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On the guitar speaker and ordinary speaker distinction

Electroacoustic guitar and acoustic guitar is a big difference is equipped with a special pickup, which consists of permanent magnets and coils, through the string vibration cutting magnetic field lines and audio frequency with the same electronic signal. However, this is the electronic signal is very weak, if it is directly connected to the speaker, simply can not be converted into sound waves. Only these weak current to enlarge, can drive the speaker to achieve electro-acoustic conversion, and to play the work of the device is the acoustic guitar speaker. Playing guitar friends must know that if there is no amplifier and speakers, then even the most expensive piano in the world, it is only a "dumb". For the acoustic guitar, the loudspeaker is not only its "mouthpiece", but also one of the mysteries of getting a good voice. The general home high-fidelity speakers and amplifiers are separate, but the guitar speaker designers in order to ensure the consistency of the sound and handling convenience, generally the amplifier part and speaker bundled manufacturing, even if not in the same box, the designer also Most of them will be fixed by the two parts together. Speaker built-in amplifier circuit generally by the pre-amplification and power amplifier beats headphones cheap composed of two parts. The preamplifier is scaled with a weak signal output from the pickup line, often accompanied by a tone (EQ) and a Booster circuit, which is one of the secrets of a superb guitarist making a sound. Power amplifier cheap beats headphones is responsible for the contents of the signal will be processed by the former circuit to enlarge enough to drive the speaker sound size, to achieve the final electro-acoustic conversion. Professional electric guitar speakers

The so-called integrated speaker refers to the pre-level, power amplifier circuit and the speaker installed in the same wood or resin box type, now the market is also the general sales of this. Split refers to the circuit part and the speaker separately installed type, due to increase the cost of the box, are generally high quality goods. In recent years, designers in order to meet the musicians get a variety of different tone requirements, put the pre-amplifier circuit made of external products, the use of digital processing circuit to simulate the sound characteristics of various speakers, such as Line6POD speakers Analog class effects. With such an external preamplifier, if you want to get beats headphones cheap the sound of Maheir or Budweiser 5150 speakers in the studio, you do not need to find someone to move your speakers. Guitar speaker amplifier circuit in accordance with the use of the core components of the different, can be divided into three categories: in the pre-amplification and power amplifier circuit using the tube (also known as "bile duct") speakers, the sound is warm and simple, And the blues musician's love; the use of transistor speakers, the weight of the tube than the light, the sound is relatively sharp, longer life; the use of digital amplification products come out soon, generally have low power consumption, the advantages beats earphones of clean voice, the general Are built with a variety of synthetic effects. However, these three types of speakers are not completely separate, designers often use the characteristics of these components to be combined. For example, some speakers of the front circuit using transistors, while the power amplifier circuit is the use of tubes; also use the digital processor (DSP) as the front, plus the tube power amplifier type.

??The guitar pickup signal amplified by the amplifier circuit is sent to the coil in the center of the loudspeaker to produce a constantly changing magnetic field that interacts with the magnetic field of the loudspeaker itself to push the speaker cone, and the resulting air vibrations Ears heard the sound. The loudspeaker is the end of the entire electro-acoustic conversion, which has a great effect on the texture (harmonics) and the sense (low frequency) of the sound. The size of the loudspeaker is usually expressed in inches, the diameter of 8 to 15 inches between the most common products, 1 inch is about equal to 2.54 cm.