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Play games, you should choose these several!
In fact, divided into many types of headphones, if you play games, you should choose the game headset. There are many games to choose from the headset today to give an introduction to high-end to the low-end gaming headset, there is always a suitable for you:

This physical 7.1-channel gaming headset has a total of 5 pairs of sounding units in each of the two ear muffs to create a complete 7.1-channel experience. Making the sound very three-dimensional, to better distinguish the location, while the microphone also uses a directional microphone, you can detect ambient sound, speak more clearly, will not affect the teammate dislocation.

beats headphones Everyone through some professional digital evaluation or recommended by some anchors, you can often see the HyperX Cloud Revolver S Black Hawk game ear headphones, this headset is equipped beats by dre studio with 50mm neodymium magnet unit, the resolution quality under the USB interface can play the ultimate, black Eagle series emphasizes the "hear more" feature to further strengthen the same time, lightweight design, the weight control in the 360g level, wider earmuffs have a good wearing comfort.

This headphone features a professional-grade S1 speaker unit that delivers beautiful sound with rich detail and balanced sound. At the same time it uses a two-way microphone pickup function, with noise cancellation. Ski-style headband, headphone weight can be evenly dispersed.

Good beats headphones on sale gaming headset to the enemy footsteps, gunshots, shooting sound amplification, the enemy's position in a timely manner from the headset feedback, at the same time, came from the headset clear sound can make the gaming experience more realistic.

Of course, from an audio enthusiast's point of view these are also just entry-level Bluetooth sports headsets that deliver impressive sound quality over Bluetooth transmission and cost control. And just starting from the movement of the song itself, sports Bluetooth headset has a lightweight portable, anti-sweat moisture features, coupled with life and stability and other advantages, is indeed a cost-effective sports headphones.