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Running headphones: to stimulate the runners mood or distracting?

Statistics show that 61% of the runners will wear headphones while listening to something, of which 82% of the runners are listening to their favorite music. Starting from the age of the Walkman, the debate about whether or not to wear a headset should have begun. On this issue, it is difficult to have a conclusion, but runners can refer to the pros and cons of the views of both sides. In favor of opinion: Let the runners excited sports psychologist Costas Karaji Ogis specializes in the positive impact of music on beats by dre cheap athletes, he believes that music can help runners to achieve the best mental state to deal with running training. "Music can improve positive emotions like excitement and happiness, reduce negative emotions, like tension, fatigue and confusion." Carragher Ogis said. Another study supported Karaji Ogis's view and found that listening to music before training or 5K games helped to ignite runners' passion and prepare for the upcoming run. In favor of opinion 2: keep the speed of the same Many runners do not want to run to listen to music, because they are not subject to music interference in the case can concentrate on some of the details, such as their breathing and pace, help to control the speed. In fact, if the correct use of music, can better control the speed. The study found that when the rhythm of the music and their own speed match, runners will be better performance. Experts suggest that high-intensity training can listen to more than 120 shoots fast-paced music, long-distance running can listen to 120 beat the following music. In favor of opinion three: make running feel easier British Keele University study found that running to listen to their favorite music to reduce the feeling of fatigue, so that runners feel running easy. The excitement of the music for the runner is actually to prevent the side effects of internal stimuli such as fatigue, and when the runner feels less about the difficulty of running, the runner thinks he can run farther and farther.

Opposition 1: Isolated beats by dre wireless from the surroundings In the opinion of opposing runners wearing headphones, the most important one is security. Opponents think wearing a headset running will let the runner can not understand the surrounding environment, can not hear the surrounding voice, do not pay attention to observe the surrounding traffic, it is prone to traffic accidents. Opposition 2: may lose the speed of the game When the runners in the daily training habits wearing a headset, it will have a sense of dependence on music. But in the game, if there is no music, runners will feel not accustomed to, will disrupt their own rhythm, loss of control of the game. In addition, some games will prohibit the carrying of portable electronic devices, which for those who are accustomed to listening to music is undoubtedly a blow. Opposition 3: weaken the running experience cheap beats Running itself will bring a certain burden on the body and mind of the cheap beats by dre runner, if coupled with listening to music, will undoubtedly increase the burden. Moreover, the current running environment by the outside world has been too much interference, to feel calm and feel the running experience has been very difficult, so no need to let the music to disperse the runners attention.