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The appearance of excellent quality sound quality

Expensive high-end earplugs, their own hard quality is usually very good, but also related to the headset sound style problems, there may be obviously high quality, but the sound is completely not their own taste, not suitable for their favorite music type , Then there will be expensive headphones instead of cheaper, but the sound style suitable for their headphones nice. So for the headset this product, do not absolute bargaining sound, there is the so-called "super, second, flat" headphones exist is not surprising, but the most important thing is not expensive to buy only, beats earbuds headphones like Food, will have their own unique flavor, because the key is not enough high-end ingredients, but whether it is in line with their own tastes. Many friends want a lot of exercise, to maintain a healthy body, but afraid of not go on, wireless headset, so that you accompany music, sports are not lonely, and full of power! It is a very unique shark fin earplugs, using silicone design, soft clothes, especially comfortable to wear, running time did not beats solo feel, and wear all day will not fall off. Waterproof sweat characteristics, especially for gym in the gym or night run a family. Sound quality is good, bass play better, with quite satisfactory down.

The overall shape is very simple atmosphere, speakers on the four buttons, switches, Bluetooth, two volume keys, simple operation, the connection is also very simple, beats earphones wired and wireless will do. Speakers behind the design of the dark grid, so that the wire can be collected into the back of the grid, greatly meet the needs of cleanliness. Support multi-point connection, and can play from multiple devices, you broadcast a song I broadcast a song. In addition to the design features, the speaker bass effect is good, surrounded by strong, simply party weapon. Whether it is high, medium and low frequency are surging, really do not want to let people take down, loud and medium frequency and high frequency is also very unique. Three kinds of nozzles, you can according to the mood and preferences to replace the different nozzles, playability is more full, more value-added. Rich music emotion, so you feel more happy music ~ simple design, coupled with oval droplets flowing ear shape, metal logo Logo nameplate, people shines, and the headset is very light, only 200 grams , Plus the cortex of the first beam, the inside of the soft sponge, wearing no pressure on the head, Switch mode is also very novel, as long as the right ear head rotation ninety degrees, parallel with the head beam, you can open the headset. But also has a smart pause function: when off the headset, the concert automatically suspended, re-put on the headset, the concert will continue to automatically play, very user-friendly, will not waste power ~