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Suspension speaker value is not worth buying a loudspeaker how to buy

Everyone in the daily life of the sound is often essential for each family of digital products, and now in this popular era of DIY installed, the multimedia speaker is the mainstream speaker varieties, whether it is 2.0 boxes, or 2.1 multimedia speakers, are subject to The user's welcome, that today Xiaobian will talk to you about the speaker is worth buying the topic, to see how we think! Later, with the DIY downturn, the market saturation, multimedia speakers are no longer popular. Many manufacturers are thinking about a problem, where the future of the speaker should be developed what kind of speakers to meet the needs of the market? Manufacturers should be how to change the speaker to win the market competition? With the development of technology and people's consumption of diversification , And the efforts of manufacturers, the portable card speaker came into being, a portable card speaker is a major contribution to the use of built-in battery, you can use from the AC, in addition, its product form is also more mini, you can carry. In the beats by dre on sale portable speakers, there have been Bluetooth speakers, wifi speakers and other forms of speakers. Later, there are a lot of a variety of creative speakers, personalized speakers and so on. Speakers in the connection, product form, application scenarios, etc., have a lot of changes, breaking our traditional thinking for the speaker. The current market, there has been a variety of fresh speakers, that is, floating speakers. Simply magnetic levitation is through the electromagnetic force of the same-sex repulsion principle, making the two objects produce a little interval, but also in the controllable range. Magnetic speaker is the most important speaker structure and magnetic levitation technology. This new out of the speaker varieties, I believe there are a lot of digital players have heard, many of which users have a great interest in this speaker. This speaker will not become the mainstream speaker of the future varieties, it is still unknown.

However, the current can be sure that the first is: suspended speakers in the entertainment experience beyond the majority of the previous speakers, so that the speaker becomes more interesting, greatly enhanced playability. For digital enthusiasts, the suspension speakers should be their first choice. Imagine if the home to the guests, guests in front of the display of floating speakers, this is how the hyun one thing ah. No wonder, some people will call the speaker is the home of the artifacts. Suspended speakers can be divided into "flying saucer" and "base" two parts, the magnetic levitation of the full name is "magnetic suspension speaker", as the name suggests. , That is, by magnetic levitation, the speaker of the "flying saucer" suspended, in order to achieve fun and interesting results. This is also the biggest feature of suspended speakers. "UFO" and "base" between the two parts, is what kind of relationship? "UFO" is how to hang up? Will not rotate? Will not automatically float? This is a great article inside, in short, inside the Playability is very strong. Second, the suspension speaker is not just a suspension, it can also be designed to be very sophisticated, such as lighting effects can be very cool, because the suspension speaker also has two parts, so it will be used in the design of a lot more.

Third, the sound quality performance, the suspension speaker is not lost in the Bluetooth speakers, wifi speakers. Although the wireless connection, but because the height of the suspension is not too high, so its sound performance with the Bluetooth speakers, wifi speakers compared to there will not be much difference. On the contrary, this suspension design, the most fundamental reason is that this way can in one fell swoop to avoid the traditional Bluetooth speakers due to the structure of the sound inside the body as a whole, resulting in displacement, sound loss and resonance problems, in order to achieve real Meaning zero resonance lossless sound quality. Thanks to the unique design, the sound output of the loudspeaker output, even more than the Bluetooth speakers, wifi speakers. Suspended speakers with Bluetooth speakers, wifi speakers What are the similarities? What is the shortcomings of it? Suspension speakers in the connection, nothing more than Bluetooth, wifi two categories, there is no third party connection program. This is beats by dre studio the same with the Bluetooth speakers, wifi speakers are the same. Suspension speaker to the user's biggest concern is that the suspension speaker is radiation? This radiation is not serious? I believe that every potential users will have this concern. What is the relationship between the radiation cheap beats by dre emitted by the loudspeaker? The magnetic levitation radiation is related to the following three points: 1, with the emission intensity of the radiation source, that is, the power of the radiation source, and the maximum power of the magnetic levitation speaker is at 24W, which is the maximum The The normal work conditions, the power is less than 20W, and think about it is the power of a bulb size, than our daily electrical power are small. 2, with the radiation source and the distance from the radiation, that is, the distance between the radiation source and the receptor. This point is that you put a magnetic levitation speaker, you from the distance between the speakers. In fact, this is not too worried, this is the long-range Bluetooth control. 3, with the radiation source and the radiation between the types of barrier, which means that your magnetic speaker in the working state, you and the magnetic levitation speaker is not between some other compartment, the general situation is the wall body. This is different from the light, the light is not able to penetrate the wall, and radiation can be through the wall. It is only going to reduce the radiation.

Before talking about the magnetic levitation radiation and what factors related, you can sum up the magnetic levitation speaker radiation problems. According to the maximum power value of 24W, this value and our daily use of the phone's power is almost the same, and when we answer the phone, the radiation value is much higher than this. It can be seen, the power of less than 20W suspension speakers, generally do not have radiation problems. Regular manufacturers of suspended speakers, generally marked cheap beats by dr dre the power of the product. It is recommended that everyone in the purchase time, we must look at the marked power, it is recommended that you buy the power below 20W speakers, so, do not worry about the radiation problem.

In addition, compared to the traditional speakers, the stability of the suspension will be worse. Whether the base or the suspension of the shock may affect its stable suspension of the state, resulting in the speaker was sucked to the base, it is not suitable for car. Through the continuous expansion of technology, floating speakers will have a great future development, it's imagination is great. However, at present, the suspension speakers want to become a popular speaker varieties, there is still a long way to go. The first is to reduce the price, and then solve some of their own pain point problem, so, the suspension speaker will really become the best-selling speaker varieties.