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The rest of the feelings of flat head ear plug why no longer brilliant

Now the ear plug market, almost has been monstrous ear earrings, excellent flat head earplugs almost can not find, and today may wish to talk about this once the brilliant type of earplugs and why it is lonely.If ten years ago, we Speaking of the words of the earplugs, I believe that all the hearts of earplugs are the same way: flat head plug in that cheap beats headphones era, we almost do not see what ear ear, ear earplugs in the market at that time can be said and now Of the flat head plug the same, only the sound special beauty, Shure such a professional background of the manufacturers before the introduction of ear-style earplugs for some professional use, and in the past two years, this situation has undergone a complete change, ear plug market is almost 90% Of the products are inlaid earbuds, from the roadside a few dozen to the top of the top few thousand dollars beats by dre on sale on the earplugs, all are ear earplugs, flat head earplugs era has passed, although there are a lot of friends for some Old flat head earplugs or now on the market there are PK1, ES100 these flat head plug relish, but they really have become a small minority of small products, which is why? First of all, may wish Let us take a look at those who have classic products, of course, there are a lot of classic head of the ancient artifacts, where there is not too much introduction, the author is not really a dozen twenty years old burn, A lot of ancient artifact is not very understanding.

In fact, from a number of points of view, this product category away from us gradually still can understand is also expected in. First, the transfer of user needs, once the transfer of the user's needs, but also why the earplugs are still falling Ear ear is not much, not many users have used, once many users have used after the ear earphones can be found to bring better sound insulation effect to enhance the signal to noise ratio to bring more excellent sound performance, so the user's needs But also from the flat head plug into the ear ear. On the other hand is because the pace of life to speed up the appreciation of music more into a public transport, and flat head plug almost no sound at all, and there is a serious leak , While the ear-type earplugs can provide users with a more quiet appreciation of the space, it has become a better choice.On the other hand is the manufacturers to promote the ear earplugs have more compact units, smaller cavity, from the Cost point of view may also be lower, although the small size will bring higher R & D costs, but with the ear earplugs in the rising sales, development and market weight Naturally put on the ear ear. First as a work to use, the flat head earplugs is a good choice, compared to ear earphones can hear the voice of the working environment and colleagues call, and picking are very Convenient. Compared to head-mounted full-size headphones, the breathability is better in the summer will not be hot, do not worry if it is a huge leaking sound of open headphones. Another point many consumers like to listen to music to sleep, although this is not healthy, Have to admit that it is a lot of consumer habits and ear earplugs is impossible to do, and more dangerous, flat head ear plugs so far most of the sales are used to enter the sleep with consumers.

For the flat head plug, perhaps in the future is still not the mainstream products in the earplugs market, but also hope to have more brands to join the flat head beats headphones plug in the camp.