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Quiet life, take the initiative to noise reduction headphone experience
beats solo Now with the development of smart phones faster and faster, more people use smart phones are no longer simply satisfied with the basic functions of the Internet, such as WeChat, and now many smart phones also introduced features such as HIFI to attract consumers, the more More and more consumers began to like to use their cell phones to listen to music. But with the IPhone 7 series canceled the 3.5mm headphone jack, we have become a song is not very portable thing.

The back of the box is the product information details, active noise reduction, noise reduction, monitoring, APP control, volume control, IPhone direct power supply and other functions described. And this headset has a total of three colors, namely, obsidian black, rose gold and sky gray, the author's hand this color is obsidian black, it also feels very texture to pick up.

Tear off the plastic surface of the box, reflected in our eyes is this active noise-canceling headphones, the perfect embedded in the box. Such packaging not only saves the size of the headset space, but also make people feel a shine, for cheap beats headphones this intuitive to consumers feel the product, coupled with the product itself will feel the color of the embody the texture.

The box has a total of two layers, the first layer of the headset is naturally, the following is the earphone pouch and manual, in addition to adapt to more people use also equipped with three models of earplugs, namely, medium and small three models.

For the headset design, the first is very lightweight, feel comfortable during wear, earplugs can be replaced for different users have more music.

Since it is an active noise-canceling headphone, noise reduction naturally also did not have to say, a key to open the headset noise reduction switch, the peak noise reduction can reach 28db, easily eliminate the surrounding noise, no matter what kind of environment you are in use, Can feel the music to bring the auditory pleasure, that moment will feel the world will be quiet.

We all know that in the general noise-canceling beats by dre sale headphones if you do not charge at any time, it will lead to headphones without electricity noise function failure and other problems occur, but you are in this headset do not have to worry about this problem, directly into the phone when in use You can quickly charge the headset, even if the charge for five minutes, noise reduction can be used hours up to a few hours.

First of all in terms of cost is very high, for the current market Lingting headphones at the same time also supports noise reduction, this price is very worthwhile choice, but also in the shape is also very stylish design, active noise reduction experience is perfect, Whether you are in the gym, the subway or the office, put on the ear to listen to the NC21, I feel the whole world is quietly listening to you.