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Shocking entry-level earphones!
beats headphones Ear earphone

Ear-type headphones, impedance 16锟斤拷, sensitivity 110dbmw, N52 high-strength magnets, give you shock sound quality.

Wooden bread in ear style earphone

Small and exquisite design, clear and bright moving sound quality, strong bass, emphasizing the bass response classic pass Man melody, interpretation of fashion and simple style.

R8 headphones

Headset design particularly praise, look good, wearing comfortable, and the ear is very fit, sound quality awesome, cost-effective, very recommend people who want to start to buy.

Subwoofer headphones HiFi music stereo wood bread

In-ear headphones, red headphones line eye-catching, full of value, sound quality quite satisfactory, low frequency slightly less meaning, but for the entry of fans is enough to use.


The perfect blend of hearing and vision, selected aviation aluminum, 3D integrated molding, 8mm beats by dr dre high fidelity drive unit, 20 mW output power, 16 ohm impedance, very immersive pure sound.

Balance moving iron ear earphones

High resolution, shock sound quality, full-frequency iron moving unit, showing a solid bass, shock sound experience.

Ear-type wire weight bass cheap beats by dre headphones

Aluminum alloy is a bracketing headset, creating stunning sound quality, rich sound detail resolution, high frequency ductility, and thick medium frequency density performance for headset sound quality to bring leaps and bounds.