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Tangled ghosts, thousands of headphones recommended within the four styles
For those who have difficulty choosing or are not familiar with the headset category, it is difficult to choose an earplug that suits your needs and has a wide range of earphones. If you are not familiar with it, you will find some professional forums in consultation , Everyone rushes one person a model, immediately put yourself in dizzy, the last selected is not necessarily suitable for themselves, so here for everyone to rational several said more plug.

Tuning Sennheiser old flagship continuation of the traditional tuning, but also to the lower plate to increase the sense of low frequency and subtle dynamics, IF more vigorous. Ie60 using neodymium magnet dynamic coil in the unit of material, effectively increase the bass, the overall atmosphere is warm, so listening to some smoked throat music, human particles feel good, the sound thick and powerful.

Black crystal is more in the plate, the sound is bright. Unit black crystal is sound Yang 2354, beats by dre cheap compared to other units, sound Yang unit more relaxed and natural sound, low frequency will not hit the metal, mainly because of this model 2354 has an opening at the tail, an increase of diaphragm and air contact area , So while taking into account the dynamic iron high resolution at the same time, there will be a dynamic feeling of relaxation, high frequency extension than the low beats by dre cheap frequency moving coil more beautiful, the overall vocal fresh and delicate.

Change a clear and slender style, walked mellow route, high frequency slightly dark, medium frequency density thick, low frequency slightly scattered, analytical sound field positioning in this price segment is better, the voice stuck. Lack of strength to listen to male voice, female slender enough, more mature, listen to the taste of it.

beats solo Red and blue color, the color is not high varies from person to person, the overall sound in the lower end of the plate, low-frequency rich texture, dive foot, vocal position relatively forward, compared to female voice, slightly short board, high frequency extension general , Not enough transparent, but in the performance of male voice when low and rich magnetic voice to beats by dr dre get a good performance, voice warm and full, infectious enough, long time to listen will not have boring feeling.