. Ergonomic shape ear pads designed to bring a comfortable sense of wearing, support folding, easy to carry to carry. Active noise reduction technology, adjustable environment sensor technology beats solo to facilitate the user to adjust the balance between the environment sound and music, creating a private listening space.

It is the use of microphone sensors and electronic systems to produce a reverse copy of the ambient noise and transmitted to the human ear, when the headphone unit to produce a reverse noise copy of the time, the ambient noise will be significantly reduced. The effect of noise reduction is mainly composed of fine tuning of electronic systems and acoustic engineering, passive noise isolation applications. If you want to enjoy pure music anytime, anywhere, noise reduction headphones is a good choice, wonderful music should be passed by the excellent accessories, hope we cheap beats by dr dre can enjoy the clean and pure music.