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The concept of clear can pick a good headphones an article to teach you to become an expert

The number of headphones on the market thousands of people, most people buy headphones when they beats solo will not pursue any kind of problem, but with this wave of consumer upgrade era, we need to figure out the type of headphones in order to choose more suitable for their own The headphones that can bring better auditory feelings are now the most common headphones on the market are two categories: moving headphones and moving headphones. Generally speaking, moving headset headset than moving iron headset or move the headset than the dynamic headset, this is wrong. Both have their own areas of expertise. Next, learn more about the next two together. The most common headphones on the market are moving headphones. Whether high-end headphones or entry-level products, earbuds or headset, moving headphones are absolutely mainstream form, because the dynamic headphones are not limited by the unit area, diaphragm size can be larger, so its size is Very free.

The principle of the generation of the headphones can be summarized as follows: the design of the moving coil unit, through the current through the coil and produce a magnetic field, and then through the magnetic field and its permanent magnet material mutual effect makes the diaphragm vibration and produce sound. In other words, in the moving headset is the electrical signal into a magnetic signal, and then the interaction between the magnetic field to promote the sound of the diaphragm is also because of the voice of the headset voice ring, moving headphones in the low frequency, intermediate frequency, high frequency The convergence of the three more fluid, sound field is also loose and natural. Moving headphones in the performance of the bass is even better. However, the response is slow it is a major problem, and the dynamic headset to the electrical signal into a magnetic signal will inevitably be a little distortion, the details of the grasp is not really very accurate.

Moving iron headphones actually have a long history. It was first applied to the phone handset, and later used in hearing aids, the last ten years began to widely used in music headphones, can be considered a long time accumulation of moving iron headphones sound principle is through a structure of sophisticated connections The rod is guided to the center of a micro-diaphragm, resulting in vibration and sound. Explain that there is an iron piece inside the moving iron unit, which is directly connected to the diaphragm plate and is transmitted through the center of a miniature diaphragm through a precise connecting rod. In other words, the moving iron unit is the coil through the coil after the beats by dre sale magnetic field changes caused by different frequency of vibration, beats by dre cheap directly connected to the diaphragm sound.

Equivalent to less than a dynamic headset magnetic field effect, and then the reaction is more rapid. But also makes the moving head in the nature of a high degree of resolution, but the sound field has also been sacrificed. Moving the size of the headset is much smaller, you can easily put the ear canal, can put deeper. At present, moving iron unit brand, to Lou's moving iron unit for a large, many manufacturers are moving iron headset manufacturers are using Lou's moving iron unit, and then again on the basis of grinding tuning, production headphones. Moving cheap beats headphones headphones because of the sound principle of the restrictions, can only be designed to be closed structure, and for earplugs, he can not be made into open and put

Through the above two parts of the moving coil, moving iron, you should be clear what is moving, what is moving iron, in order to help you more easily understand the difference between the two, we from the following main dimensions to do the next contrast:

Resolving power

In terms of resolution, moving iron headphones undoubtedly have a greater advantage of the details of the sound more in place to restore. Moreover, compared to the dynamic headphones, moving headphones in the performance of the sound level is also more abundant. So, for the details of the faulty friends can consider moving iron headphones, such as when you are listening to the song is very interested in listening to some kind of instrument.

2. Frequency response speed

Moving headphones respond more quickly. Vibration efficiency is also high. Because the moving iron unit is almost a sealed amount of the container, only a small current can drive it, in the transient performance is also more rapid, better sensitivity. This can also be attributed to the details of the differences. But when listening to also do not hear any big difference.

3. Frequency response range

Dynamic headphones can be smoothly connected to the high and low three bands, the dynamic performance in the bass on the more excellent, and it is said that a good moving coil structure headphones can even break through the ears of the listening range to achieve a wider frequency response range. But the moving headphones in the frequency response range is checked a lot.

4. Sound insulation effect

Moving headphones because of their small size, you can put the ear canal in a deeper position. Moving the size of the headphones larger, in the process of sound in the air to participate in more vibrations. Therefore, the combination of both, moving iron headphones sound insulation is almost rolling. Good soundproof headphones physical noise reduction performance can reach tens of decibels, which is unmatched by moving coil headphones.

Listen to

Voice and music is a big prairie, broad and comfortable but the human voice will not be so prominent; that move the iron to listen to, vocal will highlight and music, delicate and comfortable;

That move the ring to listen to rock and roll, the whole is not so harsh, the balance bar is better; move the iron to listen to rock, it is cold and harsh.

6. price

Moving iron headset because the manufacturing process is complex, so the price is higher, but what is the price of moving coil headphones have

Therefore, the choice of which type of headphones, not necessarily absolute, or to see their own preferences to listen to music and the pursuit of sound performance. Hope that the above content can help you all.