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Shock sound quality, let the sport more rhythm!
beats by dre studio A good headset need to have what kind of function? Sound quality? It is necessary. In addition? A good headset should be to provide you with wonderful music without disturbing you, just like the weather, "moisten things silently." Using the latest dual memory wire in-ear neck hanging, comfortable and light people stop, exercise time greatly increased than ever before. Light wind, reminding us of scenes without a thing, such a headset, has entered such a magical realm.

With anti-rain, anti-sweat, even if you sweat during exercise, but also not affected, any sign of trouble, I never stand still. Not only that, Mu Sheng S29 is beats earphones still using portable magnetic design, storage through the neck hanging design, when not in use can be easily absorbed into storage, truly a good headset a prerequisite.

Sound quality, still using the beryllium membrane speaker + independent metal before and after the acoustic cavity, so that the sound can not only show the level of detail and music details, sweet torn people treble, full and powerful tenor, bass full-bodied, stronger sense of hierarchy, sound quality very good. But also provide a deeper dive, a more adequate volume of low frequency.

Life, the dual battery design, with aluminum 100 mA battery box * 2, you can continue to listen to songs 11 hours, it is learned that the follow-up will be 120 mA * 2, continued listening beats headphones cheap to up to 15 hours, this life is complete Enough to use, whether it is business travel or exercise, do not have to worry about battery life.

An excellent headset can often improve the quality of many lives, Mu San S29 sports Bluetooth headset, is a necessary companion for your good life.