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Out of the street must-have headphones, keep returning high
Enjoy the beautiful music is an outdated way of entertainment, but wearing a headset to enjoy the music, you can highlight the pursuit of good sound quality attitude and dedication. As we all know, although the headset seems relatively bulky, but no damage to the ear so much ear plugs, the sound field performance will be better than the earplugs. So if conditions permit, or choose headphones to listen to music is better.

Will be domineering attracted to him, like a silent giant waiting, one day, he will wait until the pursuit of music users to appreciate. Earmuffs shell with metal mesh, the shell is made of plastic material. The earmuffs are relatively large in size and can easily wrap around the entire ear, making the wearer feel quite comfortable. Adopted the bilateral line into the line design, replacement of wire for the fans to provide some convenience.

As the most well-known model of high-end dynamic headphones, the sound style has its exquisite side, the details of the sense of hearing beats by dre sale more emphasis on density or sound full, the sound is solid, mature and steady.

In contrast to the awkwardness of Bluetooth devices that can not transmit high resolution audio to the current widespread adoption of SBC technology, LDAC is able to deliver up to three times the amount of data transmitted over SBC technology to 990 kilobits per second, meaning that audio More information, the sound quality will be relatively better. Of course, LDAC technology also needs equipment support to achieve it.

beats by dre wireless Earmuffs designed touch panel, the user can touch the finger to achieve music playback, pause, switch and other functions in the street sliding finger touch

Control, inadvertent tricks can envy others.

Is a noise reduction Bluetooth headset, its appearance is full of fashion sense of youth. Although only cheap beats headphones a thousand-level headphones, but FIILDiva who is full of fascinating technology, which I do not know the noise-canceling headphones, also has a patented MAF intelligent noise-canceling technology. Users can experience the fun of "Environmental Mixer" by dialing the MAF button on their earmuffs. In addition FIILDiva earmuffs panel also added an innovative gesture touch function, allowing users to close their eyes can also be more easily touch various functions: play pause, volume adjustment, etc., easy to touch complete.