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Poly Yan value performance in one, the game of choice
For many players, always think playing the game headset can make a sound on the line, not listening to the sound quality and other aspects and not too high, buy a headset can be used on the line, but as early as the "CS" era , Some professional players will find that a good eating chicken headset has become an indispensable "equipment."

To personality but also sound quality, but also to the trend of beats solo independence. This is now the consumer psychology of the consumer groups, young people rich in vitality, brain and thought fly together, we are all as a young group, so these psychology is not a child of our parents think the rebellion, so the pursuit of music is beats by dre cheap also true For the mass consumer, another suitable headset is very important. Today I recommend this game headset for everyone is in-ear game headset, the current price of 179 yuan, with white, black sports models / game models and other packages to choose from.

Is a compact and lightweight in-ear, if you as a game player it's noise is ideal for you, take off the headphones out of beats headphones the outdoors, he is equally for you.

As a sports headset, to meet the sound quality is good, wide sound field, the hearing is accurate without delay, standard adjustable adjustable adjustable ear hook, to solve the comfort of wearing a long time. Built-in enhanced audio codec apt-X, restore the role of human voice, accurately and accurately convey discourse, grab the combat opportunities. 120mAh battery capacity, charging 15 hours battery life about 7 hours. The headset is equipped with a line / wireless switch, you can play under the wired module game, switch the wireless module sports fitness, used in a variety of different life scenes.

This headset from the appearance of personality full, pluggable free choice with package is also very creative, not only to meet the game needs, but also enriched the use of headsets. People close to the price plus the perfect game sound experience will satisfy many players on the game sound requirements.

beats by dr dre The app is especially handy, and you can adjust the direction of noise reduction, reverb, weight scale, or even sound. This means that you can adjust the music from the left to come from the right, if you want. There is also a new feature called "Barometric Optimization" that gives you a better experience on the airplanes. I tried it on a recent flight and it seems to work. I can not hear anything except my music.

The best I want to stay in the last say. Life! Charge once, you can enjoy 38 hours of music. You can listen for more than 30 hours even with noise reduction on. I usually charge one or two days, and then use it to listen to music, the headset did not appear no electricity situation.