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Talking about the influence of ear - ear style earphone and ear - ear style earphone on hearing

Many people always think that ear ear ear injury hearing. In fact, this view is a misunderstanding. There are many reasons for hearing loss, such as listening time and volume and so on. Here mainly involves the volume problem.

The choice of ear ear plugs

We often ask what plastic sleeve is better, in fact, there is no unified answer. Because the size of the human ear is not the same, even the same person, the size of the left and right ear canal will be different. Select the standard should look at the seal, if the seal is not good will produce a leak, the sound will be dry, burr, low frequency and other issues. Now ear ear plugs are generally shipped with a number of specifications of the plastic sleeve, so that we can choose according to their own conditions. Others say only their own situation, the reference is just to listen to the sense can be compared to determine whether the quality should be achieved, the rest of the role is not big.

Ear ear plugs

Ear earbuds of the sea sets and ordinary sea sets beats headphones on sale of the difference is relatively large, and the plastic sleeve also has many differences. Therefore, alone, the ear sponge sleeve for the cylindrical type, there is a hose inside. Wear sponge pinch small, stuffed into the ears, and then the sponge will expand their own, and the ear canal close. Sponge sets of cheap beats by dr dre the advantages of wearing more comfortable, relatively low stethoscope, low-frequency upgrade is relatively large, high-frequency weakened, the disadvantage is easy to be contaminated. So it is recommended sponge sets should often change, the other not to use. We usually hear the sound beats earphones size is usually between 40-60 dB, so when listening to the volume should also be controlled here. The sound of the open earbuds is easily disturbed by external noise, and the human hearing will be due to noise and reflect the decline, so in a noisy cheap beats by dre environment will not consciously open the sound to very large. And then return to the quiet environment and then listen to the same time will understand this problem. Ear earplugs because of its way of wearing, to be able to isolate most of the noise, so in noisy environment generally do not have to adjust the volume, so that hearing can play a protective role. But also because of this problem, it is recommended that you walk through the road or driving must not wear. Otherwise prone to traffic accidents.