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The cost of these headphones is a must! Games, sports, songs, all without stress!
Speaking of headphones, is familiar! Usually listen to songs, running, playing games, etc., will be used. But the headphones are also good or bad, a good headset, not only give you the dynamic three-dimensional wonderful sound quality, but also allows you to bring comfortable without exertion.

Speaking of the best dynamic headphones, it is estimated that many people will think of more than a decade ago the king of dynamic headphones, this has become a classic in the classic, people are called artifact headphones, the core of the headset unit is to use The biological diaphragm technology.

beats solo After the launch of this headset, regardless of Shaoyou or the average daily home evaluation is good, this headset is priced at 399 or so, but the sound is indeed value for money, cost-effective, such as the frequency response curve On the HD50 is very straight, tuning is the way to go hifi, but also to strengthen the low-frequency dive to meet the public needs of the user's listening, but the most critical is the HD50 sensitivity is very high, that is to say in accordance with Meizu official The positioning of view, HD50 is to give you just listen, with a cell phone, with a computer or just a plug on it.

The first impression is very good, extension is very adequate, not lost in the Sennhe Paia some of the old flagship, but a bit like the style of the Iron Triangle A series and the Dragon D2000 and other Japanese monitoring and art style, clear, transparent, delicate but Broad sound field, sounds completely closed headphone. Although the RP-HD10E does not dive too much at low frequencies, it's definitely an excellent choice if you want to listen to the Japanese-style tuning of a closed, open sense of hearing.

Performance and sense of hearing are better than before. The same is a headset with biological diaphragm, if the contrast of the above two, the sound should be more lively, analytical power is higher, at the same time listening can relax, more natural relaxation.

Can filter out the vast majority of low-frequency and low frequency part of the noise, in the human voice where the IF also has a more significant noise reduction effect, because you will find in this mode, it will affect the next person and you normally speak Communication identifiable. Although BOSE's active noise-canceling headphones are famous, the earliest is because the flight business people like to choose BOSE noise-canceling headphones. In recent years, with more and more applications of earphones out of the street, the active noise reduction should actually change.

In fact, we have long been considered, active noise reduction filter out the noise, then with the headset it is even harder to hear the noise passing around beats by dr dre the car should, and even filtered out some horn sound. Whether it is on foot to work, or with headphone movement, active noise reduction theoretically increased insecurity. Therefore, more and more beats headphones active noise-canceling headphones are beginning to consider adding modes that can monitor external parts of the noise.